Diettogo is a company which helps people lose weight the easy way. The company has a system where the food is delivered at your home. The food that is delivered is filling, but the calorie content is less. Read on all about Diet-to-go reviews, features, ingredients and more.

What is Diet-to-go?

Diet-to-go aims to change the eating habit of people, so that they consume healthy food and maintain a healthy weight. In course of time, eating healthy becomes a habit, and as people also start losing weight, they strive to maintain that lifestyle. This results in lifelong weight maintenance. The food delivered is very affordable. There is no need to cook meals or clean up after meals. This makes it still easier to follow this diet regime.

Diet-to-go is an easy diet plan to follow, since low calorie meals are prepared and delivered at home. So there is no struggle to prepare low calorie meals and watch out for the required portions to eat. Everything is ready made. The added advantage is, you do not have to clean up after meals. Dieting has never been easier. A lot of research has been done to make the food healthy and tasty. Time spent on shopping for low calorie meals is also reduced. All the meals provided have the perfect portion and perfect nutrition and are fresh. All extra items that you want like fruits or condiments are also provided by Diet-to-go for the convenience of customers.

How Diet-to-go works

Diet-to-go has USDA-certified kitchens where the meals are prepared. The recipes are from some of the best chefs in the industry. The meals offered are very tasty meals. The meals are all made from fresh and healthy, low calorie ingredients. Since the meals taste very good, people do not have any difficulty in switching over to this type of food. Eating healthy soon becomes a way of life.

Four simple steps will help you start on this very successful diet regime. The steps are,

  • The first step is to choose the menu that you want. Diettogo offers three types of menus to suit individual tastes, weight loss goals and also budget. The menu types offered are traditional, vegetarian and low-carb menus. The traditional low fat diet meals is one of the favorite menu types of customers. It offers delicious food that is wholesome and balanced to satisfy the appetite and provide the required nutrition. This menu is rated as number 1 for taste by Epicurious ( a website for cookery and food). It offers four types of plans to choose from. Vegetarians can select from a variety of tasty vegetarian meal recipes. Four types of meal plans are available. These also include ovo-lacto meals which contains dairy products and eggs. All vegetarian menus have balanced portions of protein, carbs, healthy fats and fibers. The low-carb diet meals include only 30 net carbs per day. So there is no need to count the amount of carbohydrates that we take every day. There are two plans to choose from. This also reduces the craving for sugar. This is a easy way to lose weight. All menus offer generous portions of food so that you do not feel hungry for a longer time. There are 5 day plans and 7 day plans for all these menus. From the 5 day and 7 day plans, we can again opt for 2 meals per day or 3 meals per day. 2 meals per day include lunch and dinner and are packed with either 1200 calories or 1600 calories per day. 1200 calories are usually recommended for women and 1600 calories for men. The 3 meals also pack in the same amount of calories, but in three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The same options are available for the 7 day plans also. There is a reduction of 15% on all the available packages in the first week. The traditional and vegetarian meals only cost about $6.95 per meal whereas the low carb meal costs around $8.08 per meal.
  • The second step is to order your plan where you select the plan best suited for you and then choose the payment option. The site is secure and ordering and payment is 100% safe. All queries will be handled through on line chats and or you can call the Diet-to-go staff who are all happy to help you choose the right options available.
  • The third step is to receive the plan. All the meals are delivered at your home or office according to your preference. The meals are delivered at any location in the USA by FedEx. In select areas, local pickup services are available where fresh food can be picked up twice a week. These food are not frozen and are fresh. When you enter the zip-code while selecting your plan, you can also find out if fresh local pick up is available near your place of stay or office.
  • The fourth step is of course losing weight. No need to worry about the next meal or what to eat or how much to eat. Everything is taken care of. Since all the food offered by Diet-to-go is fresh and real, with no artificial add-ons, lesser calories are enough to fill you up. Natural food also provides more energy, better sleep, better digestion and reduced appetite.

Why choose Diet-to-go & Diet-to-go Reviews

Diet-to-go has three main reasons for being on top when compared to its competitors. As per Diet-to-go reviews, they are affordability, ease of use and customer satisfaction.

Diet-to-go is cheaper than cooking at home. The portion size is perfect and the preparation time hardly takes 1-2 minutes. When we prepare food at home, it is difficult to measure each portion. The size may vary. Also the time taken to cook food at home will range fro 9-12 hours per week and there is also additional time required for shopping, and cleaning up. Diet-to-go is also much cheaper than eating out. Eating out has other disadvantages like larger portions and increased intake of calories. The food is also unbalanced whereas food prepared by Diet-to-go is nutritious and healthy. Many consumers claim in their diet-to-go reviews that not preparing at home and getting a balanced meal is a much better option.

When compared to its competitors, the cost of the meals offered by Diet-to-go is the cheapest. It is also fresher and better tasting. There is no cancellation fee and can be ordered on a weekly basis and stopped anytime. The variety of menus offered is also the best among its competitors. All food is prepared in house and the costs are all inclusive. There are no hidden costs.

Thousands of satisfied customers will vouch for their satisfaction. Just visit their website to see testimonials from these satisfied customers.

Customizing the different plans are very easy. All customers can choose from the three available menus and the 20 different plans. Each of the meals has many substitutions available so that you do not get bored of eating the same food everyday. Boredom of eating the same food is one reason why people are unable to stick on to strict diets.

The site also offers viewing of all the meals in a single location for the convenience of customers to choose from that location. This makes it easy to substitute or receive the same favorite food on more than 1 day.

When customers are on holiday or want to skip the meals for a few days, they can go to the site and stop ordering meals for those days and again restart after the specified number of days. There are no hidden costs or cancellation fees. Its all very easy.

All food prepared at Diet-to-go goes through several quality control procedures. It is inspected and certified by several government agencies. They also adhere to HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to ensure quality for food handling and transportation. All products are monitored from the time food arrives at the facility till it reaches the destination.

Diet-to-go is always open to suggestions and feed backs. Customers can contact them through face book, twitter or ask questions and get answers on their blog. They can also call directly or email them for all comments or any feedback/diet-to-go reviews.