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Magazine Agent is the 2nd largest online magazine that is subscribed for more than a decade. From Health to Hollywood, choose your personal collection here.

Magazine-Agent is the second largest online magazine subscription agency and has a vast experience of over ten years which makes it one of the most experienced firms in this industry. The website provides fixed term and continuous service subscriptions for more than 1000 publications in the industry and works on a trusted business to consumer relationships. The firm, Magazine Agent is private institution owned and operated by Contrix Inc with its headquarters in New York City.

Magazine Agent is a completely authorized online dealer and provides up to 90 % through a direct publisher relationship and is growing at an unbelievable pace. The other remaining titles in their catalogue are licensed under patents. The company is in a position to negotiate the low prices because of the leverage it has due to the high number in the volume of subscription. The offers provided to the buyers are however with the direct authorization of the publishers. Another attractive factor is the processing speed of the site and with the shortest lead time makes it one of the most efficient in the industry.

magazine agent

The structure of the website is entirely based on the likely preferences of the customers browsing through the site to find their magazines of their liking. Magazine-agents deals with almost magazines of all nature with categorization done on the alphabetical order. The most popular searches are also added for the customers to know which most searched magazines in the magazine world are. The popular searches include sports, fashion, health, News and Children.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine Subscriptions

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Magazine Agent is an authorized online agency and subscriptions for more than 1000 publications. The magazines are divided into different categories.

Massive collections!

4 stars out of 5 by Harry for Magazine Subscriptions

Biggest players in the industry and charges are pretty low.

Magazines selection

The magazines of Magazine Agent are divided into many categories which include:

  • Animal and pet Magazine Renewal
  • Antiques and Fine art Magazine Renewal
  • Automobile Magazine Renewal
  • Books and Reading Magazine Renewal
  • Business and Finance Magazine Renewal
  • Celebrities and Gossip Magazine Renewal
  • Children’s Magazine Renewal
  • Computer and Internet Magazine Renewal
  • Craft Magazine Renewal
  • Design and decoration Magazine Renewal
  • Education Magazine Renewal
  • Electronic and Audio Magazine Renewal
  • Entertainment Magazine Renewal
  • Family ad parenting Magazine Renewal
  • Farm and Ranch Magazine Renewal
  • Fashion and beauty Magazine Renewal
  • Food and Wine Magazine Renewal
  • Hobby Magazine Renewal
  • Holiday gift ideas Magazine Renewal
  • Home and gardening Magazine Renewal
  • Hunting Magazine Renewal
  • Ideas and commentary Magazine Renewal
  • Industries and professionals Magazine Renewal
  • Medical Magazine Renewal
  • Men’s Magazine Renewal
  • Mother’s Day Magazine Renewal
  • Technology Magazine Renewal
  • Teens Magazine Renewal
  • Travel and Regional Magazine Renewal
  • Women’s Magazine Renewal

These section above mentioned are the categories and each category has many brands of magazines writing on the topic and customer can chose the most satisfactory one from the selection. The selection for the customers is eased by the option of top sellers provided in the website those who want the new and the most happening them of all. This categorization is done on the basis of the time period of the magazine. The category index is one of the most attractive factors which cover almost all the topic in the economy and this helps the customers in staying up to date with the recent developments in the respective field of interest of the subscribers. Another categorization is based on the name of the magazines and is done with alphabetical order for the customers to easily find out their preferred magazine.


A customer can subscribe a magazine following a simple process where he has to register with the site and its only takes a few minutes as it only asks for the basic of information like the email address and some of your personal information which includes name and address. After this process is completed the subscriber can check delivery and expiration dates, change your address, cancel any subscription, Manage auto-renewal settings and also to contact the customer care service.

Money back policies

The money back policy from Magazine Agent is a 90 days plan where a subscriber can use this policy to file a request for the cancel and refund of any subscription in any case of lack of satisfaction. This can be done by accessing the account manager online and following the links which will be prompted. All this can be found within the contact customer service button under the appropriate title.

The time normally attributed to the purchase of a magazine is up to 4 -6 weeks. The first issue of any magazine which is published between 10 and 12 times a year must arrive within 6- 8 weeks and can sometimes reach 10 weeks. Less published magazines like half yearly or quarterly can take up to 11 weeks for its arrival.


Magazine Agent only accepts debit and credit card as the payment form at the order time. The refund is only done into the account where the payment was actually done for the subscription. If the account used for purchase is not active any more it is the financial institutions responsibility with which the account is associated to do the needful for the customer.

Customer Service

The customer service department is active 24 hours a day for 7 days the week and this service can be availed by signing into the subscribers account. The customer can also use the toll free number during the normal business hours to get assistance. The customer service team can be also contacted through the medium of mail.

Prices of Magazine Agent

Magazine-Agent is able to charge lower prices because of its high volume and because of the direct interaction of the company with the publishers of the magazines. Over 90 % of the magazines dealt are a result of the direct relationship with the publisher of the magazines and this makes Magazine Agent in a position to give the magazines for a much lower rates. Special Deals are another interesting feature of Magazine- Agents where the company is the only one authorized to give special deals like multi-year agreements and multi package deals. The company does match any prices of other sites and the pricing is based entirely based on the publishers allowances provided to the company.


Magazine-Agent with its decade aged experienced has gained the trust of many publishers and now they contain some of the largest index of associated publishers. The list can viewed in the site and customer also have the option according to the publishers which will show you the books magazines coming under the publisher name.

Magazine-Agent is clearly one of the biggest players in the industry and has a clear upper hand when it comes to experience and prices of the magazines. Adding to this is the wide and massive collection of publishers and the magazines which makes it a supermarket for the magazine lovers.