Healthy Diet Shakes and Desserts

Have healthy meal replacements shakes, desserts, snack bars and lose weight without any harsh side effects.

Diet to go is an online store that helps you lose weight easily without any hassles. Obesity is one of the factors that is affecting people all around the globe. Luxurious and lazy life are one of the common reasons. Diet to go features three delicious menus from which you can pick a choice. This nutritious filled menu will be available at a store located near you. All you have to do is pick a location or have it home delivered. So just sit back and enjoy…!!!

How does Diet to go meals work?

The low fat meals come with 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat. They have very low level of cholesterol, sodium but taste great as they are rich in fibers. As they contain low fat, you can have it in large quantities which satisfies both your craving and appetite. Diet to go meals are made out of fresh veggies which gives it the rich nutritious taste which is mutually satisfying. If you are a diabetic patient, you can always consult your doctor before consuming adhering to the menu. All the foods of Diet to go do not contain any additives, preservatives or colors. This means you can even store it in the refrigerator up to six days.

The foods are so relishing that many users even ask for recipes. But sadly they don’t reveal but they do have various blogs where they offer exquisite recipes for us.

The low carb menu from diet to go is one of the toppers due to the reason that it has a wide selection of Atkins style meals. It comes with meat, seafood, eggs, cheese apart from wide range of vegetables in the food so that you get proper nutrition.

Those who are looking for gluten free meals have to wait as currently Diet to go does not offer one. This question has been raised by a person who has dealing with Celiac disease. However, low carb plan will work for them provided slight changes are made. Currently there are no kosher or vegan options for people looking for a complete vegan food.

Can I order meals for home delivery?

Yes, you can order meals which will be delivered to your home by FedEx. The meals arrive in a flash-frozen (quickly frozen in cryogenic temperatures), packed in dry ice and shipped to you using styrofoam coolers. The foods will be delivered within 48-72 hours.

Diet to go pick up location:

All you have to do is punch in the zip code you are currently residing and you will be getting the nearest location that offers Diet to go meals. Do note that these locations also hold tasting events so if you want to try Diet to go meals before going ahead and ordering, here’s your chance.


Choosing the right Diet to go plan:

Choosing the Diet to go is very easy. There will be three menus you need to choose from such as traditional, vegetarian or low carb. You can also select the low fat plan such as:

  • 5 day plan – includes lunch & dinner with 10 complete meals
  • 5 day plan – includes breakfast, lunch & dinner with 15 complete meals
  • 7 day plan – includes lunch & dinner with 14 complete meals
  • 7 day plan – includes breakfast, lunch & dinner with 21 complete meals

Options are also available for calories choosing between 1,200 and 1,600. However, they recommend that 1,200 calorie plan for women and 1,600 for men. However, women who are overweight and need to lose more than 50 lbs can go with 1,600 calorie plan.

Once you choose a plan from Diet to go, you can order them. However, if you are allergic to certain types of fishes or you have a particular dislike, you can make modification by going to the mydiettogo control panel and making the necessary changes.

Those who are feeling difficult to choose the right plan can use the free analysis tool which gives you exactly which is the suitable meal based on the basic information such as age, height, weight, gender, activity level etc.

Diet to go menu plans:

One of the popular plans is low fat menu that arrives with a five week meal rotation plan. The first day of the first week starts with a delicious breakfast of Egg Quesadilla. While lunch is the delicious tomato and basil soup, dinner consists of Harissa Salmon. Similarly, there are very many delicious recipes that will help you to lose weight as well as let go of unwanted cravings as all these recipes are most favored and fresh. The second week starts afresh with new and innovative recipes.


Diet to go reviews:

Overall, it can be said that the three meal plans from Diet to go have received rave reviews for its creative preparation. Since the meals are not repetitive and are switched everyday, the chance of consuming stereotype food doesn’t exist. The best part is you can have your food delivered or pick up the meal while on the way home from office at your nearest location.

On the con side, those who are strictly vegans may suffer as some of the meals from vegetarian meal plan may contain “ovo-lacto” which means that some amount of egg / dairy products are included.

Diet to go discount coupons and promotional offers:

Diet to go offers various discount coupons/offers and keep them updated every now and then. The current offer is restricted for first time customers only. If you choose any meal plan, you will be getting 15% off on this plan. All you have to do is just copy the code and paste them during check out and you will be charged with the discounted amount.

Nutritional information about Diet to go:

Diet to go does admit that they include artificial sweeteners in some of their food such as yogurt, syrup etc. but if you are against artificial sweeteners, simply replace them with a healthy recipe. Same goes for those who are suffering from kidney diseases or high blood pressure as they need strict restriction from sodium. Diet to go offers meals that contain at least 2,400 mg of sodium. However, it is to be noted that the level of sodium as per meal plan may vary.