What is Dorman 905-524 Steering Wheel Torque Sensor?

Having problems with your power steering sensors? Instead of changing the complete dorman steering column parts, you have the option to change the sensors at a very low cost.

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Scroll below to know more about Dorman steering sensor that comes at a rate that is super affordable and cheap.

Online shopping is indeed a boon and we can buy trillions of products at low prices. Automobile parts are also available at the online bandwagon at low prices. You can also compare among many products before going for your pick.

Dorman products are one of the leading suppliers of original equipment automotive and heavy-duty replacement parts. They also deal with automotive hardware, brake parts, and fasteners. They cater the needs of its customers with the help of low cost cutting-edge products. Not only do you get to save money, but also valuable time by finding quick solution for major problems. Dorman 905-524 steering wheel torque sensor is one of the highly sought after products in the automotive category. If your steering wheel is making you feel unstable while making turns, then get it straight that you need to makes changes to your steering column.

When such issues crop the normal way is to change the complete steering column. However, with the help of this automotive part you will not have to do so. Dorman 905-524 will make you feel consistent and stable with the steering when making turns.

Features of Dorman 905-524 Steering Wheel Torque Sensor

  • The package includes connector
  • You will have to replace only the Motion Sensor and not the of the entire steering column
  • Direct replacement and perfectly fits inside
  • Dimensions: Height: 350 hundredths-inches, Length: 580 hundredths-Inches, Weight: 50 hundredths-pounds and
  • Width: 480 hundredths-inches
  • Easy to install

Where to buy Dorman 905-524 online

You can visit myautopartswholesale.com to check whether the part is available for your model vehicle. There are options where you can enter the details and check for a proper fit. (For example if you have a ford escape or a mariner, then give the model number and details) Once you get the details, you can order the component. Remember that this component stock always remain low due to huge demand. Dorman 905-524 or 905-513 is available at Amazon, Walmart online.

Dorman 905-524 steering wheel motion sensor comes with the manufacturer warranty. If you make a purchase from myautopartswholesale.com then you get a implied warranty of 90 days where you can return the product in case of dissatisfaction. You can apply for a refund and initiate the process.

Dorman 905-524 Parts Reviews

Most of the customers say that this automotive part is a cost-cutting convenience. Most of the buyers are now interested in Dorman 905524, instead of consulting the vehicle dealer and request to change the steering column change. They say that it is simply easy to install and fit the component. The best part is that this component stays well inside your budget and does not cost a fortune. All you have to do is just make a click online and the product reaches your doorstep.

The price of the product is almost same everywhere and it mainly follows the market price.

myautopartswholesale reviews

My auto parts Wholesale has received both good and bad reviews. While the company is certainly not a scam, people are not really happy with the company.

The company claims to have spare parts of popular brands such as Dayco, Pronto, NGK, Fram, and Monroe. It also offers a secure checkout and 24/7 online ordering for the customers. It also claims to offer top quality auto parts at an affordable and wholesale price.

On the other hand, there are lots of complaints. For instance, Myautopartswholesale does not state any return policy in their website. People need to contact the customer service to know about it. Another disadvantage is that they have not registered with BBB. This means we cannot gauge their accreditation or rating.

Here are few of My auto parts wholesale dorman & other products reviews.

Bill – 50552 – “This site is a joke. I emailed them at their request for a low stock but even after three days there is still no response. I emailed them again. 2 days later, I sent them an email saying that someone that wants my business contacted me and had my part so I bought it from them. And then claiming that we lost your email and don’t have your part. Waste of good cyberspace. Amazing they do business this way.”

sk9722x – “Stay away. I received wrong items and never got anyone who did anything right in this company. I returned everything and even after 4 weeks I got no refund or emails. Person who manages returns is always on vacation or not available.”

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