Deluxe Small Business Solutions

Deluxe provides business solutions from web services and search engine marketing to affordable logo design, email marketing, business checks, business forms and printed products. This is meant for business owners who wish to expand their business online.

Deluxe aims at providing innovative products and services that help your business grow. They offer thousand of products from checks to forms to retail displays that help you run your business day to day.


About Deluxe

Deluxe help your business by providing services like website creation, lead generation, logo design, branding assistance and more. All of these services are available at an affordable price to make you spend more of your time doing the things you love. They are also considered to be the trusted and valued adviser to many of the leading financial institutions. Deluxe is organized into three business segments. They include:

  • Deluxe small business solutions
  • Deluxe financial services
  • Direct checks unlimited

Deluxe Small business solutions:

Deluxe provides business solutions from web services and search engine marketing to affordable logo design, email marketing, business checks, business forms and printed products. This is meant for business owners who wish to expand their business online. For this they have acquired leading business brands such as Bags and Bows, NEBS, McBee, PartnerUp, LogoMojo, Hostopia, MerchEngines, SafeGuard, Orange Soda and lot more.

Deluxe Financial services:

Deluxe is considered to be a valued adviser to many leading financial institutions. They offer broad set of solutions including business checks, banking products, business forms, business and office supplies, promotional product and apparels etc. They help financial institutions build long lasting relationships to compete in today’s changing environment. They have more than 6200 financial institution clients across North America.

Direct Checks Unlimited:

Deluxe help in protecting your business with high security checks. They include various types of business checks like high security checks, manual checks, laser checks, quick book checks, continuous checks and business check starter kits. Deluxe is one of the leading direct-to-consumer check suppliers selling personal checks, business checks, and check related products to consumers through brands like ChecksUnlimited, DesignerCheck,, Artistic checks, and style checks company.


Products range :

  • Website and marketing
  • Checks and business supplies
  • Financial institutions
  • Personal checks

Website and marketing:

In today’s world of technology, a business without a website is like a business without a face. Today the shopping taste of customers have changed from going directly to the shop and buying products to sitting back at home and buying online. So , if you still haven’t created a website for your business, it s the right time to start. Choosing the right web design is the most important factor that affects your online business. If your website is not attractive and eye-catching, then there will be no customer traffic for your website. If you feature the information your customers are looking for, you can increase their engagement, drive more traffic and strengthen your online presence. Deluxe help to create online presence of your business which your customers will remember.

Apart from creating online brand, today mobile website has also become increasingly demanded in our Internet-centric world. Through mobile website, you get a fully designed mobile friendly site. It is found that over 20% of all searches come from mobile devices. Standard websites can look stretched on mobile phones. To avoid this, providing a high-quality website gives you more positive response and generates your business. A mobile website helps you in reaching to the local customers when they need you the most.

Deluxe offers more than just basic hosting. Their full-service marketing packages help your business flourish. It ranges from business card printing to planning email blasts. Before choosing the right web hosting service, make sure you identify your company’s needs. Whether you need e commerce web hosting or trying to build an online company, or your web hosting needs are small or big, Deluxe have got the right solution for you.

Your online presence is not complete without a domain name. Through brand identity and web hosting packages, Deluxe helps to find and register a domain name that perfectly affects your brand identity.

Check and business supplies:

Deluxe helps to protect your business with high security checks. From Laser to high security checks- be it any business checks, Deluxe are the leaders of checks, that fit your specific needs. Apart from business checks, they offer deposit slips, check envelopes and business check essentials. As a business they understand the fact that you cannot afford to lose your money. The industry leading deposit products of Deluxe are designed to ensure that your money gets where it needs to go safely and accurately. If you are looking for deposit products that meet your banks standards for MICR code line quality, then it is recommended that you buy Laser deposit slips that are compatible with your accounting software. When you run your business online, Deluxe make sure that you run your business crime-free. Be it services like EX Shield or products like security stamps and pens, they have the right business security solution to protect your business from identity theft and fraud practices.

They also include business forms that simplifies your day. From invoices to work orders, they help you stay on top of your transactions with personalized business forms that fit your business requirements. Your office premises will not function smoothly if you do not have the tight office supplies. Deluxe offers office supplies like envelopes, labels, seals, tags, cards and stationaries to effectively run your business. These are affordable to order.

To market your unique business, Deluxe have got the promotional items you need . Their huge selection of promotional apparel includes sweatshirts, polos, custom caps with an everlasting impression. To reinforce your brand, Deluxe have come up with promotional products like personalized calendars and high quality pens. All these items make sure you stay on top of mind all year long.

Financial institutions:

Deluxe use advanced data to help financial institutions reach the best account holders at all stages of the customer life cycle. Using predictive analytics technique, they offer you an opportunity to increase your return on investment. They include online and off line services. Acquiring new accounts is not an easy job and retaining them is much more difficult task. It is found that engaged account holders at banks and credit unions feel their financial institution does not properly market to them. This is where Deluxe offers the best solution. Deluxe marketing solution shows you the best cross-selling opportunities to increase your loyalty and improve account holder relationships. To protect the relationships you have invested in, you must first understand the activity of your account base. For this, Deluxe builds a strategy- proactive energy strategy to reduce attrition risk.

They have developed a web-based tool – Banker’s Dashboard that provides actionable insights into your bank’s financial performance. Banker’s Dashboard makes financial analysis simple and fast. It has been found that 26% of decision makers feel it a tiresome process for the finance department to generate reports when requested. Deluxe with their automated performance analysis and reporting makes this process a simple one. As this automated analysis monitors your net-interest margin and create board packages. Banker’s Dashboard allows you to review your bank performance at a glance. They make you flexible to immediately respond on profit opportunities. Apart from reviewing bank performance, they help you in developing better strategies and tactics around net interest margin, branch performance, forecast performance and more. One of the best part of Banker’s Dashboard is that they provide easy 24/7 access on any web browser. This is easy to set up and pain free with no IT involvement.

Personal checks:

Deluxe offers high security checks feature a Holographic Foil Stamp that cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners. There are a plenty of check designs available for you to choose from. Along with checks, matching check book covers and accessories, deposit tickets, photo products and name, address stamps are also available. Following are the features:

  • They help you keep your business safe and secure: Keeping away your bank account from criminals is the best thing Deluxe can do. That is why, they have come up with high security checks, deposit slips and starter kits. Now a days, there has been an increased number of fraudulent practices experienced in banks. This is where Deluxe aims at keeping your bank accounts safe and secured.
  • Look professional with custom forms: Their custom business forms help you keep track of jobs, payments and other business details on a daily basis. You can customize your forms by adding your logo, graphic image, your specific business colors, your own terms and conditions, and font style. Their business forms include business tax forms, medical forms, human resource forms, to standard invoices, work orders and repair orders. They are a great way to save your time and strengthen your business image.
  • Spread your business image: it is a tough process to reinforce your brand and attract new customers. This is where Deluxe carries a variety of promotional products and apparel to spread your business message everywhere. Their promotional products are affordable and effective to use with customizing option. When you add your logo to any of their products, they add an everlasting impression with customers. Their product range include from customer pens, calendars, magnets and travel mugs to shirts and caps.

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