CYNC by Vape Forward

Vape Forward is one of the biggest vaping product companies in the US, the same that markets high-end VaporFlask. Designed just like a pen-style or USB stick, CYNC is a closed system that shares similar properties of JUUL

CYNC by Vape Forward is a series of pod vapes that promise you excellent flavor with great clouds that offer you a transition from smoking to vaping. This is our review.

Vape Forward is one of the biggest vaping product companies in the US, the same that markets high-end VaporFlask. Designed just like a pen-style or USB stick, CYNC is a closed system that shares similar properties of JUUL.

However, it cannot be dismissed claiming it as a repackaged cigalike or a JUUL-wannabe. CYNC (in any battery size) can perform much better than what one may think for such small devices.

It comes with three low-capacity batteries (200, 380, and 390 mAh) with two pod sizes (1.5 and 2.5ml). There is also a wide range of nicotine choices and flavors available with CYNC. This feature is not seen in the kits of other brands. With the biggest vaping company offering best flavors of e-juice, CYNC is certainly not to be ignored.

CYNC Specs

Battery dimensions no pods

  • Micro – 20 mm wide x 12 mm thick x 64 mm tall
  • Standard – 20 mm wide x 12 mm thick x 83 mm tall
  • Stealth (1.5/2.5 identical) – 37 mm wide x 12 mm thick x 52 mm tall

Dimensions with 1.5 ml pods

  • Micro – 90 mm tall
  • Standard – 109 mm tall
  • Stealth 1.5 – 69 mm
  • Stealth 2.5 – 56 mm

Dimensions with 2.5 ml pods

  • Micro – 103 mm
  • Standard – 122 mm
  • Stealth 1.5 – 82 mm
  • Stealth 2.5 – 69 mm


  • CYNC Micro battery – $14.99
  • Standard battery – $14.99
  • Stealth battery – $21.99
  • 1.5 ml two-pack pods – $9.99
  • 2.5 ml two-pack pods – $9.99


Choose the nicotine levels as low as 6mg/ml up to as high as 45 mg/ml. The best part of using CYNC is you can have your pods filled with any of the following brands:

  • Beard Vape Co.
  • Cosmic Fog
  • Cuttwood
  • Five Pawns
  • Glas
  • Njoy
  • Pour House
  • Space Jam
  • Super Strudel
  • The Essentials
  • Vapor Maid
  • VF Basics (By Five Pawns)
  • Nic Salt – Cosmic Fog’s Neon in 25 or 40 mg/ml

NOTE: If you are buying different flavors make sure to keep them back in the branded box when not in use. This is because the pods look very much identical once opened making it difficult to distinguish. It might get tricky when you are planning to use a certain flavor and end up using a different one.

CYNC size

All the CYNC batteries are lightweight and quite small in size. In fact, even the biggest battery and 380 mAh standard battery is compact enough for several to hold in your pocket without feeling heavy.

The product comes with a matte finish and are hexagonally-shaped design giving it a good grip so that they don’t slide away. But they are so light that you may not even know even if they slip out of the pocket. Actually, a couple of users report such instances.

The Mouthpiece

These pod vapes or pod pens (irrespective of what you call it), the mouthpiece is of high importance. If you look at the devices like JUUL, the mouthpiece is fairly lacking. Even the similar devices carry such an issue.

The CYNC’s mouthpiece is ergonomically designed to one’s own comfort. The prominent feature that makes it stand out is the rubber center that allows you to clamp it down with your teeth. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown but we do know that it is also an integral part of the airflow and chimney. Nevertheless, this part of the mouthpiece makes vaping hands-free.

Many users find this feature absolutely delightful since they use the keyboard, play music or just run their errands while vaping off their favorite kick. The rubber grip and the lightweight feature lets your hands tend to other important matters. Even the best cigalikes do not own such feature that delivers this real comfort.


It all comes down to this sole factor. Thankfully, CYNC performs brilliantly for such a little device reinstating the fact that even the juice is top-notch with excellent vapor.

For such a small device, the vapors are really amazing. It has got some really amazing flavors exceeding one’s expectations. The starter kits come with just a single flavor so if you are really willing to experiment go ahead and order more of your choice.

