Started out as an Indigogo crowdfunding project in 2016, Axum Gear Earbuds already shipped batches 1 & 2. Currently, the company is taking last pre-order batch (3) orders to provide you Wireless Axum Gear Earbuds with improvements.

Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds

The Wireless Axum Gear Earbuds has more style, unmatched sound quality, incredible deep bass and wow factor than other typical wireless earbuds. Axum Gear is the Best Workout Earbuds that will never fall and won’t interrupt your session. This compact low weight device comes with various surprising features and specs. Continue reading to know more about Axum Gear Earbuds Reviews, Price, Features, Specs, etc.

Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds – Best Workout Earbuds That Will Never Fall

Take your workout to the next level and blast your limits with Music from Axum Gear Earbuds. Its excellent sound quality, extreme bass, never fall design and sweatproof features make it perfect earbuds for workout use. Its smart design of the adjustable hook makes sure the wireless earbuds never fall out. In addition, they fit extremely secure in ears. Plus, their lightweight doesn’t make you feel any pressure on ears while wearing.

These are in-ear earbuds with a full wireless capability which means they connect to each other wirelessly (in addition to the Bluetooth connection with your Smartphone) to provide full audio sound.

These lightweight and stylish earbuds will never fell out during workouts. But if you move away a couple of meters from your phone you will experience the reach of the wireless signal starts to cut out.

Axum Gear started out as an Indigogo campaign. The company is now selling batch 3 of the Axum Gear earbuds and Batch 1 and 2 are sold out and shipped.

Axum Gear Earbuds – Features at a Glance

  • The only earbuds that will never fall
  • Always fit perfectly and never hurt your ears
  • Never fall design all thanks to Adjustable Hooks
  • The earbuds get 3 Hours Playtime
  • 6 Recharges before the charging case needs to be recharged
  • Takes only 60 min to charge fully i.e. 100%
  • The Deepest Bass to pump your blood
  • Customized Large 8mm Speaker
  • Dynamic Driver speaker
  • Sweatproof Coating
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Portable Charging Case
  • On-Ear Controls
  • Black/Red color
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • Unbreakable Connectivity with Qualcomm’s Chip
  • 6g Weight
  • Full 2-Year Warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping With Tracking Code

Why Choose Axum Gear Earbuds?

  • Sound Quality – In the heart of Axum earbuds, there is the 8mm (20% Larger than the average in the market) custom dynamic driver speaker with amazing sound quality. The sound from this device is loud, immersive, rich, thick, and bounces with more bass than other earbuds.
  • Adjustable Hook To Fit All Ear Sizes And Shapes – Each set of these earbuds comes with 3 different sizes of silicone jackets + 3 different sizes of ear tips gives you 9 different size combinations, so you’ll definitely find the best combination for you. Regardless of your ear size, shape or sports activity, you will definitely find the best fit for you.
  • Built-in Microphone – Enjoy omnidirectional microphone which cancels/ blocks out background noise from wind, street noise, etc. Receiving and calling phone calls is easy as the other person can hear you with absolute clarity. Includes 2 Built-In microphones, 1 in each earpiece (Left & Right) which can be used as mono and stereo.
  • Playtime – This earbud allows 3 Hours Playtime and 6 Recharges using the portable charging case. Portable Charging Case with 2500mAh facilitates wireless charging and Fully Recharges in 60 minutes.
  • True Wireless Earbuds – Free yourself and get rid of wires that may interrupt and distract you during your workout. It allows you to reach new heights in your daily workout routine.
  • On-ear controls – The Axum features on-ear controls over your music and each earbud can be used separately. This means each earbud has its own battery and each need to be turned on separately which allows you to use just one of the earbuds at a time.
  • Never fall design – It never falls design will never let you stop your workout. Flips, kicks, trick or no matter whatever you do, the Axum will never fall thanks to the customized adjustable hook.
  • Loudest Music With Deep Bass – Its deep bass will get your blood pumping. Each thump will make you feel a little more powerful, excelling you to a whole new fitness level.
  • Bluetooth – Using Bluetooth 4.1 Technology get complete freedom of movement—no strings or wires attached and reachable Up to 10 meters range. You will never drop signal, put your phone in the pocket, in your bag or on your armband.
  • Unbreakable Ultra Strong Signal – Powered by the Qualcomm chip.
  • Adjustable Hook – Each package includes 18 different size combinations of silicone over-the-body hooks and ear tips (foam & silicone) for you to always find the perfect fit.
  • Sweatproof protection – No excuses no stopping but just moving forward, even in a heavy rain as Axum earbud comes with sweatproof protection feature.
  • Compact Charging Case – It’s solid and protective and it lights up to let you know that it is charging. The button inside the case tells you how much battery the charging case has left. The fully charged case can recharge the earbuds 6 times.
  • Hassle-Free Charging – To charge them, simply place earbuds in their Charging Case. The case includes a designated space for each bud. Also, the magnets in it will bring the earbuds into place for timely charging to begin.
  • The Only Button – Answer/ Reject Calls & Play/Pause/Skip Music on the go just by clicking one button on the earbud.

