Blue Sky Vitamin is a doctor owned and operated retailer of high quality vitamins and supplements. Dr. Ron Ledoux is the person behind Blue Sky Vitamin. He is a certified clinical nutritionist and has extensive training in nutritional therapies.

His vision is to educate and offer natural health care to patients as well as the community. He wanted to provide a convenient way for people to get nutritional and vitamin supplements. This is where Blue Sky Vitamin was formed. According to his personal experience, he believes that it is not an easy thing for people to drive o doctor’s clinic to purchase supplements. Thus offering shopping experience, Blue Sky Vitamin strives on taking care of their customers.

Blue Sky Vitamin is an authorized reseller of all the supplements that they carry. Their top brands include Metagenics, Integrative Therapeuptics, Douglas Laboratories, Pure Encapsulations, Metabolics Maintenance, and many more.

Aller-All 60 tabs

Aller-All 60 tabs for allergy

by Blue Sky Vitamins 5 out of 5stars (462 Customer Ratings)

Price: $24
Aller-All 60 tabs from Blue Sky Vitamin is an allergy relief supplement that provides seasonal support from cough and allergies.

Improved immune system

5 stars out of 5 by Fernando for Aller-All 60 tabs

The ingredients of Aller-All 60 tabs has helped me to improve my immune system response. The chances of getting allergic has reduced.

Their product categories include body care, allergy support, cardiovascular support, detoxification support, digestive support, heavy metal support, immune support, joint support, kidney support, prostate support, respiratory support, sleep support, thyroid support, vascular support, men’s formula, women’s formula, veterinary products, weight management and many more.

Many people are allergic to one or the other factors. Some may be allergic to dust whereas some to food. Allergy is triggered due to the exaggerated response of the immune system in response to certain foreign substances. Studies have shown that approximately 10 to 30% of individuals in the industry field are affected by allergic conditions and has been increasing.

Allergies can develop at any age. There is no pre-defined age for allergies to attack your body. Whereas many children face food allergies, nasal or environmental allergies. You might be wondering why is it that few people get allergic whereas some others do not. Family, history, or genetics play a major role with high risk for allergies. Blue Sky Vitamin offers numerous varieties of allergy support supplements such as Aller CQ, Bio allergy plus, hay fever tabs etc.

Cardiovascular support from Blue Sky Vitamin supplies

Cardiovascular disease also called as heart and blood vessel disease includes a numerous problems, many of which are related to a process called atherosclerosis. This condition can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Cardio Flow 180 caps

Cardio Flow 180 caps

by Blue Sky Vitamins 4 out of 5stars (431 Customer Ratings)

Price: $48
Cardio Flow 180 caps from Blue Sky Vitamins is a cardio vascular health supplement that supports healthy arteries.

Healthy heart !!!

4 stars out of 5 by Helen for Cardio Flow 180 caps

I liked the product very much. I took the supplement as prescribed and found results, very effective. But I would only like to give 4 stars as the price was a bit high.

Heart attack occurs when the blood circulation to a part of the heart is blocked due to blood clot. Most people survive their first heart attack and enjoy years or productive activity. But that doesn’t mean you can live the same way you were living. The doctor will advise you to take medicines and make changes in your lifestyle. Other heart diseases include heart failure- wherein the heart isn’t pumping blood as it should be. It can be treated by following the doctor’s recommendation. If your loved one is suffering from heart valve problems, you can treat them by medications and heart valve surgery. Blue Sky Vitamin offers number of supplements to improve your cardiovascular health. One such effective supplement is Arterial Therapy. It is a dietary supplement that has shown amazing results in terms of promoting healthy arteries and blood flow. It is known to produce a triple action artery support formula that promotes the transfer of calcium from the blood to the bones. This supplement provides other minerals and vitamins essential for optimal calcium absorption thereby reducing breaks and fractures.

Immune support:

Your immune system is the vital system that decides whether your body needs to be active and healthy or be just weak. It is this system of your body that defends against germs and invaders.

Astragalus Pro 60 lvcaps

Astragalus Pro 60 lvcaps

by Blue Sky Vitamin 5 out of 5stars (475 Customer Ratings)

Price: $27.59
Astragalus Pro 60 lvcaps from Blue Sky Vitamin is a dietary supplement that promotes immune system health.

Balanced physical health

5 stars out of 5 by Stanley for Astragalus Pro 60 lvcaps

Astragalus Pro 60 lvcaps helps my body to adapt to stressful situations. Thanks to Blue Sky Vitamins.

If your immune system is not working properly, bacteria and viruses will run through your body making you weak and affected by allergies. Your immune system gets weakened if you are born with a poor immune system, or you get a disease that has weakened your immune system, or your system is too active and last but not the least, your immune system turns against you. This condition is referred to as autoimmune disease. Having an allergic reaction is the most common example of an overactive immune system. These allergic reactions include asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis. One such effective supplement from BlueSky Vitamin is 500C Methoxyflavone by Metagenics. It comes in a bottle of 270caps. It is a special combination of bioflavonoids which improves the functioning of immune system. It can be also used as a potent antioxidant. It produces healthy collagen for optimal connective tissue health and wellbeing.

Digestive support:

Digestive disorders are one of the commonly seen disorders in Americans now days. Stomachaches are a common compliant among children.

Acid Ease* 180 caps

Acid Ease* 180 caps

by Blue Sky Vitamins 4 out of 5stars (227 Customer Ratings)

Price: $34.03
Acid Ease* 180 caps by Blue Sky Vitamin is a digestive health supplement that promotes healthy digestion.

Relief from constipation

5 stars out of 5 by Greg for Acid Ease* 180 caps

I had a problem with constipation and no supplements were found effective, except this Acid Ease* supplement.

