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IdealShape products include ideal shake, meal replacement diet plans, snack bars and much more to help you with your weight goal.

The creative head at Ideal shape work effectively to bring you the best of the products such as health boosting shakes, protein bars that help you cut down the excess fat and bring you back to shape. This article is all about supplements, features, ingredients and Idealshape Reviews from customers.


An Utah based company, Ideal shape is currently one of the leaders that provide variety of health supplements that puts you back in shape without leaving you crave for more. Their products basically consists of protein bars, meal replacement products and healthy weight loss supplements. There are many different meal plans that can be chosen depending on the weight you want to lose.

Ideal Carb blocker: Idealshape Reviews

IdealShape brings you Ideal carb blocker that are effective for people who are feeling helpless with their weight and have tried out almost everything in their guts to lose weight. But have you ever thought that may be Insulin might be one of the reasons behind this. Yes, believe it or not, insulin is one of the factors that inhibit weight loss. Its a very known factor that we all have a sweet tooth. The more sugary foods we gulp down, the more insulin our bodies need to produce. Here lies the problem. After a while, your body just stops reacting to the sugar and becomes resistant to producing insulin, the result – it gets stored as fat in your body. Here’s one way to determine the foods we eat are converted into proper energy and the answer is Carb blocker.

Carb blocker is a weight burning supplement that burns all the carbs you consume instead of storing them in your body as fat. It also helps in increasing the body’s senstivity to insulin which helps the fat to be transformed into energy.

Some of the natural ingredients of Carb blocker are:

  • Cinnamon bark – that contains a chemical that helps in decreasing the blood sugar levels
  • Fenugreek – slows down the process of sugar absorption thereby increasing the level of insulin
  • R-Alpha lipoic – prevents diabetes symptoms like burning, numbness or pain in the nerves
  • Berberis aristata – prevents insulin resistance by repairing the resistant cells
  • Resveratrol – contains antioxidants that burns fat and converts them to energy

IdealShape Ideal Carb Blocker Reviews

IdealShape Ideal Carb Blocker – A perfect carb blocker that helps in blocking carbohydrates from converting to fat stores by turning carbs into fuel. The main ingredient is Fenugreek. Fenugreek helps in improving insulin sensitivity and thus the galactomannan content, a soluble fiber, prevents carbohydrate absorption.

IdealShake, 3 IdealShake Meal Packs & FREE Shaker Bottle

IdealShake, 3 IdealShake Meal Packs & FREE Shaker Bottle

by Ideal Shape 5 out of 5stars (339 Customer Ratings)

Price: $49.99
IdealShake, 3 IdealShake Meal Packs & FREE Shaker Bottle controls hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours.

Appetite suppressant !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Brenta for IdealShake, 3 IdealShake Meal Packs & FREE Shaker Bottle

I was extremely impressed with this shake. Not only did it control my hunger cravings, but also tasted wonderful.

How the IdealShape Ideal Carb Blocker works in controlling your appetite and lowering cholesterol levels is the unique feature of it. The IdealShape Ideal Carb Blocker Reviews are positive. The points included in the positive reviews are its natural ingredients, manufacturing procedures and its 100% risk free factor due to the user-friendly refund policy. It has helped people to control their carvings for food at the same time has maintained good energy levels without any problem.

Resverashape supplement: Idealshape Reviews

Two main factors that contribute to weight gain is hunger attacks and less energy. Resverashape contains energy boosting ingredients that also includes antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that makes Resverashape a perfect weight loss supplement a perfect partner to your weight loss plan.

It contains Resveratrol, kelp etc. that have been known for their anti-inflammatory properties and vital vitamins/minerals that contribute all good to your health. Resveratrol is a component that is found in red grapes and its contribution to health is quite well known. Resveratrol can also be found in green tea which is also quite popular to weight loss. Similarly, kelp is rich in many minerals such as iron, protein, folic acid, iodine, vitamins etc. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish. So if you are a vegan, this is the best option for you.

IdealShake Meal Replacement Plan: Idealshape Reviews

The shakes of Idealshape comes in two flavors, chocolate & vanilla and contain all the good nutrition’s such as Vitamin A, calcium, niacin, folate, copper and other minerals that are vital for building your body in a healthy way.

