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IDCreator is an online designer for creating customized ID cards. With IDCreator, you can create a single ID card or multiple ID cards. Basically, a ID Badge maker, build your own style of ID cards.


ID cards depict the identity of the person wearing them. But creating these ID cards can cost a lot. But with the, the ID Badge maker, ID card creation is easier. There is no need to download the software. Only a computer with internet connection is enough. The software is free to use on online. The application is faster to load and there is no need to wait for long to start with. The designs can be done in the browser itself. The designs can be selected from the templates or can create your own designs. All kinds of pictures, shapes, text, and bar codes can be added to the cards. The encoded cards will be for access to the buildings and for time-clocks. The created cards can be viewed for free and can be printed.

With the help of the professional printer, the created cards can be printed easily at more economical price than having to spend a fortune. The over-the-edge printing in full color and high definition is also possible. The data will be automatically encoded to the magnetic stripe. If you are not interested to buy the printer then design the cards and order for printing and shipment online. The cards will be printed professionally and will be shipped.

Additional Information about ID Badge maker

Once you have decided to create ID using IDCreator, the payment should be done while placing the orders and the orders will not be shipped until full payment is done. ID Badge maker uses all accepted credit and debit cards for the payment or can be done via PayPal. Both the barcodes and the magnetic strips will be done for the cards and the received cards do not function properly because of any problems in these will be rectified for free, provided all information and procedures are followed correctly. Only the technical problems will be corrected and not that caused by any mishandling or other damages. There is no minimum number of cards for any shipping. Order cancellation must be done 24 hrs before the shipment. An authorization letter will be required for printing a copyrighted logo of images on the cards.

Design your own or Templates

IDCreator creates not just the ID cards but also some badges for many purposes. The cards can be designed as per requirements. Templates are available for business cards, charity or non-profit cards, child IDs, church badges, employee badges, gift cards, health cards, hospital cards, hotel cards, luggage tags, medical emergency cards, membership cards, police or fire department cards, press passes, restaurant cards, school IDs, service dog tags, service or contractors, ski resort passes, sports club cards, venue or event cards etc in this ID Badge maker.

Designing & Card Making Process

Once the card orientation is selected, select the background color, lamination types- no lamination, transparent or holographic film, for both the front side and backside of the card. There is text inserting tool, image tool to insert any image or photograph required, barcode tool that allows you to add the barcode number with the barcode formats from 5 options. The size, alignment, and rotation types of the barcodes are available.

The next step is to select the card type, whether standard HD PVC card or the earth friendly Bio card. There is card punching options as well. There are options for no punching, short side slot and long side slot punches. The bleed space can be made as perfect fit or border bleed. The perfect fit can be selected of the cards are being printed and shipped online. The border bleed is selected when the cards are printed at home using the printer kit.

Now it is time to select the ID accessories like badge holder, lanyard, and breakaway lanyard suspender clip. Check the options for printing either sides or just front side. If backside also need to e printed select the necessary color for the back side background as well.

All the processes need to be followed for back side as well. There is an additional option for adding magnetic strip and there will be 3 tracks for it and fill in the necessary details for each one. There is an option to save your design as template for multiple or future use by anyone. Once everything is set then click on the save and continue button. For further services, you will need to have an online account and log in. you can make orders with this online account.



The basic pricing in IDCreator depends on the type of card selected. The earth friendly bio card is costlier than the HD PVC composite cards. There are additional charges for back side printing in black or color, magnetic stripe, protective clear laminate, holographic laminate etc. the charge for having the slot punch is nominal. There is discount available on ordering more number of cards at the ID Badge maker. The discount rate increases with 10-24 cards, 25-50, 51-99 cards, 100-250 and 250+ cards. The ID accessories are priced separately for badge holder, suspender clip, braided or breakaway lanyards.

The shipping charges of IDCreator are additional to the price of the cards. The shipping charges within US are for economy, standard, UPS priority, 2 days and overnight shipment. The charges will be different for Canada and to other international shipping. All these facilities are free of cost when using a Print@Home Kit. There will be no shipping charges. The printer is different with the number of cards that can be printed from 10, 25 or 50 cards.

Print@Home Kit

Print@Home kit from IDCreator  includes everything that is needed for printing any kind of ID cards. Any inkjet or laser printing can be done using this ID Badge maker. High quality and durable PVC cards are printed using this. The cards are printed with the perforated Teslin synthetic sheets. The punching is also done with this. The lamination can be done directly from the EasyIdea card laminator that comes with this kit. While purchasing the kit, there are additional options to be added, like the type of laminator, synthetic paper, butterfly pouches, and hologram types etc. For additional charges applicable, one can also avail the facilities like sandpaper, lanyards, acto knife, slot puncher, magnetic stripe reader, and encoder etc. for lamination, hologram, and punching place the printed card into the respective machineries.