Chinese Zodiac Placemat

Buy Chinese Zodiac Placemat that comes with 12 animals, zodiac design, years and its respective descriptions.

Chinese Zodiac Placemat is popular in restaurant and parties. This placemat is best for starting conversations. Read on to know more about Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat.

  • Chinese Zodiac – The Sheng Xiao, better known in English as the Chinese Zodiac is a scheme that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes. This format works according to a 12-year cycle. It is very popular in mainland China and Taiwan and other several East Asian countries.
  • Placemat – A placemat is a protective table pad typically made of paper, plastic or cloth for restaurants and households. The East Asian style placemats may feature thin slats of bamboo or colorful beads. The term Placemat derives from the mat kept at a person’s “place” (chair) at a table.
  • Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat – The Chinese Zodiac Placemat is an organization of the calendar into 12-year cycles, each represented by an animal associated with specific personality traits, mainly place on tables in Restaurant. The 12 animals include rat, ox, dog, tiger, hare, ram, monkey, dragon, snake, horse, cock, and pig.

Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat – Product Description

The Chinese astrology paper placemat is beautifully designed and shows who you’re compatible with and whom you’re opposite with. This Chinese zodiac Placemat paper pack measures 14.5″ x 10.25″. It is popular at parties and restaurants, offering a way to start conversations.

The Chinese astrology placemat is available in 1 piece or increments of 15 sheets. Each “pack” contains 15 sheets, 50 sheets, and up to 1000 sheets. This paper placemat doesn’t come in any packaging.



The Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat Design comes with the 12 Animals, years and descriptions. Below are the features of the product

  • Chinese Zodiac signs Placemat fits well in the restaurant.
  • Each of this placemat is the finest conversation starter
  • It is very useful item for cultural education at school, church or daycare
  • It is available in 1 piece or pack of 50 up to 1000 placemats
  • Its price starts from $1.00, depending on the pack pieces
  • Each placemat measures about 14.5 inches by 10.25 inches.
  • Chinese new year Zodiac Placemat represents Chinese New Year, on February 19, 2015, bringing in the year of the Sheep or Ram
  • Made in the USA product.

How Does It Work?

Chinese Zodiac works on the basis of 12-year cycles. Each of the 12 years of the Chinese Zodiac Placemat falls under a different animal sign. The sign under which you are born determines your character and life. It supposes the circumstances of your life and the kind of person you are. It works by firstly checking what is your sign? You can find your sign by locating your birth year. Just to illustrate, let’s consider you were born before 1937, add 12 to the year you were born to determine your animal sign. The 12 zodiac animals that represent signs are a rat, ox, dog, tiger, hare, ram, monkey, dragon, snake, horse, cock, and pig.

Customer Reviews

Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat is the perfect addition for Chinese New Year’s party. It has received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most of its users are completely happy with this product. Many people say it is just like the Chinese restaurant style that adds great things to the atmosphere. It offers great fun for kids as well as adults alike. However, few people complain about the product quality. They say it is slightly thin, flimsy and good for only one-time use. Read below few real customer reviews from Amazon

  • Michelle bought this Placemat for a Chinese dinner party and is more pleased with the product. She says they are a low-cost fun addition to the party that looked like they came right from a restaurant.
  • KT loves the idea of Chinese Zodiac Restaurant style Placemat. But he says it’s of very thin and flimsy quality which does not fit much as placemats.
  • An Amazon Customer bought these for a Chinese New Year-themed dinner at the church where they were serving Chinese food. Every attendee loved them, especially reading their signs. The quality of placemat is good.
  • Sandra finds them perfect for an informal Chinese New Year’s party. They made the table look festive, and the guest had fun reading them.
  • Ramos says the placemats are great but are little faded. There are other placemats where the red and gold border had richer, bolder color, but the dull colors on these placemats disappoint him.
  • Kiwanissandy VINE VOICE says the placemat colors were not as vibrant as appears to be and are actually dull red. The dates on it go up to 2026 so that you can use them for many more years. The text is small and a little off-set but readable enough for most people. They add a nice nuance to a Chinese-themed celebration, so will buy again.


Chinese Zodiac Restaurant Placemat is must buy for you, if you are planning for Chinese new year party or any other party. They will extend a great fun to your already exciting party ambiance.