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The evidence of people who have lost weight with complex hcg is available on the website For best price on biosource hcg complex, check the link below Among all the programs and packages of HCG, the HCG Complex diet is the next one we intend to review and go deep into. The HCG complex diet drops, from the first view is simply just another hcg site and product.

HCG is a pregnancy hormone whose purpose is to turn the unwanted fat in the mother’s body into energy for fetus when there is a lack of energy. HCG hormone has found a place in the weight loss programs and is getting popular day by day. The HCG hormone is found having the ability in getting the hidden fat molecules for metabolic processes in generating energy. The utilization of the stored fat makes weight loss much healthier and faster than any other method. Using Triumph HCG is far better than simply starving to death or spending more time for workouts than necessary. HCG is a natural hormone produced in humans so is considered safe for all.

How to take HCG

HCG reviews often mention the methods of administering the HCG. The various administering method are HCG injection, HCG drops, and pellets. The most effective method is the HCG shots as it provides more concentrated HCG is a purer form for maximum effects. The HCG drops are the more diluted form of HCG. Only authentic HCG drops that dilute the real HCG hormone are credible. HCG pellets are similar to the drops except that it is in a solid form. Both HCG drops and pellets are taken under the tongue. Taking under the tongue is the easiest route to deliver the HCG directly to the bloodstream without suffering the pain of the injections.

Usually HCG reviews do not explain why HCG is taken under the tongue. Taking the HCG under the tongue ensures that it is in the useful intact form and do not get digested or broken down into its component amino acids. Body needs the HCG in the hormonal form to identify and locate the unwanted fat to get it transported to the site of metabolism. When the body gets a regular steady supply of HCG, the mobilization of these fats from its storage place happens faster and speedy and effective weight loss happens.

HCG and low calorie diet

HCG reviews state that HCG is taken with a very low calorie diet of 500 calories per day. The HCG provides the necessary energy for the body to function from the unwanted fat. The lack of high calories in the diet is compensated by this energy production and the person will not feel hunger. Body weight is mostly due to the stored fat and when that is used up, the weight is reduced considerably.

The motto of low calorie diet is to force the body to use up the unwanted fat and to make better use of the activity of the HCG hormone. It also ensures that when the excess fat is burned there is no fat deposition happening. The low calorie diet insists on avoiding carbohydrates, sugars, and fatty food in the diet. HCG reviews show that as a precautionary measure, the women are advised to avoid the use of oily or sugary cosmetics as well. The HCG reviews clearly explains the use of more protein and vegetables in the diet so that the stomach is fuller and the calorie limit is also not exceeded.

HCG reviews explain the protocol of three phases where the calorie limit varies. The first two days of the HCG diet is to take the HCG and have as much high calorie food as possible to load the body. The next few days, for as long as the HCG is to be taken is the weight losing phase. During this time the calorie limit is 500 per day. There are many reviews that explain the diet pattern and the permitted food items. When the low calorie diet coupled with daily dose of HCG the weight is reduced up to one pound per day. Since only the stored fat is utilized for energy production, the structural and reserved fat, which are the useful fats, remain unharmed.

Triumph HCG by HCG Diet

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The third phase of hcg Diet  is the maintenance phase where the reduced body weight is maintained so that it gets used to the new form and makes it aware of what to expect and what not to, and what to use and which are for storage. It lasts for 3 weeks after HCG. The calorie limit is higher but still the sugars, fats, and carbs are restricted from the diet. They are re-introduced slowly and steadily after these 3 weeks.

Pros and Cons of HCG

The HCG reviews by those who have used the product says that HCG is the most effective method for weight loss they have tried. But the success has its own ups and downs in due course. HCG has both positive and slightly negative effects on the body. But both these effects depend on the individual. The same HCG may be successful for one person and a complete failure in another. The failure rate is only a small percent but does exist.

Pros: HCG provides an energetic body along with the weight loss. The results are right in front of the eyes and are visible on a daily basis. The natural HCG works the same in men and women equally. HCG also makes healthier habits that help us live longer. The food cravings would come under control and it is easier not to overeat. We get a better idea about food portions and how much and what is healthier. HCG can also boost vital organs and immunity.

Cons: HCG reviews also shows that there are a few cases of side effects. These side effects when present are only temporary and will fade within a week of usage or will recede once HCG is stopped. The side effects that are mentioned in most HCG reviews are headache, constipation, dizziness that are due to the low calorie diet and affect those people who were on a high sugar diet. Women may show pregnancy like symptoms like vomiting, nausea etc.

All the HCG reviews agree on a single fact that HCG indeed is a healthier way of weight loss and the success rate entirely depend on how each individual is able to stick to the strict regime for a few weeks. you can Buy HCG online from a range of vendors now and there is no limitation to the range. May it be HCG drops or HCG injections, the choices are wide.