Tennis Bracelets

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Tennis bracelets from Katarina Jewelry 

Tennis bracelets from Katarina Jewelry are formal bracelets made with diamonds.

Single diamonds are placed all over the designer squares or rounds or any other shapes held together in silver, tungsten, yellow/white gold. The round bracelet is joined together with a secure latch. The safety of the latch is utmost important. The title Tennis was give to these kind of bracelets after the tennis player Chris Evert who worn a bracelet with diamonds during a match in 1987. During the match the latch of bracelet broke and the diamonds were scattered. The match was stopped so that she could collect all the diamonds. The bracelet was called Tennis Bracelet ever after. The Tennis bracelets from Katarina Jewelry is usually thin and the diamonds are also very small.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets

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Price: $1335.00
The tennis bracelets are formal bracelets that are made from diamonds. In this bracelets single diamonds are placed all over the designer squares or rounds or any other shapes held together in silver and white gold.

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Katarina Jewelry offers many tennis bracelets made in metals like silver, gold, platinum, and tungsten. The diamond carat varies from design to design. Diamond color also varies from white, blue to black. Sometimes a bracelet may have both white and black colored diamonds or it may have any other combination of the colored diamonds. Separate designs for men and women are available. The same design bracelet may be available in any of the metals of in different colored diamonds. The number of diamonds in the bracelets varies with design, from one to many. The price starts from an affordable $125 to as above as $14,000 depending on the metal it is made with, the purity of the metal and the number of diamonds it carry. The bracelets are of guaranteed high quality. The bracelets are elegant and stylish and are a definite part of luxury. With the affordable price it is offered from Katarina Jewelry, anyone can have this luxury with beautiful and unmatchable designs that are perfect for anyone to wear it anytime, anywhere.