EntreeAir Door Frame Fan by Suncourt

Entreeair door frame fan is a relatively useful product that helps you to cut down power consumption with regard to your heating and cooling costs. Having a window air conditioner keeps your room cool, but many times the room gets so cold that the air sits just inside. It does not help in cooling other spaces. I have also noticed that the fireplace keeps the hallway warm but not other rooms and living area. If you also feel the same and want to allow indoor air to mix well so that every part of your home can be cool or warm as you like without fitting in more accessories.

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Yo can place Entree air door frame fans in any doorway and trust me, you will not have any problem, opening and closing the door. It keeps every other area of your home warmer or cooler depending upon your use. It saves pennies that you will otherwise be spending on additional heaters and air conditioner units. The best part is that this doorway fan helps in air circulation and keeps indoor air ventilated. You can also use the fans in guest bedrooms to remove the closed away smell and keep it normal like other areas. Since they are portable and easy to mount, all you have to have is a few screws on your doorways.

The entree air door fan helps to circulate air inside the rooms and is very efficient. It effectively circulates warm or cool air thereby helping in cutting additional costs. It easily mounts in most of the doorframes and works well with recreational vehicles. This energy saving product is a great add-on to any cost cutting homes and it really works as promised.

Quick Glance On The Features Of Entreeair Door Fan

  • The makers claim that this fan works quietly
  • Easy to install and no hassles attached
  • Patented design
  • In-line on/off power switch
  • Consumes less power
  • Circulates air and cuts considerable costs
  • Comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Technical Specifications Of Entree air Door Frame Fan
  • Radius: 7” and weighs around 2 lbs
  • Amps 0.35
  • Extra long Cord – length of 10 inches
  • dBA 50, Sones :2.2

Will the EntreeAir circulate air effectively?

The EntreeAir has a patented design and it is easy to mount on any doorways. Installing this fan will help to move air from one room to another. Better air circulation means better

What is the capacity of the EntreeAir doorway fan?

The EntreeAir is capable of handling approximately 100 Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM). The makers claim that a 12′ x 18′ room contains about 1700 cubic feet of air and this fan is capable of moving the air 17 times. That is 1700 divided by 100 and that equals to seventeen times of entire air volume.

Power Consumption Of Entreeair

This product uses negligible amounts of power. Consider a small light bulb and the amount of power it consumes somewhere around 25 watts. This product consumes a total of 27 watts of electricity.

Installing the Entreeair Doorway Fan

The Entree air mounts easily on the doorframe. The Entree air fan contains keyhole slots on its back or the straight side. All you have to do is install two screws in the doo frame and just fix the device. It hangs easily over the screws and you can detach the device anytime you want. You can watch this video to know more about its installation.

Along you can control the direction of airflow by changing the way of hanging it. You can hang it blow air into the room or out of the room.

Does this product work quietly?

The sound level of this device is 50dBA, which is same as that of a desktop computer fan. You can claim that it is really quite but it does not make that much sound that is going to disturb you.

Is the power cord long and can I close the door without any inconvenience?

The power cord is 10 feet long and you can actually carry it around, as it is portable. The cord has an in-cord on/off switch that makes it easy to handle. In addition, once after you install the fan you will know how comfortably it sits without hanging anywhere near the door. You can easily close the door and open without damaging the device. If you have watched, the video above you would have a clear-cut idea.

Maintenance Of Entreeair Doorway Fan

Maintenance of entreeair is relatively an easy task. Like every other device, this product also accumulates dust over consistent use in the coming years. You can clean the device by blowing out the dust or use a small brush to wipe off the dust. If you want to clean the interiors use a cotton swab but never open the housing as it may void your warranty claims in case of a damage. If you have a habit of changing filters of your air conditioners and other air systems, then you will not have many issues keeping the entreeair clean.

Is this product safe to use and can I use it continuously?

This product has an electric motor that works well without any wear and tear. You can use it for years just like your ceiling fan without any issues even after the continuous operation. Regarding the safety features, this product conforms to ANSI/UL standard 507 Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 113. Flame retardant ABS material makes the housing very safe and the electric motor is a Class B, Thermally Protected motor. In short, this device is safe for use.

EntreeAir Door Frame Fan Customer Reviews

Air circulation is an important aspect that needs proper attention. Stagnated air can cause health issues and gives out a weird smell. Installing this doorway fan will help in better circulation and reduce a lot of costs.
A few reviews from real customers:

EntreeAir Door Frame Fan

EntreeAir Door Frame Fan

by Suncourt 4 out of 5stars (47 Customer Ratings)

Price: $42.89
EntreeAir Door Frame Fan – You can install these fans whenever you like and it comes with a long cord that you can connect to any power switch.

Awesome Product

4 stars out of 5 by Rita for EntreeAir Door Frame Fan

Great little fan and my bedroom were always cold even if I keep the door open, I put up the fan and the whole problem was solved once and for all.

“Works Great and Works very well, but I am giving only a four-star rating as it does create some noise even though not worth mentioning.”


If you have a fireplace or a window air conditioner unit then you can easily share the air into other areas. You do not have to install further units to make other areas warmer or cooler. Now circulate air to the adjacent spaces with total ease and cut considerable amounts of costs.