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Bags & Bows online is a company that manufactures customized bags, boxes and other packaging materials.

Bags & Bows online is a company that manufactures customized bags, boxes and other packaging materials. Since the packaging material and its design can reflect the company’s ideology it is important to have unique design on the packaging materials. These are essential for gifts shops and other stationery shops to make a mark on the market. Right from the packing box to the packing material, wraps, and the ribbons everything is available at Bags & Bows. The retail packaging materials are available at wholesale price that too customized. Let’s have a look at what all are offered at Bags & Bows online.


Bags & Bows Online Products

  1. Bags are important commodity to any shop. It defines the shop with the material and style it is made with. Bags & Bows online offers many types of bags like cello, euro-shoppers, fabric bags, food & gourmet bags, merchandise bags, reusable, shoppers, and specialty & event bags to mark the special day purchases.
    The bags are available in many styles, color, size, material made with, design and features. The material of the bag can be paper, plastic, non-woven, organdy, and velvet, cloth, satin, or cellophane. The style can vary with handles, closures, purpose, and the padding and trays. The bags also differ in their finishing and the designs like dots, lines, or patterns. The bags are available in 18 different colors as well. The size ranges from 3” to over 12”. It can be made for purposes like weddings, eco-friendly, or sales etc.
  2. Boxes are needed at gift shops, food, and jewelers. The food and gourmet boxes meet the food grades. The style of the boxes has 13 options with opening, capacity, dividers, and likes. The boxes are made of either paper or plastic. The finishing can be glossy, laminated, matte, varnish, embossed, metallic or frosted. The design can be solid, floral, patterned or for holidays etc. There are 13 colors to choose from. The size varies from 3” L to 18”L. The boxes can be made for weddings, holidays, and other purposes. Samples are also available.

  3. Gift Wrap adds to the look and value of the gift. From Bags & Bows gift wraps are available for holidays, special occasions, everyday wrapping, designer wraps and themed. The style of the wraps can be standard, metallic, reversible, or holographic. Choose the right color from the 13 choices. The size has 7 choices. It is available to suit any occasion. The material may be eco-friendly, wedding gifts or other purposes.
  4. Tissue Paper is essential to pack delicate gift materials and also to add volume and attraction. It can be waxed, food grade, patterned, or other special papers. The design may be slid, themed, occasions, or metallic. Color option is also available. The size starts with 6” x 10” to the 20 x 26 inches. These may be used for any occasion.
  5. Ribbons & Bows: Gift wrapping is incomplete with some attractive bows and ribbons. It may add grace to even a simple wrapping. With many options one can easily match the ribbons and bows with the selected packing material and wraps. Under this category there are options for bows, raffia, ribbons, or tulle. The style depends on the edgings, curls, shapes, designs and loops. The ribbons are made in satin, organdy, polyester, plastic, raffia, tulle, paper, cloth, or nylon. With shiny, sheer, mate or metallic finish it surely add attraction to the gifts. With many options in size and color there is no other store that has more options than in Bags & Bows. Ribbons and bows are available as per the occasion also.
  6. Gift Basket Supplies: Gift basket is needed for assorted gifts. The style, material, finish, design, color, etc all have options to choose from. If the gift is ready then one can choose the right basket according to the occasion. Basket bags, crinkle cu filler, fine cut filler and dome bags are options for the style. Bag sealers, basket fillers, cards, and other accessories are also available. Polypropylene cover is also available to cover the basket with gifts. The baskets come only in one size 30” x 100”.
  7. Gift Certificates & Holders: Gift certificates can be a memento to mark the occasion and is kept as a treasure all through the life. To be a treasure it has to be something special and unique. They are available in patterns, metallic or for holidays. Select the color that suits the design. There are three options for the size and can be used for any occasion. The matching gift certificate envelope is also available. The certificate holders can be selected as box or envelope, in metallic or solid finish. Only three options for the color and the size is 3” or 6”.
  8. Labels, Seals & Tags: Labels and seals make the customized impression. The seals can be golden or silver medallions. The labels are sticky and come in shapes like rectangle, oval, circle, or square. The size ranges from 1” to 5” or more. The tags are offered in rectangle, circle, or other shapes in white, cream, brown, or black in color. The size can be as small as less than 1” to 3”.
  9. Retail Supplies: The retail accessories for gift wrapping are also available at Bags & Bows. The retail supplies include the wrapping paper and ribbon dispensers. The dispensers are of different sizes and designs. It can be racked or simple. The racks can be standing or revolving. Plastic fasteners are also included under this category. Tagging guns are also available.
  10. Shipping Supplies: Shipping is important department in any shop. The decorative wraps, bubble wraps for delicate items, glue fast tapes, envelopes etc are all needed for safe shipping. All these materials are available for cheaper rate at Bags & Bows. The decorative mailers and mail boxes, padded mailers etc complete the shipping supplies. The price is reasonable for an average profitable industry.

Apart from the above mentioned categories there are customized options for weddings, parties, birthdays, and food etc for both commercial and domestic purposes. The holiday packing add attraction to the occasion and materials are available for events also. For personalization choose the wrap and design or logos to print, and select the color and get this unique wraps of your choice. Customization may be done on all the items from the box to the wrapping material and to the tags. Choose Bags & Bows to make an impression of your own.