Axum Gear Earbuds – Specification

  • Battery
  • Battery 90mAh
  • 3 Hours Playtime
  • 6 Recharges
  • 60 min to charge 100%
  • Sound
  • Customized Large 8mm Speaker
  • Dynamic Driver speaker
  • Qualcomm’s Chip
  • CSR Apt-X Codec
  • 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance 16 Ohm

Axum Gear Earbuds – Product inclusion

Each of your Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds comes with –

  • Axum Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • 3 Pairs of Silicone Hook (Small, Medium, Large)
  • User Manual
  • 3 Pairs of Silicone Eartips (Small, Medium, Large)
  • 3 Pairs of Foam Eartips (Small, Medium, Large)

Axum Gear Earbuds Reviews & Complaints

You will find amazing Axum Gear Earbuds Reviews online. People say the incredible deep bass, superior sound quality is beyond their expectation from such a small earbud. They say it is very comfortable to wear and stay in place while jumping, running or performing any movement during work out.

In addition, people appreciate its smart design and sweatproof feature which is best for workout use. Also, the compact size makes it comfortable to wear under a cap or helmet. Some people are happy to receive multiple pairs of hooks and ear tips which helped them find a right fit. The built-in microphone feature is convenient for phone calls or control music.

There are few Axum Gear Earbuds Complaints related to playtime and price. Some people fell that the 3 hours of play-time on a single charge is quite less than other similar products. Plus, it takes one full hour to charge it to 100%. Secondly, some people say it is more expensive than other earbuds but a cool new technology has its price. There are no Axum Gear Earbuds Testimonials available online.

Where to buy Axum Gear Earbuds?

The best place to buy Axum Gear Earbuds online is directly from the official website Currently, they are taking pre-orders for 3rd batch and offering 33% OFF on this product. Batches 1 & 2 are already shipped and last pre-order batch (3) closes soon. So hurry and order your Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds today!

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive healthy tips & tricks and special offers first. Search for Axum Gear Earbuds Coupon codes to save more.

Axum Gear Earbuds in Amazon

At the time of writing this article, the said product is not available on Amazon.

Axum Gear Earbuds Price

The regular price for Axum Gear Earbuds is $299. But, currently, you can Buy Axum Gear Earbuds on Sale Price for $189 and save $110. This earbuds won’t fall out of your ear and has absolutely the best sound ever, making it worth to pay $189. Pre-order window for batch 3 will close soon. In addition, the Axum Gear provides free worldwide shipping.


Does it have sound cancellation feature?

Yes, it features CVC 6.0 noise cancellation to eliminate wind, street noise, etc.

Can I use Axum’s earbuds under a helmet?

Yes, its compact design allows you to use these earbuds under your helmet. However, you’ll need to press the earpiece to answer calls, while wearing a helmet, so keep your Smartphone within reach.

Will it work with any music devices?

Yes, the Axum earbuds will work with any Bluetooth supported device.

Are these earbuds waterproof? Can I swim with it?

Yes, they are waterproof, meaning sweat and rain proof. However, we don’t recommend swimming or using it under water.

What is Axum earbuds’ warranty?

Axum Gear Earbuds come with a 2-year warranty which starts when you receive your earbuds and not when an order is placed.

How can I Contact the company?

You can message them using a ‘contact us’ form on their website.


Axum Gear Best Workout Earbuds will make a good buy with its appealing great looks, incredible sound quality, true wireless feature, excellent bass, never fall design, built-in microphone and right fit that will make you feel good even after wearing for a long period of time. Buy Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds On Sale For The Best Price Today!!

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