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The roads are filled with air pollution. But have you ever checked how clean is the air you breathe at home? Find out with the Home Air Check test.

Breathe clean air at home with Home Air Check:

The air we breathe plays a vital role in balancing your body. The road is filled with polluted air from increasing number of vehicles that throw out fuel oils, under construction buildings, etc. and what not. A recent research from US Environmental Protection Agency shows that most of the health problems occur at home when compared to outdoor pollution. The pungent smell of paints, varnishes, moisturizing lotions, mold behind walls, tobacco smoke and disinfectant cleaners are some of the examples that promote health air problems such as dust allergies, asthma, irritation in eyes and skin etc.

Until recent times, there was air test kit to check the level of pollution in factories and other industrial areas. But now, Home Air Check brings you air test kit to check the level of pollution at your home.

Home Air Check Air Test Kit are available in four kits:

  • Formaldehyde Test
  • VOC Test
  • Tobacco Smoke Test
  • and a combo of both VOC + Formaldehyde Test
Home air test using Home Air Check

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These Home air test using Home Air Check determine the level of air pollution or VOCs that are wandering in your house. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are the common products in our homes that release toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde mostly found in lotions. If there is someone who has the habit of smoking, you can use the Tobacco Smoke Test to detect the level of tobacco that hovers at your home. All you have to do is order the sample test from Home Air Check and place it in any room. Home Air Check Test detects up to 2000 sq. ft. range of pollution which includes molds behind walls or moss underneath the floor. After taking the test, just send to the Prism Laboratories.

The specialized chemist from Prism Laboratories makes a detailed report based on their analysis and sends you the report with all the required information within 5 business days for you to take appropriate steps. Home air test using Home Air Check uncovers almost 400 types of chemical compounds.

Air test kit

Air test kit

by Home Air Check/Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. 5 out of 5stars (500 Customer Ratings)

Price: $136
The air test kit helps to check the level of pollution in factories and other industrial areas.

Gives efficient results

5 stars out of 5 by Sherly Christopher for Air test kit

I like to perform these tests. They are very easy and simple.