Facesniper is a marketing tool of Facebook which helps many businesses to find out their target audience and market directly to them.There are millions of people around the world using Facebook every minute and marketing through Facebook is definitely the best method where you can assure excellent results. Facesniper is an easy to use marketing tool which gives you every advantage of using the social networks to earn a few bucks online.

It works in three simple steps:

  1. Extract Audiences – First and foremost you can find out all those people who have liked, commented or shared a particular topic which you are favor of.
  2. Target them – Once you get hold of the group you can target all your marketing activities towards them.
  3. Reap the benefits – With Facebook your marketing activities not only reaches your target but all the friends in their list, which will help you to grow your business to a large extent and enjoy the profits.

These are the Features of Facesniper:

  1. Graph Search Targeting – You can know your target audience by simply typing sentences on people who like something and get the results immediately. For example, People who likes chocolates or People who live in USA.
  2. Passionate Page Fans – You can narrow down your target audience search to the most passionate users. It helps in saving your time by reaching your potential audience.
  3. Active Group Members – With this feature you can find that those members who are more interested and more actively involved on the topic you want.
  4. Reach Event Attendees – You can find out the events people are attending and pitch in a sale for your product which has proven to be very effective.
  5. Target audience – From the likes and comments people give you can get hold of your most prospective client and target your further ads and services directly to them.
  6. Super Targeted Ads – You can create ads on Facebook with the feature Facebook Ads and these ads can be directly targeted at your passionate fans.
  7. Popular Users – There will be users who have a large number of followers on Facebook. Facesnipers “Popular Users” features helps to target these users and make connections with them.
  8. Grow Your Audience – You can invite the popular users, targeted users, potential users to like your page for free. This not only brings them but also the friends of these users thereby help in increasing your audience.
  9. Automatic Reminders – Automatic reminders are given in the form of weekly summary so that you can keep your audience updated.
  10. Training Videos – Videos on all the features are provided which acts as a guidance and support throughout to help you market on Facebook.
  11. Reactive Support – An excellent customer support team is featured where you can get any clarifications by just sending a message on the support page.

All this service will cost you is $47 with a 60 day money back guarantee.
Facesniper is an easy way for advertisers to leverage Facebook to target their audience and grow their business. It helps you to grow your page audience free and reduces the advertising costs.
If you are convinced with this marketing tool you can easily get started by clicking on the following link: