Mankind has started its journey with the help of sharp objects and he knew how to sharpen tools thoroughly. Since the first light of the daggers and knife, things have changed and it takes some skills to sharpen these beasts. You could use stone or sharpening tools to get the job done. However, it is time consuming, it is not possible to keep them in condition every now, and then. How about self-sharpening knives? “Wonderful and ingenious idea right”! CRKT brand offers you a wide range of collections. If you are on the lookout for a real beater knife that you can rough handle and easy to carry along, then CRKT Edgie is the right pick. Scroll down below to know more about this small beast that cuts easily and sharp.

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About CRKT Edgie Self Sharpening Knife

CR6442: Self Sharpening “Edgie ” Folder w/2.9″ Plain Edge from Columbia River

This CR6442 self sharpening edgie knife is a utility folder that sharpens itself! It has an internal diamond strip that hones the high-carbon steel blades every time they go in and out. CR6442 exhibits a sturdy InterFrame build and comes with a stainless steel clip for hanging inside your pockets or against clothes. It has a handle length of 10.5 cm when closed and the total length while open is around 17.8cm. This tiny beast weighs around 108 grams and is one of the budget oriented knifes which is great for daily use. This knife has a patented design and is the brainchild of Maj. Howard Pope ( USAR Ret.). I must say he has put a lot of hard work into its design and working mechanism.

The Edgie is an affordable prototype of high priced similar function knifes. It has a broad appeal and the stylish curve looks simple. As I said before, a 400-grit diamond-coated spring sharpener is present inside the folder frame. It stands at the right place such that every time the knife goes in and out of the folder it gets a sharpening stroke from the spring. So sharp that it precisely cuts through its prey and comes out clean.

Therefore, it gives you some real time off from sitting and sharpening your knife with the help of stones and wheels. This blade is perfect for people who use it constantly and indulge in long working sessions. If you are a person who loves outdoors then this knife can be a handy tool.

The steel blades have a satin finish and have a full width spine that literally cuts deep down. Made of high-carbon stainless steel it looks simply amazing with the dual hollow grinds and the single cutting edge. This single cutting edge is so sharp that you can pierce easily through cardboards, ropes, and even juicy veggies with the perfect slices. This micro-serration is possible to due to the internal sharpening mechanism.

Features of CRKT Edgie Knife

CRKT brand is so popular and who does not love to own a masterpiece from their roof. They have all sorts of knifes designed by expert toolmakers. They have great picks when it comes to EDC knifes.

I have always wanted a CRKT EDC knife but never had the time to buy one or let’s say used my old knife itself. I had to sharpen it every time I use and then the same thing over and again. The reason for purchasing this knife was because it has the self-sharpening stuff that tempted me to get one.

I ordered a piece and I received a small neatly finished cardboard box. The knife comes with a decent package with a CRKT label imprinted on it. The interesting thing is that you get a catalog that tells you how to use the knife in various action modes.

When I held it for the first time, I felt like having something that looked sleek and stylish. It is lightweight and perfectly rests in my hand. I never felt like I was holding something extra in my hand with difficulty. It was easy to use as I just made some moves in the air.

This knife has a pocket clip that I actually liked. It stands on one side and does not switch to the other side. You can actually clip it to your pockets or gears while at work. It is simple clings on easily. If you do not want the clip then you can simply remove it and keep aside. The knife is easy to hold even when the pocket clip is on so you do not really have to bother about it.

The CRKT EDC knife  knife has the perfect mix of thickness and thinness that it easily fits into the hand while at work. When you put in the pockets, it seems to be small and it is easy to pull out. The zytel handle has a checkered design that provides the right grip. Whether your hands are wet or dry you can easily pull the knife along and get with your work. It does not slip off as the reinforced nylon fiber handle gives a sturdy grip. The dual hollow grinds present on one-side cuts through thin and thick materials just like that.

I tried cutting paper with the help of this and it was cleanly doing its job. It also cuts through thick leather quite smoothly. Even though it does these with the help of dual hollow grinds, I felt it was not of much use. I would not use a knife to cut through paper and other stuffs. This feature is perfect for those who are crazy about knifes and pick it for every single job.

Again, beware with this knife because it is not that easy to use at the first time you hold it. It has a slip joint action that works steadily. If you do not use the knife properly, there are chances that you get a cut in your hand when it closes back. So make sure to get some practice before using this knife. My friends have this knife and it is from them I knew about this beast. It has a great profile and stylish length of 17.8 cm while wide open. It has the perfect size and not too long. I love this knife and one of the best EDC knives I have ever seen.

The self-sharpening feature is what I liked the most as I can go around my garden and cut through the ropes and unwanted stuffs without sharpening. I carry it almost everywhere I go right inside my pockets. It does not slip of and holds tight on to my pant pockets without hurting me. It goes in and out the folder frame with a little tightness. However, once you get used to this knife you can easily pull it on and off the folder. This knife has many features that you can find in high priced versions. It has a simple design with almost all features you want. I am not sure if this one is the best but it is simply not like the rest and offers something much better than other brands. For the price and features this knife is a sure hit worth buying.

CRKT Edgie Customer Reviews

CRKT Edgie features wharncliffe blade made of high carbon stainless steel. The blades beat through the layers thoroughly and the self-sharpening feature is what makes customers crazy. The diamond girt and the zytel handle has taken the right place and offers the knife an extra edge. In a matter of time one ill get used to the slip joint features and it does really well. To sharpen the knife all you have to do is open and close it for a few times and your knife is ready to go.

Word from buyers: “this knife runs smoothly and cuts down the sticks just like a pro. It is great utility tool and perfect for any household use. I am not sure what else it can do, however it has a great build and body.”
Another customer says, “This knife is one of the best he has ever bought and it really kills the leather into pieces. He says this knife is easy on the pocket and has all the features of sophisticated knife”.

Other top products of Columbia River Knife and Tool available at Amazon

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  • CRKT Radic Folding Pocket knife with G10 handle – is made using patented Outburst opening technology. It comes with 3″ stainless steel blade that is compact and comes with thumb stud depolyment. Though small in size, this Radic Knife is tough and delivers ultimate durability.
  • CRKT M16 ComboEdge Tanto Blade Folding knife w/ frame lock – one of the best-sellers of CRKT, it comes with stainless steel durable blade with aluminium handle. The harder steel blade is strong and offers great support.
  • CRKT Columbia River knife and tool 4030 – Made using stainless stell blade, it has dual razor-sharp cutting edges with B&W swirled Micarta scales. It also includes removable stainless steel clips.


CRKT Edgie has a stable body and offers superior support. The interframe build, stainless steel body, the spring and the satin finish complements its look. The pocket clip adds to the beauty of the knife and it is well worth for the penny spent. There are variants of this model available with a locking feature. This EDC knife lives long without any major defects. You can totally rough handle and play with it as you like. It will stay good for years to come and this beast comes with CRKT limited lifetime warranty. This knife is quite impressive and stays inside the hands perfectly. If you want something simple and hold tight like a piece of tool in your hands then go for this.

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