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At AC Lens, you will find branded, trending stylish eyeglasses and contact lenses as per your taste.

AC lens is one of the specialized dealers in contact lenses. The company is aimed at delivering the best products at the most economic prices for the customers. The company believes in personalized customer service for the making the experience worth remembering and also in their retention. Read on to know all about contact lenses from AC Lens.

AC Lens Contact Lenses & Trendy Eyeglasses online

Ac lens is a literary a super market for optical solution with its wide offering from contact lenses to eye care accessories. The website is designed is user friendly manner which can help the user to identify his needs and selects quickly. The company ships lenses to almost all the 50 states in the US as well as Europe, South America and the Far East. The company is in a position where it can provide lenses at 50-70 % below the retail prices of the respective lenses in the market and together with the efficient customer services easy makes AC lens one of the best options for purchase of lenses.

AC lens Candie's CA0101

AC lens Candie’s CA0101

by AC lens 5 out of 5stars (286 Customer Ratings)

Price: $62.97
The AC lens Candie’s CA0101 are round and bold eyeglasses that features metal temples and subtle details on the front.

A bold look !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Christina for AC lens Candie’s CA0101

It gives a more bold look and comes in many attractive colors, that suits any type of skin tone.

Services and products

  • Contact lenses: Contact lenses from AC Lens are one of the biggest sections of the products offered by AC lens. Contact lenses offered by Ac lens comes in many types like daily disposables, 1-2 weeks disposable 0r 1-3 month disposable, conventional(vial), toric, RGP, colored and tinted, bifocal, special effects, sports contacts and cosmetic contacts. AC lens has tie ups with lens manufacturers Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, Cooper vision and Johnson and Johnson (Vistakon). The brands of the contact lenses from AC Lens is the most varied and wide collection a person can get which contains the likes of Acuvue, Air optix and so on.
  • Eyeglasses:
    Oakley Reversal (52)

    Oakley Reversal (52)

    by AC Lens 5 out of 5stars (195 Customer Ratings)

    Price: $160
    The oakley reversal 52 features a subtle cat-eye glass that has clean lines and unexpected color combinations.

    Gives a classic look

    4 stars out of 5 by Rachel for Oakley Reversal (52)

    Loved the design and color mix. It is also lightweight and durable.

    This is the next category of glasses which is divided into three sections namely: Women’s eyeglasses, Men’s eyeglasses and Kid’s Eyeglasses. The categorisation is done to make it easy for the customers for selecting the products. Buyers can also purchase designer eyeglasses from AC lens where the buyers are given value for their money without sacrificing the style element. The brands included in this category are in the likes of Ray Ban, Oakley, Zoobug, Gunnar, Proof and so on.

  • Sunglasses:
    Derek Lam 10 Crosby Malaga

    Derek Lam 10 Crosby Malaga

    by AC Lens 5 out of 5stars (394 Customer Ratings)

    Price: $150
    Derek Lam 10 Crosby eye-wear takes you to the some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, without straining your eyes during the hot sunny days.

    Worth the price

    5 stars out of 5 by Steffy for Derek Lam 10 Crosby Malaga

    Five stars for its cooling effect. Thank you AC Lens for this wonderful product.

    Now this is one of the most searched categories as it is related to style and AC lens has taken the effort to provide the best in the industry to the buyers with massive collection and also by providing value for money brands for the more value seeking customers. The main brands in this category include Amcon, Arnette, Babiators, Collegiate, Dea, and DKNY and so on. The categorization is also done on the style of the sunglasses preferred by the customers. The main options in the style are aviator, Cat eye, Oval, Rectangle, Rimless and round. Buyer can also chose the color of their choice along with design and style of the sunglasses. The sunglasses are also available in Metal, Plastic and wood.

  • Reading glasses:
    Corinne McCormack Brilliant Jewels Roxy Reading Glasses

    Corinne McCormack Brilliant Jewels Roxy Reading Glasses

    by AC Lens 5 out of 5stars (463 Customer Ratings)

    Price: $62.00
    The Roxy features a hand-made acetate frame in a beautiful jewel color and scratch resistant lenses helps you to read without straining your eyes.

    Looks stylish !!!

    5 stars out of 5 by Julie for Corinne McCormack Brilliant Jewels Roxy Reading Glasses

    I find it very easy to read books. It is lightweight and doesn’t strain my eyes.

    This segment is entirely dedicated to reading glasses and glasses for the all the categories of buyers are available. Reading Glasses which start from as low as $9.99 is available for the purchase. AC lens is also known for exciting offers with which buyers can save a big deal of money. The customers are provided with reading glasses strength tests which can be used for measuring your focal power without even going to the store. Reading glasses includes brands in the likes of Peepers, Café Readers, Evoltioneyes, Corinne Mc Cormack and Foster Grant.

  • Eye care accessories:
    AC Lens eye accessories
    This is also a major segment from AC lens where it offers a wide range of eye care products for healthy maintaining of your vision. The products ranges from contact lens cases, Dry and red eye treatments, solutions and cleaners, lens inserters and removers, vitamins and supplements, protective eye gear, computer vision aides, cosmetics, skincare-eye care treatments, swimming goggles, sunglasses, eyeglass accessories and so on. These products are offered for proper maintenance of your lenses as lenses are sensitive and demands minute caring of it.


Ordering of a product

An interested buyer can easily purchase products by following the minimum of steps which includes creation of an account with the website. This will also enable the users to get new offers and information of new products being launched by the company. The purchase of a product can be done through creating an account with AC lens which is a small process. The buyer can go through the website for the right product which suits the need of the buyer. The buyer can buy it online and AC lens will ship it to the buyers billing address. Payment can be done through credit cards.


Ac lens provides the customers with free shipping and helps the users in saving money. AC lens provides free shipping for any orders more than $ 99 and as for order coming below it will only charge with $6.95. This being said all the designer sunglasses, prescription eye glasses, safety glasses and reading glasses get free shipping on each order. Eye care accessories which include contact lens solutions, eye drops, prescription swimming goggles and other items gets free shipping for all order above $99. The shipment is done from the nearest warehouse as fast as within 48 hours and the orders usually gets delivered within 5-7 days and prescription eye glasses can take up to 7-14 days.

Returns: AC lens supports the interests of the customers in all cases and if in cases of any lack of satisfaction from the products the company offers free return shipping so that the customers don’t have to worry about getting wrong color or size.

Customer Service

AC lens has one of the best customer services departments which take care of all the problems of the customers as fast as they can. The Frequently asked Questions section contains the answers for almost all the probable question that can arise for a customer.

AC lens is part of a cluster of website that has been involved in the dealing of contact lenses and optical goods from as old as 1996 which makes it a highly experienced in this field of optical products and certainly makes the company one of the best in the company in terms of products and expertise.