Another thing many vapers love about CYNC is the draw. It offers a shallow lung hit or a deep mouth-to-lung hit which is difficult to put into words but only can be felt. The CYNC by Vape Forward also allows a slow & gentle or fast & hard drag at your discretion. You cannot fidget with the airflow controller. It’s all in how you hit it. And if you hit the CYNC for a stealth vape i.e. a 1.5-second hit, the vapor still remains cool. The CYNC gets warmer with 2-3 seconds. The best part is even if you take long hits with a hot vape, the pod stays relatively warm.

While CYNC has a better quality battery life, sadly that cannot be said about the pods.


There have been many complaints regarding the quality of the pods. Many disgruntled customers were unhappy with the spitty, nasty, and leaky pods that screamed poor QC. Vape Forward was quite aware of the complaints and its dangerous pods and came out recently with their launch of “new and improved” pods that claimed to have higher QC. They even offered a $25 discount coupon towards the purchase of new pods.

CYNC e cig reviews say that they had pods that performed much more efficiently than the new pods. Hopefully, the performance will become more consistent because the CYNC vapes will be great only if the pods are functioning optimally.

HACK – these CYNC empty pods using fine tweezers (or even a needle). Pluck out the tiny silicon plug at the bottom of the pod. Fill it with a unicorn bottle and simply replace the plug. You will unable to empty the CYNC pods this manner until you employ a syringe.

Out of CYNC

Currently, Vape Forward has some issues with keeping up the stock of all high nicotine pods (i.e. 24 mg and above). For such a device, a readily available stock of pods is crucial to its success. As of now, there are only a few retail outlets outside the official website that offer CYNC so make sure you are ordering the right brand. If you like the CYNC especially for its high nicotine kick, then buy accordingly.

For instance, few flavors of 25mg are currently sold out and come with almost 2 months waiting time. High nicotine pods come in 1.5 ml pods. They cost almost the same as 2.5 ml pods but the capacity of the e-juice is a bit lower. This is for many vapers who put high nic kick first than e-juice.

Another thing to note is the price of the pods which are quite expensive. For instance, 2 x 12mg pods or 2 x 18mg pods cost you $10.99 (minus the shipping charges). Not to mention they come only in two-pack.

Likes and Dislikes of CYNC by Vape Forward

Great amount of vapor Pods are quite expensive
Easy to refill Quality of the pods feels cheap
Numerous flavors available No flavor branding on the pods
User-friendly to use Pods come with a slight gap in the base of the battery
Lightweight product High nicotine and certain flavors are currently not available
Nice throat hit (especially with high nic) Pod consistency is up and down
MTL or DL hit (i.e. hybrid hit) Low juice with high nic pods and vice-versa (but available in same price
Rubber teeth-grip for hands-free enjoyment Not much technical info available at the My CYNC official website such as pod resistance
Battery indicator lights that are easy to see and understand (green, yellow, and red)
Batteries charge quickly and hold the charge for much longer period than you’d expect


Is CYNC starter kit by Vape Forward available in the UK?

Currently, CYNC e cig is available only in the USA.

Where to buy CYNC refill pods for sale online?

You can buy it CYNC refill pods from the official website at wholesale price. They are not available on Amazon, eBay etc.

Where to buy CYNC vape for sale near me?

Choose the store locator tab in the official website of CYNC and you can find a store near you to buy CYNC.


Here is the comparison between three top brands – CYNC, JUUL, and PHIX.


JUUL and PHIX come with almost the same design – JUUL e-cig is four inches tall and even PHIX Vape comes with a lightweight body making it compatible to fit in your hand or slide stealthily in your pocket.

Both are slim, sleek and available in a rectangular shape and come in monotone color schemes. The designs are classy with minimal giving similarity to gadgets such as iPhone.

Setting the bar high is CYNC that looks like a pen-drive or a USB port. Representing the best US brand – Vape Forward, CYNC has been a best-seller for its sleek look that is barely noticeable when easily fit in the pocket. The hexagonal design and matte finish deliver great grip to the user. The stand-out feature is the hands-free clamp on the pod that enables you to hold the e cig on teeth giving your hands the liberty to handle other chores.

