Rent Textbooks at– an online rental book library – that helps you. The site lets you rent the relevant textbook for cheaper period for over a period. Text books are pretty expensive and the most economical way is to rent those books from any source available. – an online book library – that helps you. The site lets you rent the relevant textbook for cheaper period for over a period. Text books are pretty expensive and the most economical way is to rent those books from any source available.

But finding people who are ready to lend their old books for you for a time period is tough.  Once that is over you can return the books back. This will not only saves money but also help reduce the book junk at home. The site is also helpful in selling your old text books. Just go through the process and sell the old books for better price and save space at home for the next year’s books.

Books for Rent

The books may be rented for a semester, a quarter, or the summer session. You can opt any of the rental plans. The rental period can be extended for 15-30 days when needed. The books that are up for rental are under the categories of

  • Business & Management – Administration, economics, finance, human resources, management, accounting, and marketing books.
  • Engineering books on robotics, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, signal processing etc.
  • Social science & history books include the criminology, US history, communications, and sociology and world history.
  • Science has biology, chemistry, physical and environmental sciences.
  • Maths & statistics has calculus, pre-calculus, statistics and probability books.
  • Computer science books include the texts of applications & software, artificial intelligence, video games, programming and software designing.
  • Education- Academic administrations, social education, distance counseling and education history.
  • Medicine & nursing books are for nursing, psychology, dentistry, veterinary science, med school entrance, and anatomy references.

What is the process?

Create an account in the site or you can log in using the Facebook account also. Search for the text book you needed and if it is there then select the time you want to keep it with you. Add it to the cart and go to the checkout. Pay the required amount and receive it within 48 hrs of placing the order. The shipment of the books is free of cost. The books will be in a good condition. When you want to return the book do sign in to the online account and fill in the necessary details. Then you can print the UPS return shipping label. Pack the book or books neatly and stick on the returning label and go and drop it at the nearest UPS location. The book will be safely back in the library.

How to sell a book at

If you have some old textbooks that are of no use anymore then opt to sell them for a good price and have some extra bucks in hand for any other use. It is not just the extra cash but can also save some space and some junk will be got rid of. Selling textbooks at is easy. Just follow the simple steps and make sure that the book is in good condition. You will have the best price for it in the market. This process is faster and profitable by all means.

  • All the books will have the ISBN bar code at the bottom back. Look for the number and search that particular book for the price you get for the old book.
  • You will get a quote that will be valid for the next 7 days. If you are to sell the book then do it in these 7 days to avail the price quoted.
  • Select the Buyback option and submit the order. The order will be confirmed immediately and save and print this conformation page for future reference. A copy of the page is also to be included with the shipment of the books.
  • The buyback offer will be expired within 7 days of conformation of the order so you need to send the book with in this period without fail.
  • The books can be submitted at the collection boxes, postal carriers, or to the nearest post office.
  • The payment will be done when the books are received and verified that the books are in good condition. The rejected books will NOT be returned but destroyed.
  • To make any change in the orders, there is no need to cancel the previous order just gets a new quote and order afresh. The previous order will expire automatically in 7 days.
  • The change in the order may affect the price of the books. The price quoted will be applicable only till the 7 days from the conformation. A new order will have a new quote that might be lesser than the previous one.
  • Books sent after the 7 days will still be accepted but the payment will be subjected to the current buyback price.

The condition of the books

  • The books must have all the pages intact. No torn pages will be accepted.
  • The highlights are allowed but not margin notes for the textbooks.
  • Both the cover page and the jacket (if any_ should be in good condition and the title of the book should be clear and legible.
  • The authorization of the books may be required so the title and the name of the author should be loud and clear.
  • When selling more than 5 copies of the same book, an authorization is required and need to be contacted separately.

The Pricing of the Books

The pricing is done based on the future value of the book. It depends on the popularity of the book and whether or not it will be circulated from semester to semester. The demand for the book and the current available number of copies also determines the pricing. The books will be worthier when it is sold the earlier. The pricing may come down as the time passes. Look for the right opportunity and get the maximum price for the junk lying around and make some profit.

Rent Textbooks at