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Best Deal Magazine is an online hub where you can get the magazine subscriptions at real cheap rates. It offers some never before-deals for many of the popular magazines such as Family Fun Magazine.


Magazines are not that popular these days, especially the printed version. The online versions are more preferable. There are still people who like to have the printed version so that they can have some keepsakes. They do cost a bit higher when purchasing individually. This is where the Magazine Agent come into the picture.

Magazine Agent is an online hub where you can get the magazine subscriptions at real cheap rates. It offers some never before-deals for many of the popular magazines such as Family Fun Magazine.

What is Family Fun Magazine at

The Family Fun Magazine has been one of the most popular family magazines that started way back to the mid 1960s. It is a complete family entertainer with interesting articles for each member in the family. There are crafts, recipes, fun activities, fitness, and what not in the issues.

Family Fun is an age old magazine that almost everyone knows about. It is suitable for parents with children between the ages of 3-12. For those who are new to this magazine, this is 180 pages magazine in colorful print that attracts all. It helps kids to fund fun activities and for parents, it is a life saver with all sorts of tips and tricks to keep their family happy together. It also enlightens about the best travel locations that suit the family with children.

For those are homeschooling their kids, there are lots of stuff that help them progress with teaching. There are classroom discussions to bring the classroom feel.

The magazine has 8 issues in total per year. There would also be the special editions during festive season. It is published by the Meredith Corporation.

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Family Fun Magazine Subscription

When you normally subscribe to FamilyFun, you will need to pay closer to $20 annually. When you do the same through Magazine Agent, you will pay only less than $5. For the amount of the annual subscription rate of this magazine, you can have the same magazine subscribed for 4 years from Magazine Agent.

At Magazine Agent, you can get the offers to have the magazine subscribed for 1 year, 2 years, 3 or 4 years. The maximum you can have is for 5 years. Even for the longest period, you will pay just above what the annual rate of the publisher.

How to subscribe for Magazine Agent

Here, you will pay only for the magazines and for only as long as you like to have it. There are no auto renewal that can rob you off your money unnecessarily. This amazing deal comes with free shipping also. So you end up paying for the magazine only and you get it for free of cost.

Once you apply for the subscription and done with all the formalities, it takes about 6-12 weeks for you to get the first issue. There onwards, the magazine would come on time.

If you want to quit the subscription in the middle of the term, you can simply contact the customer service to raise your request. The subscription will be cancelled and you can have the refund for the remaining undelivered issues of the magazine. You can contact the customer service by telephone or through email.

Best gift option

It is festival time and you might be searching for gift options. This Family Fun Magazine from Magazine Agent could well be the best gift for one of your friends or family who is struggling with children. I am sure they would appreciate this gift better than anything you could come up with. It would not cost you much as well.

The Bottom line

Bottom line is that great memories start with reading. The reading should be fun filled and a learning experience. Family Fun Magazine fulfills both these criteria. With Magazine Agent, you can get it at the best possible deal that you have ever heard of.

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