Starter packs and Refills

PHIX Vape e-cigarette starter kit is available at a much cheaper price ($14) than JUUL vaporizer. But the fact that JUUL is available at a higher price has very much to do with the extra pods that they offer. While JUUL offers 4 pods, PHIX offers only one. CYNC too offers only one pod in their starter pack with the price around $19.

If you are looking for refills, the price of JUUL is much cheaper ($7) than PHIX. CYNC offers 2-pack refills at a cost of $10.99. The pod size is 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. You can choose your VG/PG mix but the basic pack remains the same. CYNC also has a micro USB port that makes charging on the go a breeze.


JUUL and PHIX offer a limited number of e-juices as compared to CYNC who offers you a wider variety. JUUL and PHIX devices use only the refills that are manufactured by themselves. PHIX Vape has more tobacco-based e-juices (Tobacco, Tobacco Butterscotch, Tobacco Ice, Hard Strawberry) while JUUL pods offer a variety of e-juices such as Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, Cool Mint, Mango etc.

CYNC, on the other hand, is more versatile and is adjustable to many brands such as Cosmic Fog, Glas, Njoy, Five Pawns, Beard Vape Co., Space Jam, and VF Basics. Imagine the number of flavor choices available.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The main reason JUUL is so famous is that of its vapor quality. The rich nicotine-filled pods deliver a great punch that appeals to former smokers. PHIX doesn’t exhale clouds of smoke and still manages to deliver great tobacco effect. CYNC also performs on par with JUUL and provides impressive clouds with great flavors from prominent brands.

An advantage of using CYNC is that they offer you the liberty to choose the nicotine strength for your choice of juice. This is where JUUL and PHIX take a back step as they offer pre-customed e-juice flavors. However, it also means that more nicotine in your CYNC pod means less level of juice. However, if you want great throat hits, you can choose more nic level and if you desire flavor or planning to cut nicotine level, then you can choose the minimal strength.


The CYNC owns a bit more features than JUUL such as different battery options, customized pods etc. With CYNC you can choose from two different batteries such as standard pen style or small box such as mini vape. You can choose from three different battery options such as 200, 380 and 390 mAh. You can also choose from different pod sizes – 1.5 ml and 2.5 ml that come with different flavors.

In battery duration, PHIX lasts longer on a full charge than JUUL. However, the magnetic USB charge of JUUL is intuitive. It automatically connects to the USB charger that can be easily plugged into any USB port. Charging time takes one hour. CYNC’s battery charges quickly (almost 30-40 minutes) and you will get much use out of each charge. While JUUL offers magnetic charger, CYNC’s micro USB port will do you better if at all you forget the charger at home and count on a chance that someone may have a charger for you.


The price of the JUUL is definitely expensive but it is justified. After all, the company offers rechargeable JUUL device, 4 juice packs, a USB charger and 1-year device warranty. One pod can give you up to 200 puffs (i.e. equivalent to 1 cigarette pack).

PHIX offers one juice with a rechargeable battery, e-cigarette, and a refill pod. The price is a tad expensive for the contents they include but the sleek design and the powerful puff deliverance negates the cost after all. Another thing to note is while PHIX offers 1.5 ml of e-juice, JUUL gives only 0.7 ml of juice. When fully charged, PHIX can offer 400-450 puffs based on the usage.

The price of CYNC is relatively less as compared to others. However, they are the ones that come with a generous size of e-cig and a versatile 2.5ml pod (with VF 24mg tobacco flavor). Another benefit of CYNC is that you can easily suit the pods and refill them using your choice of flavors. This is not seen in other cigalike brands.

To sum it up, all three brands are considered nice gadgets to have around when you feel like taking a drag. It is a great support for smokers who want to quit smoking and make the transition to vape pens (a less offensive habit).

The Final Word

While the QC hasn’t affected the fan following, it is still a point that Vape Forward seriously needs to put in action. It is unpredictable if the prices go down but being a vaping enthusiast, there are many who would gladly recommend CYNC irrespective of high price. Another fact is being you can easily refill the pods, the price won’t be an issue. But the pods have to perform in good condition if you want to enjoy your own favorite juice.

Overall, worth a try!!!