The Idealshake is gluten free and does not contain any flavors or additives. Sugar is one factor that boosts your weight. So if you are looking to lose weight, your foods containing sugar should obviously be low. Hence, the meal of IdealShape contain only 1 gram of sugar making them the lowest shakes in sugar available on the market.

IdealShake is currently one of the best meal replacement shake available in the market. Many Idealshape Reviews from users can vouch for this fact that it blocks your hunger for three years. You get two different flavors – chocolate and vanilla. It contains the natural hunger blocker derived from potatoes known as Slendesta which helps in curbing your appetite thereby helping you losing good amount of weight. Idealshake contains hoard of vitamins, minerals and calcium that delivers the following benefits:

  • better eyesight
  • healthy immune system
  • proper heart function and increase in the good cholesterol
  • prevents anemia, supports the blood and nerves
  • contains antioxidants that protects your brain, liver and heart
  • breaks down carbs and fats thereby increasing your energy level
  • hormone creation in the body

IdealShake has been compared to many health shakes in the market such as Slimfast, Rightsize, Myoplex lite and many more and the result – IdealShake is much more healthy and affordable than any other products in the market. For starters, these products do not include Slendesta (the vital component for weight loss). Secondly, the sugar level is more compared to IdealShake. Where IdealShake uses only 1g of sugar, other products range from 2g to 34g of sugar which wont be of much help if you are planning to lose weight.

Idealbar: Idealshape Reviews

IdealBar Snack Bars - 4 Boxes

IdealBar Snack Bars – 4 Boxes

by Ideal Shape 5 out of 5stars (446 Customer Ratings)

Price: $42.99
IdealShape Weight Loss Bars are a healthy alternative for those who are trying to lower their calories by replacing a meal with a filling, high protein snack.

Great filling

4 stars out of 5 by Owells for IdealBar Snack Bars – 4 Boxes

Love these tasty high protein snack bars. Great filling.

Upon many customers request, IdealBar was created. Yes, uses prefer a bar to munch on (without weight gain) when unwanted hunger strikes, say few Idealshape Reviews. It contains hunger blocking power called as Slendesta derived from potatoes that contains beneficial nutrients, not to mention good taste. Meal replacement bars are one of the best ways to fix your problem with weight loss. It contains very low calories which makes it easy to be munched on any time. Even the sugar level is as low as 1g. For a good weight loss, it is important to balance sugar. They come in a two different flavors – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Caramel Crunch etc.

Many people in this busy lives are prone to eat irregular meals, not to mention high carb foods that not only add up to your weight but also throw the digestive system and other bodily functions haywire. Plus, you simply wont derive any nutritional benefits from these junk foods. IdealBar helps you to stay on track throughout the day. Simply throw a meal replacement bar in your purse/bag and have it between meals. The nutritions in the bar will keep you energetic throughout the day without making you crave for unnecessary foods.

Many healthy bars in the market use two ingredients – protein and fiber. Both protein and fiber are known to suppress appetite. While protein gets absorbed in the body as energy, fiber works as an indigestible carbohydrate that stays in your stomach for a while. How IdealBar works is apart from protein and fiber, it also contains Slendesta (extracted from potatoes) which releases CCK once entered in your body. This in turn triggers your brain that the body is full and is not hungry.

G2G Protein Bars: Idealshape Reviews on IdealShape Bars Nutrition

G2G stands for “Good to go” that is a product from IdealShape. Feeling hungry? Grab a protein bar rather than a candy bar. It is one of the best protein bars you have ever tasted. Why? If you are one of those who are looking for an option to lose weight but still cant control your sugar cravings, then here’s health protein bars that will not only power up your energy but also help you shed those extra pounds easily. It contains healthy fats, carbs, protein and many more that work together to provide excellent nutritional benefits to your body.

IdealShape protein G2G bars can be compared to other bars in the market such as Met-RX Big, Slimfast, Balance Bar and many more. But interestingly, IdealShape features on top when compared as it has many benefits. For starters, G2G bars contains all organic ingredients and does not include any artificial sweetners/preservatives, flavoring agents or refined sugar. It is absolutely gluten free and contains only 1g of sugar to balance out your weight. Protein bars are full of fiber that charge up your metabolism level without draining out your energy. As it contains high protein, you can use it half as a snack too or simply consume the full bar as a meal replacement.

