You have heard this clich many times – Trust is like a mirror, once broken cannot be fixed. You will agree it is true in many senses. How? Read on to know more.

This article covers certain points that are essential to build a relationship based on trust especially when you are in a professional field and part of a team.

Here’s a story that you may have heard about Trust:

The story begins with a little girl and her father who were crossing a bridge.

The father was scared and so he asked his little daughter,

‘My precious one, please hold thy hand so that you don’t fall off in the river.’

The little girl said, ‘No, Father. You hold my hand.’

Puzzled, the father asked: ‘What’s the difference, my child?’

The little girl said, ‘There’s a big difference,’

‘If I hold your hand and something happens to me,

there are chances that I may let your hand go.

But if you are holding my hand, I surely know that no matter what happens,

you will never let my hand go.’

Such is the power of trust. Its not the bind that holds people together but the bond that is enriched with trust.

Trust is a blessing:

Be open to trusting people. That doesn’t mean be gullible. But when you are in relationships, professional or personal, you need to learn to trust people while standing at your limits.

Let’s look at how relationships at an office works. One way or other we are bound to trust people when we are part of a team. But talking about their marriage, kids or a break up as a team doesn’t count as a team work. The thing we are talking is about building actual professional trust that effects your work.

How Trust works in a workplace:

Taking a serious attitude towards your work emphasizes the point that you take your work seriously and do not play around. A professional trust says that “you are the apt person to do the job and you will not do anything to jeopardize the work assigned to you”. Basically, it all comes to communication, trust and confidence. The following points work well when you are at a workfront and part of a team.

  • It’s bound to happen. You will find someone to bug you but you can’t avoid them when you are a part of team. The only way is talking to the person and creating a stable environment rather than ruffling feathers. When you speak directly to the person, it says that you value the relationship and are ready to make the situation more comfortable. This may not be easy at start but it is much better than talking behind the person’s back which will surely stain your reputation. Some difficult people might avoid this confrontation and you will surely be provoked to “talk to the team leader or boss”. But do not be the tattle tattle and stand by your decision.
  • Sharing information: This doesnt mean washing your dirty linens in the public, but sharing certain interests or challenges with people who share the same rapport with you. It makes people become more ‘real’ and makes them understand you more. Another point to be noted is be open and honest in a team and if you have some ideas to share, put forth without any hesitation. It is always better to voice out your opinions rather than come back and say “Aah, I knew it was a bad idea”. This attitude makes people lose their trust in you.
  • An important aspect in a team work is relying on each other and meeting the deadlines. For a team to perform correctly, it is important that the team members be reliable and trustworthy. A wise person will definitely understand that it is difficult to expect that everyone will perform accurately and meet the commitment. Sometimes, things may not work in your favour or if you feel you have not understood the task completely, let the team know and do not wait until the last moment. Confessing at the last moment that you are unable to perform a task shows that you are incompetent of keeping up your word and performance. Hence, renegotiate with your team and work out a plan so that the target can be reached effectively.
  • People pleaser: We are trained at an young age to please people and fall at their feet which makes us lose our self-respect making us think that we might be tagged as ‘selfish’ or ‘not a supportive team player’. Though it is difficult, it is important to say NO to things you can’t handle and let the opposite person find out a solution for his need elsewhere.
  • Face it. You don’t have answers to all the questions thrown at you. If you have an answer to a query, share it. Sharing knowledge is good, but having little knowledge can be tricky as you won’t have all the information required when asked. It is better to say ‘I dont know’ and stand tall rather than ramble on like an idiot on baseless points. Ask for help from your co-workers and see the difference. People will definitely come forward to help you as they see you as a real person rather than a ‘know it all’.

Many people look into a new situation with a trust in their mind, be it low or high based on their experiences from life. But from there begins the chance to raise or low the trust. I guess with the ideas based above, you are able to get an overview of how trust can be laid as a foundation in your team.

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