Lung Gold

Lung Gold

Lung Gold is natural liquid supplement developed by holistic experts for promoting lung health of the cats. This supplement supports the cat from infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungi.

Lung Gold is an excellent lung tonic that includes a wide array of herbs and essential vitamins. This natural supplement from helps to maintain a healthy lower respiratory tract. Furthermore, it helps to fight against infections and promote lung health. has developed two products namely the lung gold for promoting the health of the lower respiratory tract and throat gold for the health of the upper respiratory tract.

Both these products are highly beneficial for promoting overall lung health and in this article, you will have detailed review of LUNG GOLD for cats.

What is lung gold for cats?

Lung Gold is natural liquid supplement developed by holistic experts for promoting lung health of the cats. This supplement supports the cat from infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungi. This product has the ability to boost the immune system and helps to develop a natural resistance power to fight against such infections. It helps in promoting oxygen supply to the lungs and opens blocked pathways in the respiratory tract.

How do you know whether you cat has a lower respiratory tract infection?

A lower respiratory infection is evident through several symptoms and they are as follows:

  • Coughing episodes may be wet or dry
  • Inflammation and irritation of the trachea or bronchi
  • Nasal secretions
  • Blocked air passages
  • Difficulties while breathing
  • Wheezing and Crackling

You vet will be able to diagnose the condition, if you are unable to do so. He will mostly prescribe antibiotics to eliminate microbial infections. In case of swelling of the air passages, he may recommend the use of corticosteroids. In severe cases, it is better to follow the advice of vets as the condition may worsen. However, lung gold for cats can be used alongside to improve the results.

How does lung gold for cats work?

As mentioned above, this product is mainly for improving the health of the lower respiratory tract. Inflammation in the bronchi and bronchioles of the lower respiratory tract are common in cats and they occur due to various reasons. Infections are the number one causes that lead to inflammation and the culprits are microorganisms. Microbes like virus, bacteria, and fungi easily reach the lower respiratory tract and cause trouble. To add to the problems, allergens can also contribute a lot. Improper diets, environmental factors, smoke and lack of hygiene can lead to infections. Again, parasites are no exceptions as heartworms and lungworms can cause infections in cats.

When an infection occurs, the alveoli of the lungs do not get proper oxygen supply and gas exchange becomes a difficult task. The mechanism of intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide is disturbed. Alveoli functioning are important because it helps in supplying oxygen throughout the body via blood.

This is where the Lung Gold helps comes into play. It helps to support the lungs with a set of essential and highly effective herbs. This product also helps the alveoli to carry out normal functions, maintain normal dilation, and open blocked airways.

Ingredients used in Lung Gold for Cats from petwellbeing

  • Usnea thallus: this herb has another peculiar name that sounds as Old man’s beard. This old man’s beard helps to boost the immune system, promote lung health, and fight against microbes. It is also a highly effective remedy to treat throat infections
  • Marshmallow root: This plant has high mucilage content and due to that, it is highly beneficial to soothe the mucous membranes. It helps to ease problems from the digestive system, urinary tract, and lungs. This age-old remedy is helpful in treating lung infections. Marshmallow root is a common ingredient in many supplements that help to manage respiratory tract problems.
  • Osha root: this herb is an age-old remedy used in North America to treat respiratory infections caused by microbes. It also helps prevent excess mucous production and promote the supply of oxygen deep into the lungs. This herb is a natural remedy that is used to treat common cold, dry and wet cough, inflammation and tonsillitis.
  • Olive leaf: olive leaf helps to boost immune system functions and helps to treat a wide array of ailments. It is a highly beneficial herb that works equally well in both animals and humans. It helps to battle against microorganisms and promotes innate resistance power. This herb is a great remedy to fight parasitic infections as it contains unique compounds.
  • Chinese Skullcap root: Skullcap herb helps to calm down the nervous system and promote normal functioning. This herb helps to support lungs functioning and promotes oxygen supply to the sacks.
  • Pleurisy root: this herb is a common ingredient in many supplements that help to manage ailments such as bronchitis, influenza, pleurisy and pneumonia. This herb contains essential compounds that promote lung health. It provides soothing relief from respiratory infections. This herb also stimulates the functioning of mucous membranes and due to that, it is considered as one of the best nature’s own expectorant.
  • Coptis root: This herb has similar properties of goldenseal herb. Coptis roots contain berberine, which is a vital compound in many health tonics. It helps to fight against inflammation and microorganisms. This herb helps to prevent a dry cough and soothes the mucous membranes.
  • Jujube fruit: this fruit is an excellent lung tonic. It helps to improve strength and power of the lungs. It also has the ability to promote stamina and boost healthy immune system functioning. Jujube fruit has a unique l flavor and due to that, it is a common ingredient in most of the health tonics.
  • Fresh Grindelia flower: this herb has the ability to fight against lung infections and is a natural expectorant. It works to reduce inflammation, irritation and soothes the lower respiratory tract.
  • Other Ingredients: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Deionized water, bacon flavor and vegetable glycerin

Lung gold Dosage

Lung Gold for cats is an oral supplement that has to be taken twice on a daily basis. One drop is the recommended dosage for 1 kg body weight of a cat. For a two kg cat, you can use two drops twice a day.

Precautions and Side effects of lung gold

Lung gold for cats is a natural liquid supplement that contains “all-natural” ingredients. It does not cause any side effects or harm to the cat. It is safe for use.

Lung Gold for cats is not an ideal pick for cats that are pregnant or breast-feeding. After using this supplement, if the respiratory illness does not reduce then discontinue use and consult a vet. This lung supplement may interfere with the absorption of other drugs or cause a delay. Discuss with the vet if your cat is using any other medications. Store lung gold for cats away from kids and sunlight. Do not refrigerate and do not use this drug along with hypotensive drugs or before anaesthesia.

What can you do to prevent respiratory illness in cats?

First thing, you ought to do id immediately order lung gold for cats as it works without any side effects. Do not take it lightly as respiratory illness is a very serious health issue. It has to be treated at the right time to avoid complications and ignoring it will do badly for you cat.

Maintaining proper hygiene, avoiding cigarette smoke (great for you as well as your pet) and prevent indoor air pollution. Indoor pollution can cause severe lung problems and therefore create a healthy environment for your cat. Improve ventilation and take your cat to the vet as soon as you notice any symptoms of respiratory illness. Lung gold for cats is easy to administer and promotes healthy lungs. If you are able to do all these, then your cat will lead a normal life free from respiratory illness. If your cat has respiratory issues, then keep the cat in a warm environment. Also, give her or him steam baths to reduce nasal irritation and improve air flow. Steam bath will help to prevent blockage and promote normal breathing.

Why buy lung gold for cats? – only natural respiratory support supplement

  • All herbs used in lung gold for cats are organic and ethically wild harvested.
  • FDA registered facility, GMP practices, and full spectrum extraction process
  • Thorough quality checking
  • Highly effective results and great customer feedbacks
  • Causes zero side effects
  • Economical and contains natural ingredients
  • Comes with a natural bacon flavor and great for fussy cats

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One bottle contains 2 oz of liquid formulation.

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Shipping and refund

They offer free shipping when you make a purchase of above $50. also offers a 90-day cash back feature incase if you do get satisfying results after using lung gold for cats.

Lung Gold For Cats Customer reviews

Lung gold for cats is a great natural remedy that offers stunning results. Thousands of pet owners recommend this product due to the highly effective results it offers. The majority of the customers say that it works and some say that it is a bit costly. Below are a few self-submitted reviews taken from the official website of lung gold for cats

“My Persian kitty had a nasty respiratory issue. She was struggling to breathe and most often had horrible coughing and gagging episodes. We knew it would cost a huge bill if we take her to the vet and I did not take any of her shots. In worry, I searched online and found Lung Gold for cats from I ordered it immediately and within a few days, I started mixing it into her wet food. After a week or so, I noticed that she was coughing less and she was back to her normal self. I guess the Lung Gold had worked for her and now she is breathing normally. I will surely keep stock of Lung Gold for cats.”

“Lung Gold is the first natural supplement I have ever had for my cat. It was a success when my cat had a breathing problem. I am not a vet or breeder but I love cats around and I always have one. I showed the vet and antibiotics did not help. My cat is a rescue cat and she is scared to take any medications. Thankfully, lung gold is easy to administer, as I just have to mix it with the food. She now breathes normally and I guess I do not need to take her to vet for another round.”

“Lung gold for cats is a great medication and I use it for my aged cat. He does not like to have any antibiotics or rather dislikes going to the vet. However, I do take him whenever needed, but lung gold for cats is far more than enough to treat and manage normal respiratory tract issues. It works and provides great results. I recommend this product highly as it helps to support lung health.”


Respiratory illness can turn into complex situations and conditions if left untreated. Sometimes infections develop slowly and by the time, we notice it would have taken its toll on the health of the cat. It is important to notice the symptoms and give medications at the right time. Lung gold for cats is a best natural supplement that you stock at home and use whenever necessary. It works swiftly and provides effective results in a matter of few days. Lung gold is easy to use as it comes with a natural bacon flavor. This product is a bit expensive; however, when you consider long vet bills, it is worth buying. Buy your pack today and gift your cat a trouble free respiratory tract.