ISee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses by Electro Flip

No more handy camcorders and its related accessories. Now you can capture video via through your second eyes. Presenting iSee video/audio recording sunglasses from electro flip that offers you a great way to capture images and videos. It also works as a surveillance camera that helps you to scrutinize what’s going in and around you.
Electro Flip is an online electronics website with its headquarters located at Nevada. The company offers excellent video cameras and GPS tracking devices that are solar and energy-efficient. The company blends both technology and innovative ideas to deliver the best user-friendly products for you.

iSee video and audio recording sunglasses are one of the prominent products of electro flip.

How does iSee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses work?

This sunglass camera not only offers you shades but also has multiple features. For instance, it comes with 1.3MP pinhole CMOS color camera that delivers a clear footage. It not only records video but also provides excellent sound clarity thanks to the in-built microphone that replicates the functionalities of a camcorder. The video format is sharp and accurate at 30fps, 640×480 resolution that is available AVI format.

This polaroid polarized lenses protects your sun from UV rays and bright lights that tend to strain your eyes while driving for instance.

iSee video/audio recording sunglasses comes with an expandable memory slot that can be extended to 16GB. The product does not come with memory card so you need to purchase it separately. It is advised to format the memory card before inserting in the memory slot.

The iSee video surveillance camera sunglasses works with the help of Lithium rechargeable battery. Note the device will take 3-4 hours to charge completely. This will give you 5 hours of continuous recording time. It means you can have the entire event recorded without asking, “Who, What, When?”

The best part of iSee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses From Electro Flip is you don’t need any complicated software or application to run the videos. Simply Plug in and Play the videos. The product comes with an included USB cable. Using this you can simply transfer the images and videos and just watch it on your PC or Mac.

The video and photo format are compatible with both Apple Quicktime and Windows Media Player.

Features & Benefits

  • Possesses both style and functions
  • Offers you hands-free recording of video plus helps you to capture excellent images
  • Comes with microphone for healthy audio recording
  • Features UV protected shades that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays of sun and other sensitive objects
  • Expandable memory slot for optimum recording
  • Rechargeable battery that once charged can work for maximum 5 hours
  • Simple pug and play makes it a breeze to use the sunglasses

iSee Customer reviews

iSee video reviews are good. Users love the product and claim that the clarity is quite decent. It has the basic criteria for uploading it in YouTube. The sunglasses are also comfortable to wear though few people say that it takes time to get used to a light indicator on the back.

There are, however, couple of negative reviews. One user reports that the USB plug that came with the glass does not fit in the slot. Even the instructions were of little help. He had to call the customer care to sort out the query. Another user report that the price of the product is a bit expensive.

Works great – M. Sokol

“Fits perfectly. A great product, it looks like regular sunglasses. It also records audio and video perfectly.”

Looks and works like a charm – Eddie Moton

“It not only fits perfectly but looks great too. It looks like ordinary sunglasses and that does not mean cheap. This sunglass does not feel awkward as well to wear it especially when you are playing or fishing. The light indicator on the side can be a little annoying but after couple of recordings it kinda grows on you. The video quality is clear and not fuzzy as well. I don’t have any complaints.”

Long lasting camera – Derek

“I have been using this camera for quite sometime now. However, it never fails to record quality videos.”

Warranty, Shipping, and Returns

The product comes with one year supplier’s warranty upon defective part or replacement warranty.

Electro Flip offers minimal and competitive shipping rates for delivery anywhere in USA. All products go through proper quality check and scrutiny before shipping off.

If at all you have received a damaged product or want to return it, you will be getting a 60-day money back guarantee from the date of delivery. Though chances are less, if at all you want to return the product, make sure to send it back in original condition with all the contents included as it was.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the user guide for iSee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses?

You will be provided with the instructions along with the sunglasses. However, if you want to view it online, you can download it here at

When I plug in the glasses, the USB port goes on and off and won’t lets you download anything? What’s wrong?

Try charging the device completely via computer’s USB port overnight. Downloading occurs only when the battery is full. If there is not enough charge, it won’t allow you to download anything and will turn off.

I am unable to see through the sunglasses?

Just remove the purple lens protection from the lenses in the front and back area. Use fingernails to slowly remove the lens cover. Do not use scratchy objects as it can damage the lens.

My sunglass is not recognized when plugged in the computer. Is there anything wrong?

There are several probable reasons why your computer is not responding to the device.

  • Device is connected to PC but power is OFF – At such instance, unplug the device, turn it ON & then plug it back in.
  • USB Cable is defective – Call the customer care and get it replaced immediately. If you have a different USB cable that works, you can certainly give it a try before you buy a new one.
  • The USB is not enable on your computer BIOS –You need to enable USB on your PC. If you are not aware how to access the computer BIOS, contact the computer manufacturer or service center for help.
  • USB is not supported on your PC – you need to update your PC’s motherboard.
  • PC and device are jammed – simply reboot the PC. If that does not work, turn off the computer, wait for a couple of minutes and then turn it on.

iSee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses are unable to save any footage. Is there anything wrong with the device?

Possible reasons include

  • Memory full – delete unwanted files or copy it to your laptop to save space.
  • Battery low – Charge the battery and then try shooting videos

Where will I find any discount codes available?

There are many websites that offer discount codes to get iSee video/audio recording sunglasses at a cut-off price. You can alternatively subscribe to newsletters of Electro flip and stay updated on promo deals and offers.


To sum it up, iSee Video/Audio Recording Sunglasses are an excellent choice for those who are looking for hands-free recorder. It may not give you HD resolution but is definitely worth a buy for those who want to capture good moments of life in a good quality resolution. There are few drawbacks such as light indicator that blinks when you are recording but then if you are not indulging in any unwanted activities, I guess you are safe and legal to use such products.