American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders help you to manage your loans, debts and other financial issues efficiently.

American Debt Enders was started in 2006 as a solution for debts and their management. The company specializes in free credit counseling and provision of solutions for debt settlement through a unique business model. American Debt enders are dedicated to enabling people to live a debt free life by offering services like non-profit Debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit restoration and phone Bankruptcy counseling.

American Debt Enders is a commercial firm even though it provides selective free counseling without any pressure. The functions of American Debt Enders can be broadly classified into two with many other functions. They are: Credit Card consolidation and Debt Settlement Program

Services Provided by to American Debt Enders

  • Credit Card Consolidation: This is one of the primary services of ADE which is known by the term of debt consolidation. This service is entirely focused on helping individuals who have greater than $ 5000 in Credit Card Debt also liable with high-interest rates. These people are likely to encounter many financial crunches as it would take a large part of their life and paycheck to cover the debts. The non-profit Credit Card Consolidation program helps the clients to pay one monthly installment at a reduced interest rate and the debt paid in full which is generally less than a 5-year period. A creditor generally waives off the over limit charges to bring the account to a present condition after being in the program for 3 to 6 months.
  • Debt Settlements: This service is entirely focused on people who are going through a debt crisis. This service is for taking care of people who have fallen drastically behind the payments or is on the verge of bankruptcy. This option lets you settle the debts to a limit which will be considerably lower than the amount owed to the creditors. The company puts forward 3 FTC compliant debt settlement techniques which are designed to be affordable by the clients. The counselor appointed will have all your information who can help you in moving forward with any of the selected technique.
  • Credit Restoration: Every individual is entitled to an accurate and verified credit report. It is widely noticed that more than 70 % of the credit reports contain errors. The credit restoration program provided by the ADE is in affiliation with United Credit Education Services which is a nonprofit organization set up to ensure that all faults are corrected or removed from the credit reports. A correspondent works with the client’s file and regularly updates on the developments of the case.
  • Bankruptcy: American Debt Enders is not attorneys and does not promote the process of bankruptcy as a solution for debt. Bankruptcy is usually suggested as the last method to come out of a debt situation. The firm, however, does help the clients with bankruptcy.

Consultation Process

The consultation process is started by the thorough analysis of the problem and the position of the client from the aspect of the debt and the client income. The consultation process is free whereas if the client is enrolling into specific programs and the fees can vary according to the debt and the type of the program. There are no hidden fees. The client can join the program without paying any money upfront.

Education: There is a session in the website which educates citizens about the credit rules and rights of the citizens of the country. It is designed in a quiz format to keep it interested and informative. It also explains about the working of the credit and the working of the credit reports.

Process of Debt Consolidation: This service helps the clients in consolidating their owing amounts into one big loan. This helps the clients in saving a lot of money as this helps in avoiding all the high interest charges that are likely to follow you for a long time. Consolidation loans enable you to settle all your credit debts and this ends the interest aspects of the credit cards. An efficient consolidation can be done through finding a competitive rated consolidation loan.

Process Debt settlement: under this service the client is given a legal representation. A correspondent is put in charge of all your proceedings and all the communication is then shifted to the correspondent. This helps you in concentrating on your life and work rather than getting dragged behind the complex process. The correspondent goes through all your documents and understands your true position financially and this helps them in negotiating with the creditors for a reasonable settlement that will enable you to take care of your debt crisis.

Budgeting Aids: This is another feature which helps a person in meeting his credit amount through systematic payment. American Debt Enders helps the clients by charting out an efficient budgeting regimen to accurately meet the credit requirements. This is very important for the clients to maintain a good credit record and this will help for future availing of credits. The aid takes into account the various expenses that you incur and also the nature of the expenses i.e. whether it is recurring or is a one-time spending and this is crucial while formulating a budget.

Qualification: Both Debt Settlement and Debt Management are non-qualifying in nature the exceptions being that the client should have at least $5000 of debt to enjoy the advantage of the programs. Debt settlement is opted when the client is not able to meet his monthly minimum payments. These programs will not affect your credit score in any negative way. The programs that you participate are also known as ‘Debt Audit’. This is used for creditors to remove the negatives from the credit reports after the settlement are made.

American Debt Enders is led by Steven Ciantro who is a certified Credit Counselor and is known for his professional knowledge in the field of credit counseling and is a professional in debt issues. American Debt Enders is a niche in the financial market which helps citizens to live a proper credit life.