Egg Whites Starter Pack

Egg Whites Starter Pack is basically a half gallon or one gallon bottle of liquid egg white. The packages changes with the number of bottles included in it. The products of egg whites can be mixed with any food.

Egg White International

Egg Whites International is a company that packs the egg whites in a more useful manner. The products of egg whites can be mixed with any food. The raw egg white is difficult to digest and requires cooking to make the protein content fit for digestion and make better utilization of the amino acids.

But the cooking can destroy the protein. The raw egg white contains Salmonella and it is killed when cooked. The Egg White International pasteurize the egg whites at a temperature where the Salmonella is killed and makes the egg white ready to mix. The pasteurized egg whites are in liquid form which is safe and ready to use form than having the raw egg whites.


Eggs are nutritious food that can be included in the daily diet. But the yellow yolk of it contains more fat and cholesterol which in some people cause some problems. This is why egg whites have become popular. The egg whites can provide better health without the harmful or risk factors from the yolk. Egg white contain very low calorie and when the yolk is removed over 90% calorie is cut from the egg. Egg white has high protein content that is almost as high as in meat. Without using oil or butter, egg white can be an excellent source of low-fat protein diet. Apart from these facts egg whites contain a folate, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium also. Though it is not a complete nutrition package egg whites are ideal for body and muscle builders and for those who wants to lose weight.

Bio-Available Protein

There are many who take protein powder to have better health but the protein in it is very low and is not readily available for the body to use. The liquid egg white from Egg White International is readily bio-available. It is also versatile and can be used in many manners. This liquid egg white can be mixed with any liquid- juice, milk or shakes- cold or hot, can be used in baking, etc. These egg based protein are lactose free and do not cause lactose allergy. These proteins are digested at a medium pace and make the muscle protein synthesis go on for a longer period. The egg protein is also a complete protein that contains la the 10 amino acids the body needs and cannot synthesis inside. Muscle building needs the bio available protein that can be utilized faster and the egg whites are faster utilized than other types of protein.

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Egg White Recipes

Egg whites can be used in any kind of food preparation. The measurement for using the liquid egg white is that, it can be taken with the help of a pump that is available that fits into the bottle. One pump equals one whole egg.
3 tbsps = 1 whole egg
2 tbsps = 1 egg white
It can be used in coffee at morning with one cup of liquid white eggs; it can be used as a salad dressing, mix with milk or cereal, beaten with the shakes and yogurt. It can be added into oatmeal, make into French toast, replace the egg in pancakes, can be used for coating the sausages, make into waffles, etc. The liquid egg white can be made into white omelet in non-stick pan to avoid adding oil or butter. Liquid egg whites can be used in baking or pudding. But one thing to note is to add the liquid egg white in the correct proportion and the amount must replace the whole egg amount.

How safe is Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid Egg Whites contains pure egg whites and no other preservatives. It contains enough protein and low calories and no fat at all. There are no cholesterol also. It can be used easily with the help of the pump and the serving sizes are all given properly. This is suitable for all diet freaks, body builders, gastric and by-pass patients, athletes and children who are too picky in their food.

Liquid Egg White Products

The product basically is a half gallon or one gallon bottle of liquid egg white. The packages changes with the number of bottles included in it. A single bottle of half gallon liquid egg white contains 7 dozen egg whites. Half a cup of liquid egg is equivalent for 5 egg whites. The bottles are packed air tight. The product must be refrigerated all the time. The bottle is freezer safe. The life of it is 3-4 months when refrigerated. It can also be frozen indefinitely.

The other products depend on the number of bottles and the capacity of the bottles included. There is a 4 gallon case that contains 4 one gallon containers, another package that has 6 half gallon bottles in it. There are smaller packs that have two bottles of either half gallon or one gallon bottles as well.

A bottle pump is available for purchase which makes the servings easy. Remember to order for the pump along with the liquid egg white on the initial purchase. The pump is not available as a separate product but has to be ordered along with the liquid egg white. Only one pump is required for a long time and it can be reused when the bottle is empty. In case the pump fails or breaks, it can be sent back for a free replacement. Minor problems with the pump can be fixed over the phone.

Other Health Facts about the Liquid Egg Whites

The daily usage of the liquid egg whites is twice- with the first meal of the day and another at night before going to bed. The need to take at night is because the body will use the proteins by around 2 am and when the extra protein is provided at night the body can use it in better ways when the body is resting. Another thing is that the fat storage happens at night and the egg white reverses the process and makes the fat burn and help lose the body weight. The body will get more energy and can wake up energized because of the fat metabolism. Because of the medium paced digestion of the egg protein it can keep the body anabolic reactions for a longer period.


Egg Whites Starter Pack

Egg Whites Starter Pack

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Egg Whites Starter Pack is basically a half gallon or one gallon bottle of liquid egg white. The packages changes with the number of bottles included in it.

Weight loss results

5 stars out of 5 by Greg for Egg Whites Starter Pack

It helps burn fat during the night and helps in weight loss.