Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks

Activa Coolmax athletic socks can protect our feet from the daily blisters and through all the abuse.

How much do you care for your feet? They are the second sweatiest part of our body. There are 250,000 sweat glands found on our each foot. It can generate a cup of perspiration per day depending on the level of the activity. This moisture, in turn, can make our feet soggy and damaged. Thus, 100% cotton sock are not a good choice. Cotton absorbs most of the moisture and loses all of its insulating ability on saturation. So, Activa Coolmax athletic socks are the best option. It can protect our feet from the daily blisters and through all the abuse. Read on to know more about Activa Coolmax athletic socks and its reviews…

Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks

Activa Coolmax athletic socks come with 20-30 mmHg firm support. Moreover, the Coolmax fiber transports perspiration away from the skin to keep the feet cool and dry. It contains extra padding through the foot area to lower blisters and calluses. They are made from nylon and polyester, which are extremely durable in nature. This synthetic non-porous material absorbs very little water, gives the socks form and structure and dries quickly. Similarly, it’s fine, highly elastic, easy to wash and retains its shape well.

Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks – Features

  • The socks are made with 20-30 mm Hg firm support, graduated compression.
  • It provides support for sports and individuals with varicose veins, spider veins, and moderate swelling and also for recovery sclerotherapy patients.
  • Capable of transporting the moisture away from the skin.
  • Superior stay up performance.
  • Equally, the comfortable turned welt leg band can keep the sock in place without constricting.
  • Superior stay up performance.
  • The presence of extra padding through the foot area to minimize calluses and blisters.
  • The compression hose is non-returnable due to hygiene concerns.
  • Available in white color.

Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks Goals

  • Improves the rate of circulation.
  • Uniform compression.
  • Reduces pain symptoms.
  • Lowers edema.

Note: The Activa Coolmax athletic socks are beneficial for chronic leg fatigue, ankle and leg swelling.

Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks – Reviews

This Activa Coolmax athletic sock is a high quality, professional products that are great demand in the market. They are available in different range of styles and compression levels to fit your lifestyle. The socks have been used by most of the customers and they are very happy with the product. It received 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. Mentioned below are some honest customer reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at some. This may help you in making a right decision towards the Activa socks.

It works as expected

“I ordered these socks for persistent swelling in my left leg. They work extremely well as said and I am able to a difference my feet after a long day. Thus, I have ordered three more pairs and will order up more.”

Five stars

“These socks have held up better than expected. Equally, they haven’t stretched out at all. I use only a little fabric bleach and they come cleaner.”

“Good compression, no words to say more.”

“I have been wearing these socks for the past three years. They give plenty of support to my legs.”

Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks – Where To Buy?

You may buy the socks from and from amazon. They are available at a much cheaper rate. Further, you may visit the product’s website for more details.

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Activa Coolmax Athletic Socks – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the socks suitable for the long airline flights?

Yes, they are thin and cool compression in nature. Thus, they are suitable for long airline flights.

Why do customers prefer these socks?

They are most loved by the regular customers because they are durable, attractive, comfortable, affordable and easier to put on.

What are the customer service number and email address of supporthose

The contact number is 1-800-515-4271 and the email address is

What is the return policy?

One may return the product within 90 days from the date of purchase if you are not happy with it.


Activa Coolmax athletic socks are created as unisex socks for both men and women. Equally, they are medically corrected socks with a fashionable look and feel…