iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 is the new and improved FlowCharter from iGrafx which is a top notch process diagramming and modeling software that can take care of a complete range visual communications. The iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 can help the organizations reach excellence in their business processes.

iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 is the best tool for professionals to create quick and easy diagrams and process models for any organizations to portray their ideas. Lean Six sigma Practitioners, Process Owners, Quality Specialists, BPM Project Teams, ISO Professionals, Project Managers, etc actively use the FlowCharter 2013 by iGrafx .

iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 is the new generation of ABC FlowCharter which was released around 15 years ago. It is used to produce & process diagrams and flowcharts. It can create lots of diagrams like data-flow diagrams, quality initiative diagrams, network diagrams, lean value stream maps, cause and effect diagrams, marketing charts….and the chart goes on.

FlowCharter 2013 by iGrafx is one of the most powerful suite of business process management and improvement solutions on the market. It has many features like the Quick Start templates, presentation ready graphics, sharePoint integration and critical process path analysis. iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 makes it easy for any level of organizations to create, manage and present their ideas and data.

You can use the iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 to create amazing process maps, clear enterprise models with the enterprise authoring features. You can also study and present process improvements optimally using the Critical Path Analyzer and VSN timeline enhancements from iGrafx FlowCharter 2013. The FlowCharter  enhances process visibility across the board by connecting data between the iGrafx platform and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software.

The iGrafx FlowCharter 2013 can be used to conveniently access your important process documentation even while traveling from smartphones and other mobile devices. iGrafx FlowCharter is certified for use on even the windows 8. It has features that will help you in publishing to PDF, HTML or Java, Microsoft Word, Micro Soft Power Point and more. The iGrafx FlowCharter are flexible enough to let you deliver your ideas to wider audiences.