iGrow Laser LED Light Therapy Helmet

Get rid of hair fall, baldness, and promote excellent hair growth with iGrow Laser Helmet.

Hair loss is the shedding of the hair follicles in mass amount and that happens more often. The Evolution Hair Loss Institute has done many researches and has come up with some effective products that can promote healthy hair re-growth. All types of hair loss are not irrevocable. The hair loss that has happened due to some changes in the body system can be rectified with the products that are developed by the Evolution Hair centre labs. These products are made suing many herbal extracts that has stimulating effects on the hair follicles and scalp. Both the hair and the scalp need nourishment to have the hair growth back to normal for which vitamins are also necessary. Evolution hair centre is also offering vitamins that are needed by the hair.


Reasons for Hair Loss

  • Telogen effluvium is a condition of hair loss in large quantity. The reason behind this phenomenon is pregnancy, stress, surgery etc.
  • Hereditary hair loss cannot be treated but one can slow down the process by applying minoxidil on to the scalp.
  • The auto immune disease lupus and hypothyroidism is another reason why hair loss occurs.
  • Lack of enough iron in the diet may also cause hair loss.
  • Hair loss is a symptom of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome in women due to the hormonal imbalance.
  • The skin infections, dandruff, or psoriasis can also cause the heavy hair loss.
  • Excessive styling and related products application on the hair can also shed the hair.

Hair Loss in Men Vs Women

Hair loss is seen more in men but that there are enough cases of hair loss in women also. In women the causes may be due to hormonal imbalance along with the other common reasons. Whereas in men the reasons are the common causes and smoking, dietary changes, water problems, stress etc. whatever be the reason, there are solutions at the Evolution Hair loss Institute. The products are concentrating on the root cause for the hair loss and do the reconstruction from the root level. There are separate products for men and women.

Hair Loss Solutions from Evolution Hair Loss Institute

There are many products from the Evolution that can promote re-growth of the hair follicles. Hair Vitamins, detox products, shampoo, conditioner, lasers, scalp treatment products etc are available. These products cleanse the scalp and hair, condition the strands, provide nourishment, treat the underlying reason from the root level and promote hair growth.

Hair Vitamins

  • Asatex hair formula made with melatonin, Gingko biloba extract, and biotin for the hair growth, blood circulation, and scalp nourishment.
  • Ana-growth Biotin & Folic acid hair vitamin to promote the hair growth detoxifies the liver and promoted healthy and shiny hair with the help of stimulating vitamins.
  • DHT Probiotic capsules also have the detoxifying effects and it blocks the di-hydro-testosterone the hair loss causing hormone. It also promotes healthy digestion and immune support.
  • Essential fatty acids are also important for hair growth and to reduce the inflammations. The EFA supplement fro Evolution has the most important fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid for the hair re-growth program.


Detoxifying Products

There are two detoxifying products available at Evolution Hair Loss Institute – the detox tea and the Bentonite intestinal detox. The detox tea can detoxify the liver and kidney. The toxins increase the inflamamtiona nd the hair loss g=hormone is more activated. So it is important to get rid of the toxins. Make the tea as per instructions and have it thrice daily. It can be taken hot or cold. Having it for 3-4 weeks will completely detoxify the body. It contains Budrock root, dandelion root, licorice, citrus peel, cinnamon and vanilla.

The Bentonite Intestinal Detox cleanses the intestinal tract. It works well with the detox tea. The dosage is diluted in warm water in the morning and undiluted with the evening meal. Have plenty of water to allow flushing out of the toxins.

iGrow Laser Helmet

iGrow laser helmet can be used for hair regeneration treatment. It is easy to use at home and has the combination of laser and LED. It is programmed separate for men or women. It covers the scalp completely so that the laser is evened out.

Nanogen Fibers Scalp Cover Up

Nanogen is an easy cover-up for hair loss and can conceal the patches faster. The nanogen fibers bond with existing hair follicles to conceal the hair loss and can hide the smaller baldness.

Nanogen Fibers Scalp Cover Up

Conceal patches faster with Nanogen Scalp Cover Up that contains natural fibers to hide baldness efficiently.

The nanogen fibers are sprinkled on to the hair and the fibers that are color matched with the follicles will bind together with electrostatic energy. It stays long for the whole day and makes the hair look fuller. It will not go off even in strong wind or rain. The fiber may be selected in many colors. The Nanogen locking Mist locks the fibers and the hair follicles together. It blends smoothly and allows the natural movement of the hair. This hair mist has tiny droplets and do not cause any disruption to the bond.

Minoxidil Scalp Formulas at Evolution Hair Loss Institute

The Minoxidil scalp formula is to relieve the scalp inflammation, stimulate the hair growth, and nourish the scalp with essential nutrients. The ingredients can inhibit the effect of the hair losing cause and promote healthy hair growth. The Asatex melatonin formula, Hair stems PM formula and the PMb formula with Azelaic acid work together for the betterment of the hair follicles.

Hair Shampoo, Cleanser, and Conditioner

The Alkaline shampoo cleanses the hair and stimulates the hair roots to stay healthy. it also increases the blood circulation. It also balances the pH of the hair. The anti-bacterial shampoo fights the DHT, stops the bad bacteria, reduces inflammation, and promotes hair growth. The evolution organic shampoo cleanses the hair naturally without toxins or chemicals, the evolution conditioners deep nourishes the hair and separates the strands to have fuller look. The natural ingredients provide soothing effects on the scalp.


For Women

Hormone therapy balancing cream is made especially for women. This is suitable for women who have lost their hair due to hormone imbalance during pregnancy or menopause or by having birth control pills. The ingredients in the cream help regulate the female hormone and reduce the testosterone level that causes the hair loss. The ingredients are the extracts of red clover leaf, Siberian ginseng, budrock root, black cohosh, chamomile, milk thistle, shea butter, lecithin, allantonin, grape seed, and evening primrose oil.

All the products from Evolution Hair Loss Institute are used in many combinations for effective hair treatment for men and women or depending on the extend of hair loss. There is no harm and is completely safe to use and the natural ingredients are good for the hair.