Logo Mojo

Logo Mojo is an online website that delivers you exceptional and unique logos for your company at best price.

To create distinct, unique and meaningful logo is an art! And logomojo logos is an expert in this art. Logomojo is an online company that is fully dedicated to creating interesting and exceptional logosLogo is considered as the trade mark of a company. It is one of the aspect that provides uniqueness to a company, you will never find two companies with the same logo. A companies logo has a meaning and defines the company.

Every company has its own individual logo, it is one of the famous factor of the company. For instance the logo of the apple is very famous, almost everyone knows it. Just by seeing the logo on the product you can tell the product is of which company that is the effect of logos!

The Logomojo

The logomojo was established in 1992 and since then they have been serving their customers with their great working and creative ability. They have designed more than 50,000 logos. 500000 thousand unique logos is something really credible! That shows a lot of creativity. For them customer satisfaction is their priority. So, they first understand the company and their requirement and then invent a unique logo. They don’t use clip art in their creation process. The logos will be prepared by the specification provided by the customer. Logomojo comes under the Deluxe empire. Highly talented professional designers work in team to create a unique masterpiece.

Logomojo logos – The Process

Logomojo logos uses a three step process to create a Distinct logo.

  • Creative Brief and Brainstorming session.
  • Initial Concepts
  • Feedback and finalization

In the creative brief and brainstorming session you have to give the company a brief description about your company on the basis of which your project will get started, then the manager then contacts you to discuss the working and asks you certain question personally for getting more details. Once the information is received the team discusses the various ideas to make your logo best and unique, a great team produce a great work. Logomojo logos has recruited top experienced designing professionals in the designing team. After the discussion every professional of the team create a design, as every designers has different ideas, the logic is when many different creative ideas are put together a great and innovative idea is created. The last phase is the finalization phase where the logo design is given the final touches. At every stage the progress is discussed with you and your feedback is asked at every stage . You will be a constant part of the creation process. Every effort is taken by the whole team of logomojo to present you with a great logo that will satisfy your requirements and expectations.

The final product is presented to you in 11 different file formats which includes AI, PSD, CDR, EPS, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PDF, PCX. They provides these formats so that you can use the logo on any application and computer.You get all the rights for the design. So, you are free to use the logo in anyway and anywhere on any product t-shirts, cars, key chains, appliances anywhere. The logo is all yours! A black & white and a colorful version of the logo design will be provided to you alongwith CMYK and RGB color codes.

The logomojo logos provide there services in packages. You can choose from three different packages Bronze, Silver and Gold. The most popular and used by the customers is the silver package. In each package the uniqueness and creative aspect of the logo will be maintained but the number of professional designers and the number of the original designs provided to you will differ and ofcourse not to forget the RATE. For instance in the bronze package only two professionals will work on your project, the silver package give access to a 3 person professional designer team and the golden package will serve you with a 5 professional designers team.

There’s also an option for live chat where you can chat with the professionals of logomojo. You can ask queries regarding logos , the professionals will answer your every query. For logomojo every project is like their first project, they put in every effort, their all manpower and system power to create exceptional results.

Logomojo logos – Logo Samples

The website showcase a collection of the creative logos they have created. So that you will get an idea of the quality of their work. And then have also given various logo design examples of different business types some of them are Animals & pets, Architectural, Cleaning and maintenance, interior designing & decorating, jewelry, salon & spa, church & religious, physical training & fitness, mortgage, travel and tourism etc. There are many more.

Other Design Services

Apart from company logo designing Logomojo also designs holidays & events logo, smartphones background, custom social media, brochure and stationery.

Branding Articles

This section contains various informative and important articles related to logos and their importance in making the company’s brand a famous one. It also includes articles on what are basic rules of designing a logo, on what basis you should choose your logo etc. This section will give you a clear insight about logos and the various factors associated with it.

Logo Design Guarantee

As I said in the beginning you will be a constant part of the logo creation procedure. So, at any time if you feel that the project is not heading in the right direction, or the logo that will get created will not be suitable for your firm you can ask for refund or a redesign. If you are opting for a refund then you will have to follow certain terms and conditions. The terms and conditions section is quite big so I am putting a jist of what is is included in their terms and condition part. It includes sites information and services usage, refund warranty, their obligation, your obligation etc. On the other hand if you are opting for a redesign then you will be provided with a complete new team of designing professionals different from your previous team who worked on your project before.