How is your relationship with your colleagues? As per a recent study it has been proved there is always one best friend at your work and it necessarily be not your best friend. Just a compatible rapport will do and they are quite satisfied.

This article deals with building a trust with your colleagues and creating a harmonic climate within your team to effective performance.

Maintaining a good relation with others is important. Why? Coz we are humans who value relations and the good times we will spend together.

Necessity of a good relationship:

Why is it important to have a good relationship with others? To benefit yourself or to benefit others? YES. As we are humans, we crave for the friendship and the communications just like the air we breathe, food and water without which the life feels incomplete.

A healthy relationship in office boosts our creativity and makes the work enjoyable. Moreover good relationships in office are vital if you want to boost your career. Because if your boss don’t have any trust in your, its quite unhappening that he would even consider you in a new position if available.

We need to maintain good relations not just for pleasing our professional life but personal life too. A good rapport with your co-workers, clients or stakeholders, helps you in making them special as well as blossoms a good feeling in you.

Good relationships are vital in our professional circle as it takes most of our time in focussing on good and creative things rather than taking out your time pondering about negative parts, increasing your stress etc.

So, what exactly does this so-called “good relationship” include?

A) Mutual respect among the people you are working with which includes valuing their opinions and ideas and also they valuing your thoughts. When you work together as a team, you can find unique solutions to your problems using your collective insights and creativity.

B) Trusting each other Trust is an important factor in any relationship, be it personal or professional. When you begin to trust your team or your colleague, you will find yourself that this bond will help you to put forth your ideas with ease rather than procuring negative thoughts about someone “stabbing in the back”.

C) Vigilant Those who are vigilant and careful think clearly and take utmost responsibility for their words or action.

D) Prevent crossing swords In a good team relationship, it is ok to have different opinions. The best part comes when you value each other’s opinions and give/take the time to understand each other to reach an appropriate decision.

A good relationship works in both ways. You need to take your time to make a relation work. For example, quit gossiping and talking behind people’s back. There are many people who talk behind other people. Do not encourage them.

To maintain a rapport doesn’t mean you need to let them walk all over you. Limit yourself and maintain a distance. We all want friends at work but set a boundary if the friendship starts to affect your job or if a colleague manipulates with your time.

Another point to be kept in mind is to listen to people, be it clients or friends. People tend to ‘hear’ rather than listen. There is a difference and you know it. When you start responding to people, you will know whom can be trusted and who can be the manipulator. Also, hearing to clients make them feel special as you will be able to respond effectively and make them important. This will always be a positive point in your professional as well as personal life.

Its not the people, its the situation that’s difficult:

Let’s face it. We have all worked with people who are difficult and prefer to stay away. But, for your work’s sake, you need to maintain a professional relationship with that person.

Look inside the person. Use your insights and you will notice that the situation can be difficult and not the person. Make the first move and try to improve the relationship by striking a simple conversation.

Let your guard down and ask them about their likes, dislikes etc. Do not come on too inquisitive as it might lead the other person to get some other ideas.

Things to note:

Take your time in building a good relationship and don’t jump into pleasing people. Gain their trust and respect other’s opinions. Be honest and avoid talking in the back as it will only present you as a conniving and manipulative person in front of others. It works both ways, so learn to compliment and get good words back.

Many people face with low esteem and there are various products in the market such as Liquid Trust spray that contains Oxytocin (a hormone) which provokes trust in the people you meet and the result they start trusting you. I know it sounds quite illogical to even think of getting trust in a bottle, but what the heck, its worth a try.