Ecowasher Laundry System

Ecowasher is an environment friendly washing unit that cleans stains, removes odor in clothes without the use of any harmful detergents and bleaches.

Ecowasher is one of the way to keep your clothes clean without any other liquid laundry detergents that reduce the life of your clothes.

What is EcoWasher – liquid laundry detergents?



Ecowashwer is a detergent free laundry system that works towards a goal of keeping your clothes super clean while maintaining its natural colors. It kills the bacteria that is still retained during ordinary washing. It contains powerful oxidizer which is also known as HR molecule that converts normal water to powerful cleaning agent.

With ecowasher you can be sure that the color of your dress will be the same even in 10 years and won’t fade away easily. It is absolutely eco friendly and saves your bills to a large extent.

How this EcoWasher – liquid laundry detergents will work for me?

Ecowasher is an easy to use appliance that can be used with your washing machine. The function of an ecowasher is to convert normal cold tap water and mix it with hydrogen peroxide and strong ions to create an oxidizer that deeps cleans your clothes, keeps viruses at a bay and removes any residue that is inhabiting in your clothes after your last wash.

Does EcoWasher – liquid laundry detergents contain any harmful chemicals?

Unlike normal detergents that contain formaldehyde that are quite toxic when it comes in contact with your skin. They are often termed as skin irritants for a reason as they may lead to eczema, asthma and other allergies. Ecowasher does not contain any chemicals at all as it uses hospital pure technology to produce oxidized water which is much better than ordinary detergents leaving your clothes smelling extremely fresh.

What is the benefit of owning an EcoWasher – liquid laundry detergents?

The pros of owning an Ecowasher is many. For starters, you can save huge amounts of bill that you shell out for laundry as you have your own powerful laundry at home. Secondly, you need not use any toxic agents such as bleaches, detergents at all. Ecowasher works without any detergents. When it comes about saving your energy bills, Ecowasher can save you thousands of bucks that will help you secure your kid’s college entry (no pun intended). It also depends on how much you are able to save on your drying cycle such as usage of hot water, bleach, fabric softener etc.

On a research conducted, the average family saves about $221 a year (hot water), $328 per year (on detergent) and many more. So imagine the amount you can save in the Ecowasher lifespan of 10 years.

You can also Ecowasher with any washing machine of your choice. All you need is a standard size laundry hose for water purpose. Another benefit is you need not use hot water or detergent when you are using Ecowasher.

Ecowasher Detergent-free Laundry System

Ecowasher Detergent-free Laundry System

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Price: $297
EcoWasher is an environmentally friendly laundry system that best suits your family. Ecowasher provides a bacteria-free and cost-efficient laundry system by reducing energy costs and pollution.

Good for home!!!

4 stars out of 5 by Jauna James for Ecowasher Detergent-free Laundry System

It was hard to believe that you can have your laundry cleaned without using detergents. But as a person keen at trying a complete natural way for cleaning laundry, I landed up with Ecowasher. It’s amazing how Ecowasher works.

Can I give it a try before ordering the product?

Yes. You can. Ecowasher from 7 Heavens LLC comes with a 6 week risk free trial period from the date of purchase. If it all you are not satisfied, simply return them and get your money back. You also get a one year warranty when you order Ecowasher.