Evermine offers you personalized products no matter the occasion. From customized labels to tags to covers, choose Evermine products & accessories at a great price.

Personalization is the new trend. No matter what the occasion everybody wants to stamp his/her mark on the event.The wedding, birthday, or any other celebration cards can be personalized at Evermine. 

The personalization does not restrict to the event managing or home or office decoration. Sometime hobbies and small scale industries also need personalization on their label. It is a small company that makes may kinds of personalized labels, tags, coasters, cards and other packaging materials. One just has to provide the necessary details and photographs, if any, to have their own labels or tags in short time.

Read on to know more about Evermine labels.

Customized Labels & Stickers

Labels and stickers may not be compulsory but are sure an embellishment on any gift, envelopes etc. The ncustomized labels add attraction to the occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. most of the products in the market also need a label to let people be aware of what it is and about other basic details. Since a label is the first thing notice about anything, it has to be catchy. For that reason people tend to personalize the items using for a big party or celebration. Right from the invitation to the wine bottle on the table, personalized labels may be used.

Evermine labels and tag makers offers the opportunity to have these personalized labels and stickers of any type, shape, and size. The labels can have lines, photographs or anything preferable printed on them. The stickers can be used as return addresses, to seal the invitation envelopes, etc. the labels and stickers are pre-cut and are ready to use. They come as peel-and-stick sheets. There will be around 6-48 stickers in a sheet depending on the size and shape.

It is now easier to have a party that stands apart from others’ with the customized labels on the beer bottles, wine bottles, even the water bottles used to have a touch of the event and can be kept as a souvenir for a long time. The labels are used for food or craft bottles also. The candle covers are labeled with these special labels. These customized labels can be the identity of many small scale businesses also. Select the right size and shape and color and have the necessary text printed on it and have them shipped to you.

Favor Tags and Gift Hang Tags From Evermine labels

Tags are used on many gifts and wine bottles. The gifts are made customized by adding customized tags to them. The tag can be of any shape, color, and size. No matter who the gifts are for and what the occasion is, one can have the tags personalized at Evermine labels. the tags are made in matte coated card stock, that are individually cut and ready to punch out. There will be 8-36 tags on a sheet. These tags commemorate the events that happen in the lifetime. For a child’s life he can have the memories of all the birthdays he has had, printed in these tags. The gift wraps may look stylish with these tags attached to them.


Coasters are part of table decoration. Its purpose of to hold the cups, glasses and bottles on them, but the designer coasters that matches the table cloth add aesthetic look to the table decoration. Coasters are used in parties, weddings and other big events. The coasters should be absorbent to absorb the condensed water for the cool glass or bottle. The custom made coasters from Evermine comes in many shapes and styles. The coasters are made with high quality paper. The coasters can have texts or photos printed on it with waterproof inks. They are mostly disposables but the Evermine customized coasters can be durable for light uses and they can be stored for longer time when wrapped safely. The coasters make excellent gifts for any occasion. Simply have they personalized for the recipient and they are ready to be given as gifts.

Invitation, Thank You, Wedding Cards and many more

The cards can be many types, invitation cards, greeting cards, thank you cards etc. to add a personal touch to them, order them at Evermine and have the precious and customized cards you can ever had. Select from the templates for the style, put in your words, and have it printed in nay manner you want. If you want to write your own words, then make the design as such with your name printed with monograms or other designs and leave space for the words. Photographs may be printed on the cards and they are edited by the professionals to make it look attractive and stylish on the cards. By adding the date and occasion, these cards can become a commemorates. By adding the customized return address labels and stickers to seal the invitations, nothing can make the occasion more personalized. The cards can be fold over and can be placed on the table for a seating chart.

Packaging Materials

Even the packaging materials can be customized. Packing is also part of gifting and other businesses. The packing materials that can be customized at Evermine are the paper bags, organza bags, cellophane bags and gift totes. There are envelopes, gift boxes, favor boxes, wine bottle packages also. Even the bottle hoods can be customized, cool isn’t it? The paper tin bags can have the required labels printed on them. These bags can have a small window to show what is inside but the windows will be covered by plastic. The frosted bags also printed with the design and texts selected. The organza bags can be used as gift wraps and tied with beautiful ribbons. The personalized favor bags has many uses and they can even be used to pack the left over. The cellophane bags are generally used to wrap in the dried fruits for gifting. The gift tote may also be customized for using as gift carriers or for any other use. The gift boxes can be customized to give out on occasions or for packing the return gifts. The wine bottle carriers take the price. With the wine bottles with customized label and neck stickers packed in customized wine bottle carriers are very attractive and make a grand gift.

The Convenient Facilities At Evermine labels and coaster makers

One of the convenient facilities are the reorder. The returning customer may order the same products for a second round by simply filling in the order number and the quantity details. The shape and size of the labels, tags and coasters may be selected. The mix-n-match option can be made for a big event. The invitation cards, labels, stickers, coasters, gift wraps and the pacing materials, all can be personalized and is available for a more economical price. There are custom made buttons for general use and for special occasions. There can be tin labels, postage stamps for all occasions, printable for seasons as well. There are magnets that are customized.

Things to Note

The photographs that needed to be printed on them has to be uploaded in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats. The photographs should be clear enough and should not exceed the required size.