They are available in four different flavors, chocolate chip, fruit nut, almond chocolate chip and almond fruit nut which can be chosen as per your taste. IdealShape protein bars also contains 18 grams of whey protein which will repair any muscles and provide bone strength to your body. Research says that you need to consume at least 18g of protein 5 times per day to get good muscles. So why wait? Here’s the ultimate G2G protein bar that promotes overall good health.

NatralShape hunger suppressant: Idealshape Reviews

For those who are feeling hungry, here’s IdealShape’s NatralShape hunger suppressant that is beneficial for those who have the habit of midnight munching or eating through meals. NatralShape contains powerful component known as Slendesta that has scientifically showed that it can stop food cravings thus making the body feel full.

NatralShape contains various antioxidants derived from 100% natural ingredients. For example, Slendesta is made from potatoes. The substance under the skin of potato is vital (known as P12 proteinase inhibitor) which when injected in the body releases CCK (Cholecystokinin). This triggers the brain that your body feels full thereby stopping unwanted cravings.


Other accessories:

IdealShape also offers various training CDs and books that come with the packages you select. The brain is the most vital part in the body. It controls anything and everything in the body. With these Cds/books, your brain will be channeled in such a way that you wont gain weight ever. The internal mental process is the one that lays the path for the choices and decisions we make. Study shows that almost 80% of the thoughts and actions are dictated the subconscious level. Hence, it has become inevitable to ignore the brain and work on your goals.

Idealshape includes”brain training” which means training the brain that helps you to find an easier solution to all your problems thereby reducing stress and aiding you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The brain training CDs from idealshape will put you in a relaxation modd, help you to think things clear and trigger the points that motivate you thereby helping you to become healthy and toned.

When you use the training CDs & books, you will notice that your body and thinking has changed. Here are some of the things that are taught in the training session.

  • you are having a good night’s sleep
  • reduced stress levels
  • visualizing the body shape you desire to achieve
  • more water to help eliminating toxic waste and reduce body mass
  • less craving for sugary foods
  • good exercising habits
  • satisfied appetite not full

These CDs / books work in a hypnotic method to reach the subconscious level of your brain and work it eventually from the bottom.

IdealShape also gives you exercise items such as resistance bands and exercise balls that can help you lose weight at home. Do keep in mind IdealShape is not giving you excuses to run out of gym. There are many who have lost weight without doing exercise but its NOT recommended. If you dont like the gym, than carry on with outdoor hobby that makes you happy and includes good amount of workout such as tennis, yoga etc. The main motto of Idealshape is not just to help you lose weight but also keep the muscles healthy thereby keeping your body toned. Hence, it is necessary to carry on with any outdoor exercises that keep you fit and stress free.


Idealshape reviews:

Here are few of Idealshape Reviews taken from customers viewpoints. People claim that the product not only taste great but also curbs the appetite well. It is also low in calories that go well with many calorie conscious people.

On the downside, few users claim that flavored supplements taste too sweet due to artificial flavoring (may be) while some claim that the taste is awful. Basicaly, its people’s perspective and we respect that.

However, majority of the Idealshape reviews lean towards positive side and many users have actually lose weight with Idealshape products.


  • Overall positive experience without any side effects
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Information about the products are also available
  • Comparisons are made between Idealshape products and various products in the market that says a lot about Idealshape


  • A general consensus still could not control their attacks as the bars does nothing to curb the appetite.
  • Quite expensive for prolonged users
  • The program tends to be quite confusing
  • Complete list of ingredients are not available


Idealshape discount or coupon codes / promotional offers:

There are many discount / coupon codes that appear in many websites. They carry good amount of further discount on Idealshape products. The ongoing offers are:

  • $5 off on any product package that contains Ideal Meal replacement shake
  • upto 40% off along with FREE SHIPPING on all Idealshape weight loss plans
  • Upto 46% off on Idealshape Meal replacement shakes
  • 21% off on select protein bars

Idealshape guarantee:

Idealshape offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their products. So if you are in anyway not satisfied with their products, just return them within 30 days from the date of purchase and get your money fully reimbursed. However, they will not refund you the shipping charges.