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At Guided, you will find eco-friendly products made out of recycled materials and fibers such as binders available at great price.

Ring binder folder

Ring binder is a book like folder that is used to file the papers in offices schools etc.

Fantastic folder

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The binders have 3 rings attached to the spine and they can be opened and punch-holed papers may be inserted and close the rings to secure. The Ring binder folder can hold more papers than the usual folders. The binders are of many types that vary with size and the capacity. These are the best organizers for offices and a single binder may hold all the papers of a huge project.

This is an era for using recycled materials and recycled binders are also much popular. There could be any number of old binders in the offices they all can be replaced with the brand new recycled binders. These recycled binders are made from processed chipboard cardboard and other recycled fiber materials. These are easy to recycle later when they get old and damaged. But still these recycling do not alter or harm the nature since there is no need to cut trees for their making.

Guided products, an online store, offers recycled ring binders that are cool looking and stylish. Though made from recycled materials they are sturdy and can be used for heavy duty. The capacity varies with the size of the spine. There are many sizes available from half an inch to 5” wide spine. The upper limit of capacity for a single ring binder goes up to 315 papers. These ring binders are brown in color but can be customized according to the taste of the buyer or the company. Designs or logos can be printed on them using natural dyes as per demand. There are three types of ring binder available.

ReBinder Original

ReBinder Original is the first started recycled ring binders. These are durable and look beautiful also. Made of cardboard with fluting inside it is meant for strength and the exposed areas of the fluting edges gives a rugged look to the binders. The rings are attached with the spine is using screws that are easily removable and is easy to disassemble for its re-recycling. Available from 1-3 inches wide spine.

Ring binder folder

Ring binder folder

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Price: $15
This is a book like folder. It is used to file the papers both in offices and schools. Equally, it can hold more papers. In comparison, to the other normal folders.

ReBinder Select

ReBinder Select is meant for heavy duty and are made of 100 points thick chipboard. The rings are geometrically designed and can be unscrewed easily. The rings are D-rings which can hold most number of papers. Unlike the ReBinder original, this select series has got smooth edges and is made of solid chipboard all over.

ReBinder Professional

ReBinder Professional is the most durable of all the ring binders. They are made for thorough professional use. The spines of the binders are wrapped in black tape. The screws of the rings are secured inside this tape. The spine of a binder cannot be more secured than this and this is the reason why it is the most durable binder. The combination of brown with a black lining gives it a classy look. The black tape also protects it from abrasions and damage.