Artisana Raw Organic Pecan Butter by Artisana

Pecan nuts are a plethora of multi-nutrients. You don’t need a multivitamin pill when you have the raw pecan nuts or the pecan butter. It is an alternative to peanut butter and can be used as spreads on bread, biscuits, crackers etc. The goodness is more the nuts are raw and so would be the raw pecan butter. The Artisana pecan butter is organic and raw. It carries all the health benefits of the nuts intact. It also has the cashew nut butter in it to increase the health benefits.

Artisania raw organic pecan butter ingredients

  • Organic raw pecans
  • Organic raw cashews

Both pecans and cashew nuts are nutritious that just a spoonful can make a nice portion of the healthy snack for the day. It can be used in shakes and smoothies as well.

The Pecan butter has managed to preserve the color, flavor, and aroma of the raw nuts. There are no additives that can alter the taste. Neither does it have any allergens like the peanuts, soy, or other dairy traces. It is made in low heat facilities without adding any amount of water.

Health benefits of Artisania raw organic pecan butter

Raw pecan butter itself is the real crowd puller. With the addition of the cashew nuts in the preparation, the benefits are doubled. While the pecan itself can provide much of the available nutrients in the world, the cashew nuts are also not far behind. Together they make one healthy option to try at any time of the day.

Benefits of pecan butter

  • The pecan nuts are also called hearty nuts which mean it helps with the heart health. The nuts are high in unsaturated fats. These fats help reduce the bad cholesterol and encourage the healthy lipid cells. It prevents the artery diseases.
  • Pecan butter is high in calorie content but it can increase the metabolic rate which reduces the weight. It works on preventing weight gain rather than directly involved with weight loss.
  • Pecan butter has anti-cancerous property. It can stop the DNA binding of the cancerous cells. The presence of oleic acid- an antioxidant reduces the chances of breast cancer. It also prevents the non-cancerous prostate enlargement.
  • Pecan butter is good for bone health. With high calcium content, it is good for the bones. It promotes the repair and re-growth of the cells and tissues in it. The phosphorous content prevents muscle pain when the person has to endure longer and hard workouts.
  • There also are other antioxidants in the Artisana raw pecan butter. They are ellagic acid, beta carotene, vitamin E, zeaxanthin, lutein etc. They together eliminate the free radicals and protect the body cells from various diseases and infections.
  • Pecan butter is also rich in B vitamins that control the metabolism.
  • The mineral contents include that of potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, selenium, calcium, and zinc. The magnesium reduces the inflammations. Having iron benefits the blood health and also prevents hair loss.
  • It benefits the skin health by preventing premature aging and also provide healthy sebaceous gland functioning.

Benefits of cashew nut butter

  • Cashew nuts contain a healthy level of unsaturated fats, essential amino acids, magnesium etc.
  • Magnesium makes the body fit and fine. From the metabolism to the immune functions, this nutrient covers almost everything. It can regulate the blood pressure also.
  • Cashew butter serves as a healthy source of vegetarian protein. It can make up for the low meat intake.
  • It is rich in iron and selenium. Cashew butter helps in the effort to tackle free radicals and also prevent the damage to the DNA cell membrane.
  • Cashew butter can combat diabetes effectively with low sugar content and higher protein.
  • It is good for heart health with lots of unsaturated fats that can control the cholesterol levels.

Using Artisana pecan butter

Each serving of the Artisana pecan butter provides 210 calories. For a serving of 2 tablespoons, each jar can last for 7 servings. The opened jar is better stored in the refrigerator.


The customer reviews show that the Artisana pecan butter is tasty, good, and healthy option over the peanut butter. There has been no report of allergy so it is safe for all.

The major complaint is that it comes in a small jar that does not last longer. The price for the same happens to be slightly higher for comfort.

Bottom Line

The Artisana pecan butter uses the raw nuts and is organic for safety. It cannot be better than this. The versatile use of the same makes it even more attractive. If you can get over the pricey fact, this is one healthy way to a better health for you and your family.

Artisana Raw Organic Pecan Butter

Artisana Raw Organic Pecan Butter

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Artisana Raw Organic Pecan Butter retains its natural aroma and taste.

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