eVerify is a software which provides a professional background investigation service, helps the companies to do a background check on their new appointments. It conducts a detailed background check and includes all the information about the employee right from the start of their career. Not only a check on the employees, you can check the details of anyone and everyone you want be it a cell-stalker, the whereabouts of an old friend and e-Verify can also generate criminal record reports.

For us humans to trust a person at the first go is quiet a difficult choice. You will be thinking if i had a device to know whether the person is speaking the truth or not. If this thought has crossed your mind then don’t worry you are on the right page.

These are some of the Services provided by eVerify:

  1. Background Checks – Background checks are usually the final step done by an employer before recruiting a potential to know whether they are lying or not. All the details from the start of the career are provided here.
  2. Court Records – If the target person has done any violations in the past all can be found out here.
  3. Criminal Records – The criminal record search will also be done.
  4. E-mail Search – The name and address of the target can be verified from the vast database available with eVerify.
  5. Find People – eVerify software also provides you the service of finding people.
  6. Free Public Records – Even the Public records from the government, the birth records and information on other certificates are provided here.
  7. Fundamentals of Searching – Fundamentals of searching provides the amount, type, way of information and so on.
  8. Genealogy – Genealogy is the study of the family history which is also featured in this software
  9. Property Records – The number of properties the person holds, the place and registration of the property and so on can be found out with the help of eVerify.
  10. Reverse Phone Search – This is a premium search database which finds the target’s name, current address, possible relatives, their neighbourhood, other landline or mobile numbers and so on. If you have an address or phone number and you want to know the owner of this address or phone number eVerify is there for you.
  11. Vital Records – All the crucial and very important information the employer requires can all be found out.
  12. Types of Driving Records – The type of the driving license, any violations in the past, any insurance taken can be easily found with the help of this service.


eVerify possesses the following benefits:

  • Not time consuming – Checks the background and delivers the results in no time.
  • Very detailed background check is done and details like phone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of birth, relatives and associates and so on can be derived.
  • There is also a people search directory which helps one to search the first name, last name, city, state.
  • You can always be assured of the authenticity of the results as quality information is provided.
  • 100% privacy policy
  • User friendly – Even for a layman who have no technical knowledge, the procedures are very simple to understand and easy to use.
  • eVerify allows you to search even the social media too, the photos, videos, blogs and so on.
  • A free trial version for 5-days is available now which has only a limited validity.
  • eVerify also provides an efficient customer support that can simply be done through the form of an e-mail.
  • You can find out who the person is who is phone-stalking you. eVerify software is a great relief to the cyber cell in such cases.

The Department of Homeland Security had rated eVerify and its results and success as outstanding. Statistics tells that over 1,400 companies and around four lakhs employers are currently using the services of eVerify and they are extremely satisfied with it.
If there are pros then surely there would exist some cons. Some of the only Cons of eVerify are:

  • Purely U.S. based – The database of eVerify has only information of US residents and its only
  • valid in U.S. But we can hope here due to its success we can expect its expansion soon.
  • Some people may feel it’s an interference to others life and would dislike it.
  • There are chances that people can misuse it in the 5-day free trial period.


The success rate of eVerfiy high because of its quality service. They also provide a 60 days money back guarantee with 100% money refund. If you visit their website you might be lucky enough to avail to their discounts now.It’s difficult to make believe without experiencing, so a free trial version is available for a limited period which gives you the experience of a live simulation.

You will definitely won’t feel investing here is a waste of money. Next time you get a call from an unknown number who is not willing to reveal his/her identify eVerify is where you should log on to.

For more details and to register visit the following link: http://www.everify.com/email.php