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3Many horses actually go through tormenting ulcers that burn them with pain. It is a common problem and it occurs when there is too much of acid in the stomach. However, the positive side is that these acids actually offer protection from unwanted organisms and microbes. It helps to promote digestion and helps in prevention of stomach infections. On the other hand, when the acids quantity goes up then the horses feel irritated and most of the times it leads to ulcers. Most of the owners keep asking about natural remedies to treat ulcers in horses. The best natural remedy ever reported by horse owners and naturalists is the equine chia seeds. Scroll below to know more about equine chia seeds as a natural remedy that helps to tackle ulcer problems in horses.

Why Conventional Drugs Are Not A Good Choice?

Normal drugs contain synthetic compounds and other ingredients that might be a good solution for the short term. However, when you consider the long-term effects these drugs do not sound interesting. Most of these drugs actually accompany severe side effects. Consider the drug named Pantoprazole that helps to treat ulcers in horses. It does help to treat ulcers but brings many side effects like nausea, vomiting, indigestion problems, and diarrhea. These are just some of the side effects and there is a long list. The gist is that these drugs at the end of the day interfere with the natural digestion process and increase the risk of acquiring infections. Nevertheless there is always a way out and that is to treat ulcers using holistic methods.

Equine Chia Seeds The Ultimate Natural Remedy For Ulcers

To start with, equine chia seeds are FDA approved as a diet food for horses. Equine chia is a natural organically grown product that is free from artificial substances. It is one of the recommended holistic remedies to offer long term and short-term treatments for ulcers in horses.

This natural remedy helps to improve blood circulation and protects the mucus-lining present in the stomach and intestines. Equine chia helps to heal wounds and clear all ulcers indie the stomach and intestines. Studies say that equine chia is equally effective on horses as well as humans. This natural remedy helps to treat GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis problems.

Benefits Of Equine Chia Seeds For Ulcers

  • Equine chia seeds absorb at least 10 times their weight in when soaked in water. Adding these soaked equine chia seeds to your horses diet will help to keep the body hydrated for longer periods. If you have a horse that is not drinking enough water then try adding this food to his diet. This great food helps to keep the body hydrated especially during peak winters and summer months.
  • Equine chia helps to prevent blood sugar problems by controlling the digestion process. It also prevents unwanted spikes in the blood that leads to many health issues.
  • Chia seeds are rich in omega-3fatty acids when compared to other food sources. It offers much more than flax seeds and other natural oils can offer. Equine chia seeds also provide omega-6 fatty acids that are also important for proper growth and development.
  • It improves digestion as it contains soluble fiber in rich quantities than any other diet.
  • Keeps the horse fuller and controls hunger pangs as equine chia slows down the digestive process.
  • This natural remedy is rich in minerals like magnesium, which helps to calm and sooth the body. Equine chia releases energy very slowly and does not create a heating effect in the body.
  • Equine chia contains healthy and essential amino acids that help to improve the texture of the coat. It helps in hair growth and improved hoof growth. The omega chain fatty acid helps to improve the skin health.
  • This natural remedy also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help to heal and repair the body. Equine chia is the main diet of racehorses that require performing better. It is one of the best alternatives available when there is a small wound or inflammation in the body instead of relying on drugs.

Other Benefits

  • Equine chia also helps to strengthen the immune system by supplying essential vitamins and minerals. This health tonic enhances bodily functions. Helps in improving muscle tone and build top line. If you supply the horse with equine chia seeds combined with exercise then you can achieve a muscular body within no time.
  • Equine chia seeds are one of the promising remedies when there is an allergy issue. It helps to ward of skin related allergies.
  • This natural remedy helps to pass food through the guts smoothly. It also helps to remove all the debris along its path and improve the digestive tract right from the mouth.
  • Easy to store and use natural remedy. These seeds stay fresh for longer periods and can be conveniently stored. It does not get affected by changing seasons and weather conditions.
  • Above all equine chia seeds are best to treat ulcer problems and to put an end to such problems without any negative outcomes.

How Do You Know Whether Your Horse Has An Ulcer Problem?

Symptoms of Ulcers are many and change according to the condition of the horse. The best way is to confirm with the help of a veterinary doctor. Still you can do some homework yourself to identity the problem as soon as possible. Look for the following symptoms and tell-tale signs of ulcers in horses

  • Sudden or gradual weight loss
  • Teeth grinding
  • Poor coat condition and decreased hoof growth
  • Irritation and uneasiness
  • Colic issues and decreased appetite
  • Lethargy and loss of performance
  • Inactive and throwing tantrums

What Can You Do To Prevent Ulcer In Horses?

  • Decrease high grain diets that lead to acid production leading to ulcers
  • Don’t tie them to the stalls for longer periods, instead allow them to take a fresh breath with
  • Hauling for long distance without rest
  • Poor food habits
  • Long hours between feeding
  • Lack of adequate food
  • Weaning
  • Lack of essential oils and fatty acid in the diet
  • Too much exercise without rest
  • Not drinking enough water
Equine Chia Seeds

Equine Chia Seeds

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Equine chia seeds are FDA approved diet food for horses.

Chia seeds are best!

