Bon-Aire Ulimate Water Blaster

Here is easy-to-use Bon-Aire Water Blaster that can be used to clean anything easily and efficiently.

Bonaire “Ultimate Water Blaster” or Wash N Rinse Spray Gun is one of the best-selling products at Be it cleaning your home or office, no need to climb up the ladder. You can also get rid of dirt in your vehicles with absolute ease. is an online shopping website that offers you quality products at a competitive price. The company headquarters is located in Johnson City, TN.

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What is Ultimate Bonaire Water Blaster?

Home maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3. Ultimate Bonaire Water Blaster is there to provide optimum support in maintaining a clean and germ-free home.

No more climbing on ladders and working on stunts. This Ultimate Water Blaster comes with 6-foot extension so that you can reach even the most difficult of spots that were out-of-reach before,

It comes with built-in ON/OFF flow control valve. This adjusts the water flow making cleaning a breeze. It also comes with a versatile head so that you can spray at any direction with absolute ease. This is must-have when you are dealing with tasks such as cleaning gutters.

It features a push-button extension that allows you to modify the lengths of your spray gun as per the area. The make of the nozzle is a fan-spray model. This is an excellent choice while cleaning the car, spraying gutters or simply watering the plants.

A lightweight product, ultimate bonaire water blaster comes with an anodized aluminum construction that is not only soft to touch but equally strong for a firm grip.

Bonaire Ultimate Water Blaster Features

Here are few of the product features.

  • Absolutely lightweight
  • Push button extension up to 6 feet
  • A Complete 320 degree rotating head
  • In-built ON and OFF flow control valve
  • Adjustable spray with fan spray nozzle
  • Vertical fan spray that is excellent for roofs, cleaning vehicles, driveways, decks etc.
  • Also works best in screens, siding, sidewalks and more

What is Bonaire Wash N Rinse Spray Gun?

Specially designed for houses, siding, eaves, lawn furniture, patios, cars, boats etc., Bonaire Wash-N-Rinse Spray stays as an excellent support in the years to come. It has a 3.5 oz soap dispenser that gives you the liberty to soap down and thoroughly clean anything and everything.

The Bonaire Wash-N-Rinse Spray comes with a rinse-only mode that delivers a powerful jet of water to clean with/without soap at your discretion. You can connect the gun to any standard hose. The swivel connector inhibits any twist of hose that is one of the commonly seen problems.

You will also find a rotating head that cleans anything in its vicinity. The adjustable angle allows you to easily clean underneath the wheel wells on any vehicles such as cars, trucks, RV’s or SUV’s.

Bonaire Wash N Rinse Spray Features

Here are the prominent features of Bonaire Wash-N-Rinse Spray.

  • Soap dispenser along with the wash gun
  • ON/OFF pressure flow control handle
  • Soap and water mix control dial
  • Liquid soap reservoir
  • Lightweight product with rotating spray head
  • Made of aluminum, PP plastic and rubber
  • Total length is 3ft

Customer Reviews

The user reviews are pretty decent, have loved the product and its unique features. It has received 3.4 out of 5-star ratings in amazon.


On the positive note, users claim the product is simply great. The gun is lightweight and is a breeze to use. The instructions are good. The soap dispenser too is amazing that holds a good amount of liquid soap. The spray too is quite powerful and literally cleans up anything perfectly. It easily fits on any garden hose and picks up the pace to clean up the home or gutters or vehicles.

The price too is just right and can be afforded by anyone.


On the critical side, one user claimed that the product does not work as claimed. He felt no pressure on the spray and had to replace the product. Another user said that the thread attached to the hose is made out of plastic. It broke within 1-2 use. Though the company provides a spare, that too worn out due to flimsy plastic quality.

Shipping and Returns

Currently, the company is offering FREE SHIPPING for this product. So if you are planning to purchase the Bonaire Wash-N-Rinse Spray, this is a great day!!!

Though chances are less, if you want to return the product, make sure to contact the customer care within 7 days from the date of delivery. You will be provided with RMA that needs to be attached while returning the product. will refund you 75% of the amount after deducting the restocking charges. You also need to bear the expenses of return shipping.


So to sum it up, the Bonaire Wash N Rinse Spray OR Ultimate Water Blaster is a great product for DIY-ers who like to take the initiative unlike waiting for the “right time” to clean your home. The Bonaire Wash N Rinse Spray is best recommended for those who do not wait till spring to clean their home.