Home Air Check Test Kit

At Home Air Check, you will be able to find out what all products in your home contain the chemical formaldehyde that triggers breathing issues in the body.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic organic chemical that is a common preservative as well an ingredient in many of the daily products. It may cause nasal cancer and above normal concentration of it in the air can cause respiratory tract irritation. It is present in the many paper products, cleaning solvents, insulation materials, combustion devices, pressed-wood, deodorants, and cosmetics. Formaldehyde is present in many of these daily products does not mean that it is always harmful. It is harmful when it is beyond the limit. But one may not know if it is within the limit or not. Formaldehyde test by Home Air Check helps to determine this.

This formaldehyde test would measure the level of this toxic chemical in any indoor air. The test is purchased and the instructions are followed in collecting the air sample. There will be a return box along with the package. The collected sample kit is returned in the box provided. Once the samples are received the chemical analysis will be conducted and the results will be sent within 5 business days. The report will show the level of the toxicity of formaldehyde. Depending on the formaldehyde level, ie, mild, moderate, elevated or severe, necessary steps may be taken to eliminate it and make the air fresh and safe for breathing.

Formaldehyde test by Home Air Check

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A single formladehyde test kit is for a single use for an area of 2000 sq ft. More kits will be needed for more area. The kit is able to determine a low limit of detection for formaldehyde – 4 parts per million. The report will show the permissible limit and the sources. The kit is easy to use and the report is easy to understand.

Once the level of formaldehyde is determined necessary measures must be taken for a healthy living. Since the chemical is emitted by the daily products or household items, they must be chosen carefully or discarded immediately. The pressed wood furniture is the chief source so it’s better to opt for solid wood furniture. Open up the doors and windows for better air circulation. The indoor temperature must be kept low, since the formaldehyde level may increase with temperature and humidity. Natural products must be used for household cleaning and as cosmetics. Indoor plants can reduce the toxicity. The stoves and heaters must be ventilated and new clothes or utensils must be cleaned before use.