Flashy Blinky Lights

Sure Glow is an expert to bring you flashy blinky LED glowing lights accessories such as necklace, wrist band, shutter glasses & more here.

Looking for flashy blinky lights? Really, they are the fun-loving accessory that brings a glow to all the occasions. Further, read on to know more about their different products and Flashy blinky lights discount code.

About the manufacturer

Sureglow is experts in making fun loving glowing lights. They are suitable for all kinds of occasions like Christmas, Prom, and Valentine’s Day etc.

Blinking LED Earrings – Red

This LED flashing clip-on earrings are fabulously funky clips. You can attach them anywhere! They look good at a game, party, parade and on all occasions.

Blinking LED Earrings – Red – Features

  • It includes two replaceable CR927 batteries
  • LEDS are two red
  • Height is 0.62 in., 1.57 cm.
  • Width is 0.62 in., 1.57 cm.
  • They are individually wrapped in a polybag.

How to use?

  • The piece attaches with the use of a clip.
  • In order to activate, twist the backing clockwise until tight. Then, to deactivate, twist the backing counterclockwise.
  • For attaching, simply clip the piece at the desired point.

El Wire String Light: Purple

This El Wire String Light is very lightweight and cool to the touch. They are very eye-catching and unique. Equally, there are endless uses of this wire. Especially, to trim a table, wear it; dress up the car, to hang at occasions like parties, Christmas celebrations, birthdays etc.

El Wire String Light: Purple – Features

  • The length of the wire is 6 feet.
  • It has 3 lighting modes mainly like steady, flashing and blinking.
  • Diameter of the wire is 2.3 mm
  • Two AA batteries are included.

Flashing Spike Bracelet – Blue

These Spike Bracelets are a perfect option for partying, clubbing and raving. They are designed of soft rubber and the spikes are not sharp at all. In short, these bracelets are super cool. No matter what your likes and dislikes are. You are surely going to love these beautiful spikes…

Flashing Spike Bracelet – Blue – Features

  • They feature a bright flashing LED light that can be turned on and off by pressing a button.
  • Batteries are added and installed but are not replaceable.
  • It can run approximately 8 hours.

Light up Halloween rings (24-Pack)

These spooky Halloween rings are an awesome light up accessories for your parties and events. Moreover, the collection of these rubbery novelty rings showcases a variety of Halloween icons.

Light up Halloween rings (24-Pack) – Features

  • Batteries are included but they are not replaceable.
  • Besides, each unit contains 24 pieces in a PVC box.
  • They are sold in 24 packs.

6 LED Pirate Sword

This inflatable sword is the coolest new toy or accessory in the market. Each sword includes 3 LEDs (Blue, Pink, and Jade) throughout the length. Similarly, 3 flashing LEDs (Blue, Jade, and Red) added within the hilt.

6 LED Pirate Sword – Features

It is 24 inches long and features 6 different light modes

  • Morphing
  • Fast flashing
  • Slow flashing
  • Pulsating
  • Waves of flashing
  • Constant

The batteries are added and installed

How to use?

In order to inflate just blow up the sword using the nozzle pointed near the handle.

Where to buy these Flashy blinky lights?

The products are available both at Sureglow.com and at amazon.com. They are offering certain offers like Flashy blinky lights discount code.

Flashy blinky lights discount code

The flashy blinky lights discount code involves many added benefits like:

$10 offers on all the orders over $ 99 along with free shipping, $20 off on orders lover $299, free ground shipping on orders over $75, blinky red light earrings at $1.34, 50% off on clearance items, free gift with purchase over $150. Similarly, you may log in with your email address. You may avail 10% off on signing up.

Flashy blinky lights – Frequently asked questions

Are these Flashy blinky lights affected by temperature?

A temperature in the range of 60-80 gives an optimal amount of light emission. Any temperature above 80F may cause the light to be brighter. At the temperature below 60F, the light may become dimmer. But it may last for a proportionally longer period.
Glow in the Dark Party Supplies

Are the flashy blinky lights reusable?

Most of the batteries can be replaced. It can be switched on and off, they have multiple modes of operation and can be reused over and over again.

How fast will the order be shipped?

It will take around 24 hours to process the order. The orders will be shipped within 24 hours from the date of order.

Will the LED light burn out?

No, the LED lights will not burn out.

What is the return policy of these products?

If you are not satisfied with these products then you may return it within 30 days, from the date of purchase.
Where should I send the return?

You may send the return at:

  • SureGlow.com Returns
  • 100 Fidelitone Way
  • Elizabethton, TN 37643.

Are the products available at eBay online stores?

Yes, the items are available at eBay online stores. You may purchase them at a cheaper rate.


Hope this article gave you a better insight on Flashy blinky lights and their discounts. Buy them at the earliest and bring joy to your occasions.