Rusting is the formation of the iron oxide. When iron combines with oxygen it reacts to form the iron oxide. It is an electrochemical reaction where the metal iron provides the electrons to the acceptor molecule which happens to be oxygen through an electrolyte which is most often the water or moisture in the air. When a drop of water falls on the iron, it immediately be the electrolyte. Water combines with CO2 to form carbonic acid and will breaks the water to its components. The liberated oxygen combines with iron to form the iron oxide.

When there is some coating on the metal this process can be prevented since the metal is not in direct contact with the water or the oxygen. For advanced rust protection a single coat of the protective layer is not enough. There are some preventive coatings, preparation products, top coats, primers solvents etc. Advanced Rust Protection is a distributor of POR-15 products that can prevent rusting in a long run. The protection is provided for any metallic part.

Things to Note

All the solutions must be poured out from the original can for using, never use directly from the can or bottle. Close the lid immediately to prevent hardening of the non-using liquid. Remember to apply pre and post coat wherever necessary for better protection. Always store the products in cool and dry place.

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coatings

POR-15 chemically bond with the metal that is fresh, or already rusted. Remove any rust from the metal surface and apply a coat of POR-15 rust protection. This will cover up the rust, prevent the spreading and also strengthens the metal parts lying under. It seals any holes created by the rusts by forming like a membrane. While applying on a fresh metal and preparation coat is required and must be topped with a top coat. The top coat is required since the POR-15 is sensitive to the UV rays from the sun.

Types of POR-15 rust coats

There are different types of POR-15 depending on the surface it is used on. The silver type is used to fill the small holes and pitted areas as it has some filler. The black one is used on frames, engine compartments, under fenders, floorboards, trunks etc. The clear coat has the satin gloss and used on exterior surfaces before painting. The gray is for concrete. The testing show that it can withstand high temperature, humidity, rust, acids, gasoline, and oil. It may be used as both a primer and as a finishing coat due to its glossy effect.

POR-15 Starter Kit has the POR-15 enough to cover a 12 sq ft area, a metal prep, cleanser, degreaser bottle, paint brushes, and surgical latex gloves.

POR-15 rust preventive coating can cover 96 sq ft. the non porous coat will not crack, chip or peel. It protects the metal from moisture. All paints can be applied on it. The coated surfaces are easy to clean also.

POR-15 Metal Prep Products

The metal preparation product is a water based liquid that dissolves the rust from the metal surface, making it clean and ready for the rust preventive coat. It coats the metal with zinc phosphate to prevent further rusting. The welding conductivity is also improved with the metal prep formula. It can also be used to remove the rust stain from porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass surfaces. Using it is not always necessary but needed for aluminum, stainless steel and polished surfaces before painting them. This can be used before any kind of paint as well.

Blackcoat Protection

This is used on top of the POR-15 rust preventive paint. The rust preventive paint is sensitive to sun UV rays and need a top coat. This blackcoat protects the rust preventive layer. It can also be applied on unpainted surfaces also. It is non porous and does not chip or peel easily. It is scratch resistance. The lid of the can must be closed tight since when left opened the paint will harden and become useless.

HI-Temperature Coats

The Hi-temperature coats are uses on the surfaces that are susceptible to high temperature. This coat can withstand the heat and will not burn off. The Black Velvet, factory manifold gray and POR-20 brilliant aluminum are products that can withstand high temperature. Though they can stay put with the temperature they need to be exposed to some amount of heat before it comes into action. The intended surface must be prepared with the prep products and can be used on exhaust systems, ovens, stoves, boilers, stacks and headers etc. Apply a full coat and it will be dries in a few hours. The area must be well ventilated when applying. It may irritate the eyes and skin.


The primer coating is not reactive on the metal surface but can be used as an interlocking layer between POR-15 and the top coating. Cleanse and prepare the surface and apply a coat and let it dry fro 24 hrs before applying the topcoat. The primer may be thinned as per requirement. But the POR-15 self etching primer dried faster within 30 minutes. One or two layers may be coated leaving 10 minutes in between. The application procedure is the same as the primer.


The solvents like POR-Strip help remove a paint coat and its top coat from the metal surface. Apply a single coat and wait for some time and wash it off with appropriate solution. Remove the paint in layers. The POR-15 solvent is used to remove the coating of the POR-15 rust preventive layer.

Fuel Tank Sealers

The fuel tank sealers are used to coat the inner surface of the fuel tank. Due to years of usage the inner surface may e rusted or damaged. These can be rectified with the coat for the fuel tank sealers. It not only prevents the rust but also seals any gaps or holes on it. The tank must be properly cleaned and prepared before coating. The tank must be cleaned, applied with prep layer and then go for the sealing layer. The cleanser removes the gum, sledge, and varnish. The prep solution removes the rust.

Other Products

The Epoxy putty can be applied on to the underwater surfaces to seal the gaps during drilling and plumbing. The shield carnauba wax is the finishing touch to the surfaces. The bed liners are to protect the bunk beds, wood surfaces, aluminum etc. It is UV stable and suitable for cargo trailers, bumpers, bulkheads etc. It is also slip resistance.