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Why Equine Chia Seeds For Ulcers In Horses

Stress and intense workouts eat up neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters improve the flow of blood to the whole body and especially the stomach. When there is lack of neurotransmitters, blood flow decreases to the stomach, which affects the production of mucus. When the lining of the stomach and intestines are not in condition, the acids start their work. The condition leads to ulcers in the stomach and intestinal walls.

These problems are common and those adult horses confined to stalls develop ulcers. Performance and racehorses are at high risk due to their over activity. They develop moderate to severe ulcers depending upon their exercise levels and routines. Proper rest, adequate exercise, and balanced nutrition is the only way to prevent ulcers in horses. Intestinal and stomach ulcers almost have similar symptoms. If you want to look for short-term relief, you can rely on drugs. However, for permanent relief it is better to rely on natural products rather than on buffer drugs. Equine chia seeds not only help to deal with ulcer issues, but also help to prevent various health issues and strengthen the immune system.

Equine chia seeds contain oil that contributes to stable blood sugar patterns. It also decreases the release of stress hormones like cortisols, adrenalin, and insulin. Keeping these hormones under control improves the performance, mood, and well-being of the horse. Equine chia seeds contain natural fats that take time to digest. This helps to decrease the release of insulin and inflammatory stress that are common causes of gastric ulcers. Moreover, organically grown chia seeds contain omega 3 s in rich quantities that help to fight against inflammation and heal the body quickly. These seeds are also rich in anti-oxidants that offer protection to the body.

Introducing Equine Chia Seeds To Your Horses Diet

Like small babies, you need to be careful while introducing new diets to your pets. Remember they are wild animals and they are not capable of tolerating everything. Even though equine chia seeds have great benefits you should take things real slow and introduce the food bit by bit to your horse. Do not feed too much or too quick as it might upset your horses digestive system. Introducing gradually will help to tap all the potential of the chia seeds without harming the homeostasis of the horse’s body. Once your horse starts eating this natural product you can feed it dry, wet, soaked or along with other feeds as your horse prefers.

Do Equine Chia Seeds Work?

Holistic treatment method like using equine chia seeds have better outcomes compared to other conventional drugs. Equine chia seeds strengthen the natural defense system by improving the immune system. It works in three ways

  • Helps to decrease the acid production levels
  • Buffers the acid that is already produced
  • Protects the mucus lining of the digestive tract from the acids

Equine chia seeds are capable of doing everything what H2 Blockers, antacids, and protectants cannot do. Equine chia is an all rounder treatment that blocks the histamine from producing excess acids. It also buffers the stomach acid in a better way than antacids do. Lastly, it promotes the mucus lining and prevents the action of acids over them. All these functions help to get rid of gastric ulcers permanently.

How To Feed Equine Chia Seeds – Dosage

Proven recommendations are as follows

Feeding 1/3rd cup per day is one of the best dosages that you can give your horse. If you horse is hauling long distances or undergoing exercise routines you can increase the dosage to 2/3 cup.

Chia seeds have soft outer covers so you can deed it raw, unprocessed, or mixed with regular feeds. Additionally you can also soak the seeds for better hydration as they suck up water 10 times their weight. For those horses that drink less water, soaked chia seeds are the better way to feed them.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Well asking about the results, it is more like eating a balanced diet. You will reap the benefits slowly may be within few weeks. Do not expect instant results as every food takes its own time to show results when it comes to the health. Equine Chia seeds surely provide great results and are the best natural remedy that benefits the horse in the long term. It helps to clear stomach ulcers if consumed regularly.

Tips To Avoid Stomach Ulcers And Other Health Issues The Natural Way In Horses

  • Don’t rely on high grain diets instead try a balanced diet
  • Provide supplements like vitamins and minerals in the form of natural foods
  • Healthy oils are a must for their healthy body and coat
  • Stay away from processed food as they are wild animals, they do not need chemicals and
  • Probiotics might help to ease digestion
  • Frequently vet visits can help to prevent most of the health issues

Customer Reviews About Equine Chia For Horses

Majority of the customers recommend this natural remedy to other horse owners. They say this remedy does provide results. They also say that this add-on food to the diet is simply great and improves health.

“EquineChia is an awesome natural remedy! I have a rescue horse, a Thoroughbred. It has many issues including ulcers and stifle problems. I started feeding him Equine Chia seeds and within few weeks, I started seeing visible changes. His mood was better and he became a loving horse. Before he was unapproachable and would attack me right away. Now it feels like he has gained good health and stays happy. I am a person who loves to try natural remedies let it be for my kids or my pets. I prefer to stay away from drugs as much as possible. I am happy that I found equine chia at the right time and I must say that my horse is feeling better day by day. Vet says that his ulcer and stomach troubles might mend in a little while.”

“Reasonably the most excellent add-on we have ever used in our horses diet! Of course, we find irresistible her shine, her mane and tail. Her coat texture has improved along with the hoof growth. She had problems with digestion, which is now a forgotten story. We love it and chia seeds are best!”


Equine chia seeds are one of the best natural remedies for ulcers. It is a widely accept diet around the world for horses. It has a high nutritional value and the benefits are numerous when compared to any other natural foods. If your horse has, ulcer problems then visit a vet for better diagnosis and start equine chia diets as a part of the treatment process for a speedy recovery. Feeding equine chia to horses in general is a great habit that you can inculcate for the betterment of the horse.