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The customer is provided with the best lobsters caught from the North Atlantic Ocean with long tails which is also one of the best lobsters in the world. is business venture which supplies fresh lobsters to the customer’s doorsteps in a systematic manner. The ordered lobster is delivered to the customer through federal express.

The customer is provided with the best lobsters caught from the North Atlantic Ocean with long tails which is also one of the best lobsters in the world. The firm provides a number of lobster dinner combinations which includes frozen lobster tails, lobster meat and similar forms of lobster. has been in the business since 1999 which makes it one of the oldest and experienced in this market and clearly it can be seen in the products delivered to the customers. Read on to know how you can buy live lobster online.


Live lobsters season is throughout the year and is kept fresh after it is caught. The prices which are found in the website are the best any one can find online. The delivery is provided is provided to almost all over the USA. Deliveries are also made to Hawaii and places close to the North Pole as well!! The customers can order fresh Maine lobsters and seafood delivered within a matter of a night as in the delivery will be overnighted to your delivery point along with the cooking guide. The price of the lobster is based on the pounds weighed. All orders doe before 12 noon will be delivered within 24 hours.

Lobsters Gifts

Now buy live lobster online and get a chance to gift their loved ones a lobster dinner or any form of seafood gift by ordering online through The orders are shipped free of cost and the customer is also given a chance to buy it as a gift certificate if not sure of the delivery date. Some of the options in this category include lazy man surf and turf, sweetheart cove for two and also lobster rolls.


Attractive features of

  • Lobsters anywhere: The firm provides the finest quality lobsters across the whole of US and also to places such as Hawaii and other places near to the North Pole. It delivers the highest quality of Maine lobsters which is refrigerated to keep it fresh till it is delivered to the customers footsteps.
  • Free of tax: Buy live lobster online which is provided by the is completely tax-free as the company is based in New Hampshire and is corporation. The company is also the formost choice for ordering for any forms of corporate gifts which would be tasteful and unique in its nature.

  • Sand dollars: This is a feature which enables the customers to take the benefits of being a repeated buyer as they earn points for every dollar that they deal. This gives a chance for the customer to reduce their expense through the earning of the points.
  • Free shipping overnight: This is another attractive feature of the company where all the shipping is done free of cost and is overnighted to the delivery address. The packaging comes with steel shell crackers and seafood forks along with napkins, lemons, wet-naps and cooking aids. The orders can be customize according to the need of the customers where they can even include the gift packages along with their order.
  • Lobster tails newsletter: This service aims at the updating the customers about the lobster tails cooking and other delicacies from many other places. This service is absolutely free of cost and is a great help in cooking the recipe of your choice.
  • Seafood cooking guide: The company provides its valuable customers with seafood guide which can be used for the proper preparation of the lobsters ordered. This service includes guides for cooking your lobsters in any format that the customer wants.
  • Lobster gift certificates: gift certificates are especially designed for the purpose f gifting to your loved ones for helping them to have a good time. The gift certificates can be used for gift packages and also for any dollar amount and it can be used to deliver the order to home, work or any other locations.

  • Substitute for flowers: Compared to tradition of gifting roses, lobsters are much more economic and romantic if tagged along with a fine brand of champagne. The lobsters are hand selected an packaged in the most eye-catching manner suited for any occasion.
  • Order Lobsters anytime: The mechanism of is in such a manner that the customers who want to order can order at any point of time in a day. Buy live lobster online at any given time as the order lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the year. The order can be either made through the website or through the dialing of the phone number 1888-85Maine. The delivering method is usually through Fed-Ex or through the means of air freight. The lobster packaged in insulated boxes which is ice packed or seaweed according to the order.
  • Surprise last minute lobster gifts: This is an additional feature provided by the firm where the customers can order for a gift package within short notice and still pull it off as a surprise for the receiver. In this case the customers just have to order before 12 noon and can get the package delivered the next day.

Prices of lobsters

The prices of the lobsters are kept at a reasonably low level as this was achievable as most of the internet companies preset are vendors or middlemen in their business. The process of wholesale helps to deal in low prices compared to other players in the market. The company is not only involved in the wholesale purchase but also deals with wholesale selling to large restaurants which as bigger demands and this can help the restaurants i getting the lobsters in a much cheaper cost.

When you buy live lobster online, also provides options for customers to send the lobsters to multiple places through the systematizing of the website and ordering process thereby saving a lot of time and effort on multiple orders. The lobsters will survive for more that 36-48 hours if it is properly refrigerated and is generally advised to be eaten before three days of the arrival.

credits: is clearly a unique venture which takes great care of the lobster’s lover and helps them by delivering good quality lobsters at reasonable prices.