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Duda offers 2 services DudaMobile and DudaOne. Dudamobile, the easiest website builder, helps to create mobile friendly websites.

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What is Dudamobile?

Dudamobile.com offers two major service categories which are: Duda Mobile and Duda One. Duda Mobile is a service entirely dedicated to the creation of websites which are mobile friendly and accessible through phones. Duda One is a service provided for the creation of a new website for the customer. Read Dudamobile reviews here.

Dudamobile.com is web related service providers which help the small businesses in connecting with their customers through quality websites and innovative features. The professional responsive mobile website builder provided by Dudamobile were first introduced with the witnessing of the growth of smartphones and its applications.

The company was formed and is made up of a group of young and passionate youngsters who as-pires to be the best in what they do and is a group who understands the capacity of the web-based services. Itai Sadan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company started its first ever operation from a garage in Mountain View, CA. Amir Glatt was the co-founder along with Itai Sadan and who is also the CTO of the company. Amir Glatt has almost beyond 14 years of experience in the field of product management, software architecture expertise and devel-opment team management. The introduction of the smartphone saw an unfriendly browsing experi-ence as many of the websites were not accessible through the phones. This was not accessible by the small-scale businesses and that is where dudamobile.com comes into service with its affordable solutions for websites. This was the birth of the company and as time passed by the company start-ed evolving technologies for multi-screen utilities of websites. The name of the company was de-rived as suspected from the word ‘dude’ who is the main character in the movie ‘the Big Le-bowski’.

Dudamobile.com Major Service Segments

Dudamobile.com offers two major service categories which are: Duda Mobile and Duda One


This service is entirely dedicated to the creation of websites which are mobile friendly and accessi-ble through phones. The information for the mobile website is automatically collected from the website and is organized systematically for the mobile website. The website gives the clients a chance to see how it will look after the creations are done. The duda mobile version of the service comes with two choices or plans for the customers who are: Basic plan and the premium plan. The basic plan includes basic features like a mobile website with ads; it comes along with Duda mobile domain and just comes with a community support alone. The premium plan comes with unlimited mobile pages, unlimited technical support, the websites are ad free and the domain name will be the customers’ own choice. The Duda mobile website also gives the customers a chance to view the preview of the different plans by simply entering the respective page URL. Next key feature is that the website designed by Duda mobile will be compatible with all the major platforms that are cur-rently there in the market which includes iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The website designer is designed in a drag and drop format so that it is easy for the customer to custom-ize the website in a later stage.

  • Templates: the customers are provided with a huge collection of templates which can be used for the creation of the website. The templates are designed as per various business models and the customers can pick the ones which are related to their respective field of business.
  • Connectivity or contact: this is an interesting feature where a customer can contact the client with just the click of a button and this feature enables the businesses to satisfy their customers to an extreme end. It also helps in the reducing of doubts in the minds of the customers by clarifying it simply with effective communication.
  • Directions: This is another interesting feature provided by Duda mobile, where the customers can help their customers in the easy navigation to their outlet or any business related points. The website is integrated with Google maps which help the customers in finding the spot effortlessly.
  • Analytics: Duda mobile gives the customers complete leverage over their website by providing proper quantitative information generated on facts like the number of the visitors and other related factors. The website is linked to Google analytics feature which measures all the activities through the website.
  • Synchronization: this is a crucial feature which helps the clients in updating the information as the there is a simultaneous change in the desktop when there is a change in the original website which is done on a real-time basis.

DudaOne – Multi screen

This service is provided for the creation of a new website for the customer. The customer can share their ideas about their requirement from the website. The website created here is aimed at working on all the platforms of desktop, tablet, and mobile. Duda one provides the customers with an option to control everything from on point. The technology used here is based on responsive design meth-odology which enables the contents to fit into size as per the size of the screen where it is viewed. The customer has an option to hide certain content from certain devices and can customize the ex-perience of a customer on a specific design. The site will be there under one single domain name and Duda mobile gives the correct layout for the devices it is viewed in.

  • Templates: the customers are provided with a collection of templates which can be selected as per their liking. There are many templates which offered to the customer and along with the URL, the information can be easily presented in the format that is selected by the customer.
  • Three packages: the Duda one comes within 3 packages namely: free package, Business, and Business plus where the business plus being the premium products with all the features and advantages. The prices also differ for the business and the business plus package.
  • Editing: The website editing part is made with a simple drag and drop technique which makes it easy for the customers to easily design the site as per their vision. It comes with a lot of one-click features which makes it too easy for the customers who are working on the site.
  • Platform supported: the website created through Duda one is compatible with almost all the famous networks that are currently in the market and this includes the likes of Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, twitter and much more.

Dudamobile Review 2018

Dudamobile website builder has received overall reviews from users. While there are happy users, there are few disgruntled customers as well. Here are few of the Dudamobile testimonials & complaints.


Alice Young – Dudamobile is the tool that makes my websites more mobile-friendly. I have five websites for my creative projects. I have got positive impression about this tool mainly. In fact, I feel dudamobile is an exceptional balance between functionality and useful tools. It provides professional and adequate services that is rare on today’s market. This is why I like it. BUT…dudamobile works slow in the evening and it tends to get annoying after a while. If I use it in the morning, things are smoother.”

Nicole – “DudaMobile is fantastic. I have never had a reason to regret my choice. An all-rounded website creator with powerful functions. It gives me well-featured drag & drop construction interface. The website which I have built is reponsive and simple at use for my clients. It offers great marketing tools that helps you to grow the clients number. The platform itself freezes when I do edits and I have to restart the browser. Still its a nice decision for people who are looking for a proper mobile optimizer.”


scarecrow – “The idea of having a platform specialized in mobile products is appealing to me. That’s what dude has made a breath of air but I am experiencing certain problems with it. I have already finished my website on duda and there’s something I am not happy about. But what I make changes is that they don’t get saved properly. I erase links to the pictures but still they don’t erased. The things in the edit area and preview mode are different. I wanted to get rid of a few pages but I can’t find the pages. Duda looks nice but is raw. I hope these issues are enhanced in the future.”

Bruce – “Some Projects do need time to get successful not just popular thats the case with dudamobile. The idea which they stick is awesome. I have never come across anything like that honestly. Slowliness, thats the adjective for Dudamobile. Websites by them are slow on mobile screens. It kills the idea of the platform. A well-optimized mobile website must be light, load easily with simple navigation. Dudamobile is the opposite of all the features. Its unforgivably slow. This goes to the editor as well. Even if I make changes, many of them get discarded.”

As we can see Duda mobile is one of the most technically advanced website designers who spear-head the website enhancement technologies. Dudamobile helps the businesses in bringing their cus-tomers close to them with customer friendly and efficient designs

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