Frequent stomachaches indicate something in the digestive system that needs medical attention. The other common digestive disorders include gallbladder disease, IBS, constipation, colitis, allergic reaction. Blue Sky Vitamin offers Azeo-Pangen Ext. Strength capsules by Metagenics which is a comprehensive blend of quality enzymes to build up a healthy digestive system. It is recommended that you take one tablet with each meal or as directed by your health practitioner.

Joint support:

Joints are beautifully designed to let you move freely supporting your weight as you go through your life. But as you get older, changes occur in your joints.

Arth-Support Formula 120 tabs

Arth-Support Formula 120 tabs

by Blue Sky Vitamin 5 out of 5stars (114 Customer Ratings)

Price: $36.20
Arth-Support Formula 120 tabs is a joint health supplement that provides relief from joint pain and arthritis.

Excellent relief

5 stars out of 5 by Eva for Arth-Support Formula 120 tabs

I am so happy to say that my joint paint have reduced to an extent.

Your bones start to rub against each other which are very painful. You may also notice some of your joints have changed shape like the fingers or toes. Even though they are not a serious issue, at some cases, joint pain can make it very hard to function and may finally result in surgery or joint replacement. Common types of joint problems include rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia and bursitis. One such supplement that helps you to improve your joint health and makes you stronger is Arthro-Complex by Integrative Therapeutics. It has been formulated using exclusive blend of herbs that provides the body with all the required nutrients for normal joint function. It is also known to synthesize connective tissues and healthy prostaglandin and leukotriene production.

Kidney support:

Kidney diseases result in the failure of kidney. People with kidney failure need to either receive dialysis or a kidney transplant to get rid of kidney problems.

 Herbal Water Balance 50 caps

Herbal Water Balance 50 caps

by Blue Sky Vitamin 5 out of 5stars (139 Customer Ratings)

Price: $15
Herbal Water Balance 50 caps is a dietary supplement that reduces weight gain caused by fluid buildup related to urinary tract infections.

Prevents UTI

4 stars out of 5 by Robert for Herbal Water Balance 50 caps

The Herbal Water Balance 50 caps when taken as per directed, increases urination and prevents Urinary Tract Infection.

The most common cause of kidney disease is diabetes, high blood pressure and hardening of arteries. Some kidney diseases are caused by an inflammation of the kidney. In some people it is found that kidney disease occurs due to certain medications that can be toxic to kidney tissue. Blue Sky Vitamin has come up with various kidney support supplements that help in the healthy functioning of kidneys. They include Asparagus combination, Herbal Water balance, Kidney support formula, Nephrochel, Renagen DTX, Super Kidney Strength, Uric Acid formula and Water Ease.

Prostate support:

For men under 50, the most common prostate problem is prostatitis. Whereas for men above 50, the most common prostate problem is prostate enlargement.

BioProstate 120 vcaps

BioProstate 120 vcaps

by Blue Sky Vitamins 4 out of 5stars (439 Customer Ratings)

Price: $44.24
BioProstate 120 vcaps is a dietary supplement that encourages healthy testosterone levels within the body.

Five stars !!!

5 stars out of 5 by John for BioProstate 120 vcaps

I recommend this effective men supplement for all my friends. You must try it !!!!

Older men have greater chances of prostate cancer. Prostatitis is a medical condition where the prostate might be inflamed or irritated. If you have prostatitis, you might have a burning sensation when you urinate. In most cases, doctors don’t find any bacteria in men with prostatitis. If you have urinary problems, the doctor looks for possible causes associated with urinary problems like kidney stone or cancer. If you are aged over 50, and find difficulty in urinating, then it is due to enlarged prostate. As men get older, their prostate keeps growing. As it grows, it squeezes the urethra. Concentrated Ultra Prostagen by Metagenics is a powerful health supplement formulated to promote natural prostate support with the combination of amino acids, herbs, and other exclusive nutrients to support optimal prostate health. It is a safe supplement to take.

Respiratory support:

There are millions of people who suffer from respiratory diseases. Those people include patients with chronic lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema. The human respiratory system not only provides oxygen to each cell of the body but also removes body wastes, filters out infectious agents and provides air need for speech. Any chronic breathing problem or other cough should be checked promptly. The common cold is actually a symptom of upper respiratory infection caused by various viruses. Because the viruses can cause nasal rhinitis, it is impossible for our body to defend against a cold. One such respiratory support supplement is Air-Power that comes in a bottle of 100 caps.

Sleep support:

Most of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another. And this is the worst condition at night.

 Fatigued/Fantastic Revital Sleep 30 caps

Fatigued/Fantastic Revital Sleep 30 caps

by Blue Sky Vitamins 5 out of 5stars (119 Customer Ratings)

Price: $15.19
Fatigued/Fantastic Revital Sleep 30 caps are effective sleeping pills that promote restful sleep.

No side effects

5 stars out of 5 by Sierra for Fatigued/Fantastic Revital Sleep 30 caps

I am able to get a deep sleep after taking
Fatigued/Fantastic Revital Sleep 30 caps. There are no side effects and I can wake up in the morning, without drowsy feeling.

It is a normal condition and occurs due to stress or other outside factors. But if you are having regular disturbance of sleep, then it is the symptom of sleep disorder. The lack of quality seep can have a negative impact on your energy and health and emotional balance. it is true that people who have a good night sleep are more healthier and energetic than people who have sleeping problems. Ignoring sleep problems and disorders can lead to poor health, less productivity and relationship stress. Benesom tabs by Metagenics is one of the recommended supplements to reduce your sleep problems and stress. It is a high quality health formula to support a relaxed state of sleeping. It also contains a high blend of quality ingredients that regulate sleep.